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12 Interesting Things About Samsung Galaxy S8

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Do you own Samsung S8? If yes, then you must read this article to explore the most amazing facts that only S8 possess. S8 was launched in May, 2017 and was adored by many around the UK. This phone was the first Samsung phone to have the infinity display feature which has been appreciated by smartphone users all over the world.

12 Interesting Things About Samsung Galaxy S8

Although S9 has been launched and that phone has a better camera than S8, but it is not the time to sell Samsung S8 64GB or 128GB if you haven’t discovered these interesting things yet in your Samsung Galaxy S8.

1.      Camera Tricks:

There are some amazing tricks that you can take help from while taking pictures from your S8.

  • Floating Camera Button:

This is something that the photographers would love! The people who love photography also love the convenience that they might have while capturing the shots. Floating camera button might be the convenience that you ever wanted while capturing pictures with your S8. The floating button lets you drag the shutter button around the screen and set it wherever you want to. To activate the floating camera button; go to the camera settings and turn on the option ‘Floating Camera Button’.

  •  Zoom Option In The Camera Button:

Have you ever noticed the two dots at the left and right of the camera button? If not, open the camera of your S8 now and take a look at these dots. The amazing thing is that you can zoom in and zoom out through the help of the camera button by dragging it towards the dots. If you drag it on the right side, the camera would zoom in and if you drag it on the left, it would zoom out. How amazing is that! Now you won’t have to drag two fingers outwards simultaneously on the screen of your phone to zoom in, as you can simply drag the camera button.

2.      Placement Of Navigation Buttons:

Although there are no buttons at the front of S8, but we are referring to the inbuilt navigation buttons in the screen of S8. You see the three navigation buttons whenever you turn on the screen of your S8, the amazing thing is that you can adjust the placement of these buttons. By this we mean that you can easily swap the places of back button and recent apps button according to your preference.

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3.      Skip The Lock Screen:

This is an option in the settings app of S8 that lets you open your phone easily and more conveniently. In this mode, you don’t have to press the home button and go to the home screen through the lock screen. If you enable this option, you would then just have to hard press the home button while the screen is locked to skip the lock screen and directly land on to the home screen. To enable this option, you would have to open the settings app in your S8, go to the Navigation menu and enable ‘Unlock with home button’.

4.      Your Favourite Music On Two Devices!

Yes, you heard that right! You can play your favourite music through your S8 on two different devices with the help of Bluetooth. The two devices can be any devices that can play music through Bluetooth connection with your S8 e.g. speakers, headphones, etc. To enable this option, you would have to open the Bluetooth menu on your S8, then go to the menu at the right top corner of the screen and enable ‘Dual Audio’. Once it’s done, you can easily connect your phone with two devices and enjoy the music on both!

5.      Navigation Bar Colour:

We all need some colours in our lives and also in our phones! Due to this reason, we are excited to inform that you can change the colour of the navigation bar according to your likings. For this you would have to go to the settings app and dig-in to the navigation menu, from there you can easily select the colour that you want for your navigation bar.

6.      Sensitivity Of Home Button:

As discussed above, S8 has an inbuilt home button, but do you know that you can adjust the sensitivity of the home button? Yes, you can easily adjust the sensitivity of the home button in your S8 according to your convenience. For this you would have to go to the settings app in your phone and dig-in for the navigation bar option. Once there, you would have to drag the circle under the ‘Home Button Sensitivity’ option to adjust it.

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7.      App Shortcuts:

Though this option is not S8 specific and you can use it if you have Android Nougat installed in your phone. But if your S8 is upgraded to Nougat then you can easily long press a specific application for a list to pop up. You would be able to see certain options in that list related to the specific application and you can easily select any of them to customise the application settings. This option is just as the 3D option available in iPhone’s latest models.

8.      One-Handed Mode:

Although this mode is in the predecessors of S8 as well, but this is still different in S8 and S8 Plus. For the ease of the users, S8 has its one-handed mode through which you can adjust the size of the screen and use your phone with only one hand. To enable this, tap the home button three times to shrink the screen. You can also adjust the screen position through tapping the arrow besides the screen. To go back to the original size, you can again press the home button three times.

9.      Edge Lighting:

This option is the most amazing thing out of all. Visually this one gives a pretty decent look to your phone with just right amount of colour pop-up with every notification. If you enable this option, with every notification the corners of your edge screen would subtly light up giving an amazing effect. To enable this option, go to the settings app in your S8, then go to the Display option, in that press the edge screen option and then edge lighting. Once there, you can enable this option. You can further choose to enable it for ‘always’, ‘when screen is on’ or ‘when screen is off’, also you can manage the style and colour of the lighting. With all this, you can also manage; for which specific apps you want the edge lighting to work.

10.      App Button:

You might have to swipe up for opening the applications menu in your S8. But guess what! You don’t have to do it anymore if you don’t like it. If you have used the previous models of Samsung phones, then you might know about the dedicated button for the applications menu. You can have that button in your S8 as well.

11.      Performance Mode:

You mightn’t know that you can change the phone’s mode itself for a better experience while playing games or watching videos. S8 gives you the option to set the settings in a way that optimises the users’ utility while performing certain tasks on the phone. If you are playing games, you can switch it to ‘Game’ mode. If you are watching a movie or videos, you can switch it to ‘Entertainment’ mode. If you want the most amazing settings on the display, then you can chose ‘High performance’ mode. Your phone is already on the optimized mode that is the recommended mode for normal usage.

12.      Latest Always-On-Display Mode:

You might know about the ‘always on display mode’ in S8, through this mode you see the white clock in the locked screen. Always on display mode doesn’t use that much pixels of your phone’s screen, so it definitely doesn’t drain much battery. What you might not know is that you can have other information on always on display too. You can control the music through this without even unlocking your phone. For doing so, double tap the clock and you would see two arrows at each side, swipe the clock left or right and you would be directed to the music control panel.

These are some of the interesting things that you may find in your Samsung Galaxy S8. If you haven’t tried any of these, then you should try them to make your experience better. On the other hand if you already knew about all of these, and still not satisfied with your S8 then it might be the right time to change/upgrade your phone. To upgrade, we always recommend you to sell Samsung S8 64GB or 128GB first, and what is the better place than selling it to a recycling platform!

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