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How to Sell Your Phone to Mobile Phone Recycling Companies?

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If you are planning to sell your used mobile phone, several mobile phone recycling companies are there to help you. These companies will buy your old or damaged phone and get it refurbished or recycled in an environment friendly way. Mobile phone recycling companies may be interested in buying even a completely broken or damaged phone. So a broken phone that is of no use to you may be used to get you some cash. It is always a great decision to sell your broken phone to a mobile phone recycling company instead of wasting it for nothing. You can find a lot of mobile phone recycling companies on the web to make a deal with. In order to get maximum cash for your used mobile, you need to have a look at the comparison of the prices offered by various mobile phone recycling companies.

What Does Recycling Companies Do to a Used Phone?

You may be wondering that why would be a company interested in giving you cash for a phone that is no longer of any use. The reason is that for mobile phone recycling companies even a totally broken phone has some value. When you sell your old phone to a recycling company it is checked for its condition. If it is worthy enough to be repaired then it gets refurbished and is re-sold. Normally the mobile phone recycling companies send such refurbished phones to developing countries where low priced and second-hand phones are in high demand. If the mobile phone that reaches the recycling company, is totally broken and is not able to be used again then such phone is stripped down. This is done in order to recover some expensive raw materials used in it like silver, gold and platinum. It is interesting to know that much older phones have high amounts of these expensive raw materials as compared to the new ones. This is why you get paid even for a very old model phone.

How Can I Sell My Used Phone to a Recycling Company?

You don’t have to actually walk around in the market to find a mobile phone recycling company. The internet is always there to help you. There is a number of mobile phone recycling companies working online. The best way to get maximum cash for your used phone is to browse through a price comparison site such as Here you can easily look for a recycling company that is willing to buy your phone at the highest price. All you need to do is to enter your mobile’s name and the site will provide you with an impartial comparison of the prices offered by various companies. You will select the best deal, post your phone to the company and get instant cash for your old phone.

Sell your damaged phone that is no longer of any use to a mobile phone recycling company and get cash in return. The fastest way to do is to sell your phone online.

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