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14 New Features in iOS 11

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The demand for Apple devices has always been on the rise because of its extensive range of exclusive features. They hold a great deal of functionality as well as speak much more than just a tech device. Alike every year, the company has come up with the news of its latest iOS 11 iterations. iOS 11 operating system hosts an array of subtle design changes and interface elements in particular. With every new update, iOS brings a series of improvements and deliver an unbeatable user experience.

Apple unveiled the iOS 11 on 19 September 2017 and users of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch are taking advantage of a huge variety of cool features. With the regular updates, this version of the operating system has attained up to 15 updates till date. Recently, iOS 11.4.1 has been released that focuses on bug fixes and performance improvements. To access the update, open Settings app > General > Software Update.

iOS 11 New features

14 New Features in iOS 11

Let’s take a glance at the newest features offered by Apple’s latest software iOS 11.

  1. You can instantly share Wi-Fi passwords in iOS 11 devices.

Do you ever forget your Wi-Fi password or keep it saved on a handy piece of paper in a drawer somewhere? No worries! Now you no longer need to do so. In iOS 11 devices, if you need a password to access a Wi-Fi network, simply look for someone who is already using this connection and bring your Apple device close to theirs to share the password immediately.

  1. The big volume box is finally replaced with a small bar.

Before the launch of iOS 11, when you changed the volume on your iPhone or iPad, a large translucent box had been appeared in the middle of the screen to show the volume for a few seconds. It was quite an irritating pop-up, therefore, Apple has redesigned this box in iOS 11 and now it has been turned into a small transparent bar.

  1. The setup process of a new Apple device has become easier than ever.

If you purchase a new iPhone or iPad running iOS 11, you will easily set it up and start using it much more quickly than ever before. Just hold it near to an iOS device you already have; it will start mystically importing all your settings, preferences, and iCloud passwords.

  1. iOS 11 brings more convenience in Apple Maps.   

In iOS 11 devices, Apple indoor maps have made it easier to locate your local mall as you can find hundreds of restaurants, shopping centres, and airports around the world through this. In addition, Apple has finally introduced lane guidance to Apple Maps through the spoken navigation so that you can get to know more defined turn-by-turn directions.

  1. Do Not Disturb While Driving”- A new feature in iOS 11 to save your life.

Believe it; Apple has added this smart feature in iOS 11 so that Apple users can drive safely. By enabling this, your Apple device goes on “Don’t disturb mode” and hides notifications for calls, texts, and other apps while your phone is in the car or simply you are driving. This feature also notifies people that you are driving and will contact them soon.

To activate this feature, all you need to visit the control center on your iPhone or iPad.

  1. You can customise the Control centre in iOS 11.

Another new feature in iOS 11 is that you can change the default shortcut settings in the control center to an extent. The latest iOS update lets you choose what those shortcuts are and where they are placed in the control center. Though you are unable to delete some default shortcuts such as brightness, volume or music player, you can add shortcuts for low-power mode or Apple wallet etc. Hence, you can rearrange all the shortcuts according to your liking or preference.

  1. All notifications are shown at lock screen in iOS 11 devices.

In iOS 11, all your notifications are shown at one place, i.e., lock screen instead of separate notification windows. Once you ON the lock screen on your Apple device, all missed notifications are apparently displayed, nevertheless recent notification you have already seen can be read by a second upward swipe in the middle of the screen.

  1. iOS 11 makes you able to do one-handed typing.

The iOS 11 compatible Apple devices make you able to use Apple’s default keyboard with just one hand. To enable this new mode, you just have to launch the keyboard, hold the emoji key and then choose one-handed typing to move all the keys closer to your thumb.

  1. “Words suggestions” feature is now available on Apple devices.

A signature feature of Google has finally come to iOS and that is words suggestions. For instance, when you type anything in iOS 11 device, Apple’s built-in keyboard will show you some suggested words from your Messages or Safari app. Therefore, when your friend texts you the name of a shopping mall, it may be one of the first suggestions when you start searching for that shopping mall on the web.

  1. Siri can translate your voice in different languages.

Yes, the latest operating system iOS 11 has a cool translation feature fir, Siri. That means if you ask Siri to say a particular phrase in a different language, it will do that for you. Recently, Siri can speak on your behalf in Italian, Chinese, and some other languages.

  1. iOS 11 brings improvement in App drawer option.

Apple added a smart feature titled “App drawer” to its Message App in iOS 10, which allows you to add GIFS, stockers, visuals, and buttons to your message. With the latest upgrade in iOS 11, the company has redesigned this feature and made it much easier to explore all the numerous stickers and emojis.

  1. You can have a well-organised and clean-looking Apple App Store.

Undoubtedly, iOS 11 brings a lot of improvement in the design of different built-in apps. For instance, the Apple App store and Apple Music features a super clean design with bolder text. The new tabs at the bottom of the app is also a part of design improvements; such as the personalised “Today” tab features some unique apps as well as there is a specific tab just for games.

  1. You can store more photos and videos in iOS 11.

Apple has made changes in the compression format of iOS 10 and now with the iOS 11 you can save more photos and videos on your Apple device than you could before- roughly you can store twice or as many as you could store in iOS 10. You can enable this feature by going to Settings App and then choosing “Optimize iPhone Store”.

  1. iOS 111 lets you edit the Live Photos.

In your iOS 11 iPhone or iPad, you are able to make your live photos into GIFs as well as you can select the frame for the Live photo so that you can share more spicy photos on your social media profiles.

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