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iPhones are one of the most expensive phones to buy and maintain these phones are considered to be luxurious. When an iPhone breaks down to fix it is costly, and sometimes takes time for the spare parts to reach the dealers, because they have to be shipped from the USA. However, this should not worry you; if your iPhone gets broken you can convert into quick cash without much hustle. Phones don’t last forever, some broke down accidentally and some reach their lifespan and start malfunctioning. The common problem facing iPhone users is that the screen is delicate and can break easily and the price of fixing a screen is costly.

Selling broken phones is not an easy task, not many people would want to purchase a broken iPhone because of the cost of fixing it. You may want to upgrade to the newest version of iPhones like iPhone 6 Plus but then again these phones don’t come cheaply, they are very expensive and require a huge budget to purchase one. The Apple company keeps on releasing new phones frequently and many people like to keep up to pace with the newest technologies by upgrading to the newer versions.

For one to easily afford the newest iPhone gadgets, the only solution is to convert your broken iPhones into cash by selling to some of the recycling companies with online platforms to make sellers easily dispose of their broken iPhones in very simple steps. A good example is SellTheMobile which saves the sellers from the hustle of looking for buyers from the streets or from other online platforms where buyers take time to show up. This recycling company has one main objective, to save our environment by preventing people from disposing of this iPhones in a manner that will pose danger to our environment. The company will buy the iPhones no matter the shape and condition of the iPhone. The seller is required to give the details of the iPhone and the company will give you the price value of the phone and send you the cash instantly after an agreement to terms and conditions applied. This method somehow transforms your gadget from being useless to use because it has been converted into cash and the extra cash gotten from this phones, you can either use it to upgrade to another phone or use it to do some other important things.

Before you sell broken iPhone to a mobile phone recycling company, it is advisable to wipe all the data if you can and also deactivate the Find My iPhone by logging into the iCloud and deactivate it from the iPhone. If you sell it to other people it will make the phone to be useless unless you opt to sell it as spare parts if the phone is nor badly damaged.

To conclude, At one point or another iPhone breaks down, and you might be keeping treasure in your wardrobe by keeping your broken iPhones. You can simply sell broken iPhone and make it valuable by selling it to recycling companies which offers good deal and good money

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