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Do You Want to Make A Lot of Money By Selling Your iPhone?

Sell Your iPhone 

There are lots of ways of making money; there are several things which you keep in your house that can make money for you. Electronics are some of the things you can dispose of to get good money. Over the past years, the mobile phone industry has grown and different manufacturers have taken advantage of the huge market to produce different kinds of phones. Every year the mobile phone companies come up with sleek and well-designed phones with advanced features that make people eager to know what features can help them to carry out their normal activities.

Apple is one of the biggest company in the USA which manufactures the iPhones, iPads, and iPods. The iPhones are ingeniously designed with lots of features and an operating system that makes it easy to navigate on the phone and also has overall outstanding performance. This makes the iPhones one of the most sought-after phones in the market, the iPhone has a high demand because of its performance and it’s also a well-known brand. You can take advantage of this and cash in on your iPhones by selling them using various means.

Before you start selling your iPhone, there are some things you should know. iPhones have some security features which you must disable before you sell them. You must deactivate the Find My iPhone, this is an Apple iCloud Service that ensures that your iPhone is secure and when anybody steals the phone, he will not use it because the phone will not function. If the Find My iPhone is enabled you need to deactivate it using the following procedure:

  1. Log in to
  2. Search the device from the Find My iPhone list
  3. Remove it from the account

The internet has various opportunities where you can sell your iPhone and make lots of money. There are various websites developed for sellers to sell their products online by posting and uploading the picture of the iPhones then give it a brief and nice description that will attract prospective buyers. Sites like eBay, Amazon, Gazelle, and Best Buy have this option which makes sellers transact their business effectively and efficiently. The buyers pay via PayPal and the seller releases the iPhone to the buyer and it is shipped. PayPal ensures that no fraud takes place which makes it convenient for both the seller and the buyer.

Another effective way to get cash by selling your iPhone is by using the services of SellTheMobile, which offers amazing opportunities to you in selling your iPhones at a very reasonable price. This company has an online platform where you register online and send to them the phones whereby it is evaluated and the price value determined. If you want guaranteed sells then this the way to go because they take every type of phone and also takes old or broken iPhones and gives you cash. Sell Smart For Cash is a recycling company that tries to minimize pollution by taking phones from various sellers.


There are no more worries for you in selling your used iPhones because the market is ready to purchase them. And also you can get extra cash in return.