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How Can One Learn More About Selling an iPhone on the Internet?

Sell Your iPhone Online 

With the rapid improvement and advancement in technology, there is a rapid evolution of iPhones which keeps on evolving each year. This forces the apple users to upgrade to the newest version of iPhones. If you want to purchase the new iPhone 6, then the easiest way to sell iPhone 5 or 5S so as to afford the iPhone 6.The business of buying and selling the iPhones is very buoyant compared to other brands. The seller of second-hand iPhones can get a good deal by getting a great price. However, if your intention is to dispose of the old version of iPhones so as to upgrade to the newer version, it is advised to sell your iPhone very quickly before the launch of the new version of iPhone 6. If you delay so much the phone will depreciate in value. According to a research done in the USA, it showed that when the iPhone 5s was launched, the other older version depreciated in value very quickly as soon as the iPhone 5S hit the market i.e. 5% less, after delaying for about a month after the launch, the phone will depreciate by 12% and after 2 months the phone will lose value by 20%.

There are several methods to sell iPhone on the internet, which includes eBay, Craigslist, Olx, SellTheMobile and Amazon. eBay and Craigslist are online classified where you can sell your iPhone at the great price, these platforms will let you choose the selling price as compared to others like SellTheMobile where they dictate the selling price for you. However, the SellTheMobile platform allows you to sell iPhone regardless of the phone’s condition and also you will get instant cash. Furthermore, the platform guarantees you to sell your iphones to them for recycling purposes.

Here are some useful tips for venturing into the business of selling an iPhone on the Internet, there are some useful tips you should know.

  1. Make sure you do a though homework and research by shopping around and see the market value of the iPhones so as to sell it at a good price without losing the value or overpricing.
  2. You should not stay with a phone for a long time because it will depreciate in value. The more you stay with it, the more value you lose. This is purely based on demand and supply, because when a new iPhone is launched, many classified websites receives many old iPhones from people who want to upgrade and at this time you can sell your iPhone because you will get a good deal, but as time goes by the prices will drop significantly.

Before you sell your iPhone you should take the following steps

  • Backup

           Backup your data so that you retain all the useful data

  • Find The iPhone

          When you sell iPhone with the Find My iPhone active, it will make the phone useless to the new user (Settings-iCloud-Find My iPhone-Set off)

  • Wipe the data

          Delete all the data on the phone so as the new user finds it clean.

  • Remove SimCard

          Don’t forget you SimCard Inside

  • Apple Reuse and Recycling Program

          This is an important feature in iPhones which rewards users who want to upgrade to newer versions of iPhones.

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