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10 things to do before selling your iPhone

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10 things to do before selling your iPhone

10 things to do before selling your iPhone

Since Apple is launching new iPhones every year and people are fond of owning the latest model of iPhone, they have to sell their previous iPhone to buy the latest one. But here, one question arises in the minds of every iPhone user; what to do before I sell my iPhone?Selling your used phone is a very complex task, as it’s a need of people to keep their private data safe and secured. Keeping the privacy of your precious data in mind, you have to follow certain steps before selling your old iPhone.

These steps are clearly defined below in this article:

1.      Unpair your device:

Apple has launched many devices other than iPhone, which help the iPhone users in many ways. One such device is “Apple Watch”. If you own an Apple Watch, you should unpair your iPhone immediately from your watch before selling your iPhone. This would help the new owner to pair his watch easily with the iPhone.

2.      Backup on iTunes:

ITunes is softwareoffered by Apple to back up your iPhone’s data. There are some simple steps to back up your data on iTunes. Simply download the iTunes software from the official website of Apple. Once it is downloaded on your Mac or PC, open the setup and install the iTunes software on your Mac/PC. Once iTunes is installed, you can easily backup the data of your iPhone. Plug in your iPhone with your Mac/PC and open the iTunes. Once connected, your device would be shown by its name on the top left corner of the window. Select it and go to the summary tab, select backup and then select “backup now”. Your backup would be started immediately.

Note: disable “encrypt iPhone backup” to keep your saved passcodes erased from the backup.

3.      Backup on iCloud:

Having a backup on the iCloud is an easier way to retrieve your data on your new device. Backup on iTunes requires you to install the iTunes on your Mac/PC and then back up the data oniTunes. Contrary to this, backup on iCloud does not require you to install any software, it’s easy and simple to back up on iCloud. For this, you would have to follow some simple steps; go to settings on your iPhone, then select iCloud, select storage and backup and then simply tap on the backup option.

Note: Enable the switch for iCloud backup.

4.      Find my iPhone:

Before selling your iPhone, make sure to disable the Find my iPhone option available in the settings app. Find my iPhone option is provided as ananti-theft feature by Apple for the iPhone users. If find my iPhone is enabled, your device would require the original Apple ID used to activate the phone and as the new owner wouldn’t know the original Apple ID, he wouldn’t be able to activate the iPhone with his Apple ID and your device would then be useless for the new owner. So for the flawless transaction of your iPhone, you should disable find my iPhone option, so that the new owner can activate the device easily through his own Apple ID.

5.      Sign-out:

The best thing to do to secure your precious data once you have backed it up on iTunes and iCloud is to sign-out from iTunes, iCloud and App Store. Your important data is usually stored in these and it’s safe to sign-out to be protected from data theft.

6.      Delete Applications:

You might think that doing a factory reset may delete all the applications from your iPhone. But what you don’t know is that sometimes cached data remains in your iPhone and that might let others use your personal social media accounts. To be at a safer side, you should delete all the apps one by one on your iPhone so that all the personal accounts information that is associated with certain apps may delete from your iPhone as well.

7.      Remove Photos:

After the backup of your photos is done on the iTunes (Connect your device with your Mac/PC > open iTunes> select iPhoto > select All Photos > tap on Import All) go to the iPhoto, and select “delete photos from youriPhone” to delete all of the photos in the camera roll of your iPhone.

8.      Factory Reset:

After deleting all of the apps and photos manually, and singing out from the iTunes, iCloud and App Store you should perform a factory reset. This helps you in deleting any apps or information that you might have skipped previously while deleting the things manually and makes your phone just as a new device. To do so you need to open settings app on your iPhone > go to General > select the reset option, and your phone will erase all the remaining settings and content from your device.

9.      Unregister your iPhone:

Apple suggests you to unregister your iPhone once you decide to sell it. To do so, you just need to email to get it unregistered. If you are planning to switch to any other device (Non-Apple) you should deregister from iMessage service as well.

10.    Contact Carrier:

After you have gone through all of these 9 steps, the final step is to contact your carrier and request them to segregate the iPhone from your account.Through this you can help in transferring the services to the new owner of your iPhone.

After these 10 steps, you can sell your iPhone without any hesitation. Your personal data is secured now and you don’t need to worry about the theft of your data.

Note: if you have sold your iPhone already, without following these steps you should immediately:

  1. Ask the new owner to perform these steps and remove your data from the phone.
  2. Change your Apple ID Password.
  3. Go to > Select settings option> check which devices are using the service “Apple Pay” > Click on your old device > select remove. Through these simple steps, you can remove the information of your debit and credit cards from your old device.

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