11 Items That Are Cluttering Your Life – Toss Them Before 2019

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There is little that can be compared to the satisfaction you get after cleaning up your place, especially when entering a new year. There is something very invigorating about just throwing off or selling off the stuff that is just sitting in your house doing nothing

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That free space you see, whether it’s because you throw that old ladle or sell phones that are no longer in use, makes cleaning up much more than just an aesthetic task. Not only does clutter look bad, a study conducted by UCLA showed that it actually adds to your stress. So before you enter 2019, here are a few things that you need to get rid of so you can enter into a new year stress-free and clutter-free.

1. Old Mobile Phones

We are all guilty of keeping our old phones in that one drawer that we hardly ever open. At one time or another we have all been attached to our ex-phones, and as with any ex you never truly get over the ones you are sincerely involved with. If you understand that, then you must also understand that you need to get rid of all the things related to them in order to move on, why should a phone be any different? Open up that drawer and sell phones that you no longer need, so you can enter the New Year with a new and clutter-free mind-set.

2. Old Prescriptions

Nobody wants to do it. Going through old prescriptions in that one cabinet above your sink seems like such a drag. Well, in reality, it’s not so much a drag than it is laziness. And thus the medicines stay on the shelves, even after they have been expired. These medications can be potentially dangerous lying around the house like this. It is only in your best interest to clean that cabinet out every few months, not just for the New Year.

3. Gift Stuff

Throughout the year there come many occasions of celebrations, some non-routine like housewarming, or graduating, others rather routine like birthdays and anniversaries. Other than bringing people together and memories, these celebrations also bring stuff like wrapping papers, shopping bags, gift ribbon, etc. It’s all sitting in the back of a cupboard, some ripped some crinkled up, and you just don’t have it in you to clean that all up. Well, you need to. Toss it all out, and start with fresh pieces, you will feel the kind of satisfaction you might not have before.

4. Event Tickets

There are some things that you actively avoid clearing like old prescriptions, and then there are other things that muddle up without you realizing that it is happening. One of such things is the event tickets. It is one thing to save them to keep them for events you want to remember like the date where you got proposed, if not then you need to swipe up your house for those little demons and clean it out.

5. Old Chargers

Remember that drawer mentioned earlier? Yes, the one with all the old phones. There are also those old chargers that came with those phones or chargers that were broken and you bought new ones to replace them. So when you sell phones you can sell those chargers alongside them. And in case they don’t work, then why do you have them? Toss them out and make space for something better.

6. Old Magazines

We can all be hoarders when it comes to magazines. We all have those folded pages that we are going to review. But let’s just take a good hard look in the mirror and admit that you are never really going to get through with it. After that separate all the magazines that are more than a year old and toss them out.

7. Old Bills

People, who don’t sell phones that they previously used,are usually ones that also keep all their old bills. This is one of those things that you actively clutter and it is everywhere. Your bedside table, your bags, your wallets, etc. Take some time out, go through them and if you have paid them then get rid of them unless you need them for something like tax returns.

8. Dried Pens

As hard as it may seem to believe, people actually end up collecting a bunch of dried pens that they never think of getting rid of them. You just use a pen, it doesn’t work so you toss it back in the drawer and use another one. Check all the pens, through ones that don’t work and put the others together in a pen holder.

9. Invitations

If it marks something special, like the invitation to your wedding and you want to, or already have it framed then, by all means, keep it. But just like event tickets, invitations also get accumulated, whether you like it or not. And they demand time to get cleaned out, it recommended that you do that and make space for all the events that will take place in 2019.

10. Old Towels

No one wants to enter a new year with discoloured, ripped, and stained towels, do they? So while you sell phones, you can also spend some time buying new towels while tossing out all the old fellows. There is a new feel to fresh towels, as you surely must have felt when these towels were new. Why not bring that feel back for the New Year?

11. Headphones

The only thing that we replace more times than a charging cable is headphones. It is no secret that headphones don’t have very long or reliable lives, and yet they are such a necessity that we can’t get through the day without them. So when you are clearing that drawer to sell phones and chargers that are old and useless, you can take some time to sort out the bundles of broken headphones that have been cluttering up, begin a new year listening through a new set of headphones.

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