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20 Tips to Extend iPhone Battery Life

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20 Tips to Extend iPhone Battery Life

20 Tips to Extend iPhone Battery Life

Anyone who is using the iPhone must be aware of the fact that this smartphone is powerful and fun. But that fun comes with a price: battery life. Average iPhone users recharge their iPhone almost every couple of days. In fact, an intensive iPhone user recharges it every other day.

There are ways to conserve your iPhone battery juice. Here we are sharing some of the best ways to help you extend your iPhone’s power. It is not necessary to use all of these tips. Just use the ones that make sense for how you use your iPhone and conserve your iPhone battery life.

Prevent App Background Refresh

The iPhone has a number of features that make it smarter and one of these features is Background App Refresh.

This feature monitors your app activity. It looks at the apps you use most and automatically updates them. And when you open the app again, the latest information is waiting for you.

And needless to say, the feature drains your iPhone battery. Here’s how you can turn it off.

Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh. From here either disable the feature entirely by tapping the green icon or disable it for specific apps.

Don’t Automatically Update Apps

After the release of iOS 7, the iPhone itself updates the apps. There is a feature that automatically updates the apps when new versions are released.

Though this is a convenient feature, but drains the battery also.  To manage your iPhone power better, you can turn off this feature.

Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store > Move the slider to Off.

Use Content Blockers in Safari

In iOS 9, Apple introduced a feature that blocks advertising and tracking cookies in Safari. But this feature also takes iPhone juice. You may wonder how this is possible. The tools used by advertising networks to serve up, display, and track ads can actually use a lot of battery life.

Though battery life you save may not have a huge impact, but boost your browse and battery life, it’s worth checking out.

Turn ON auto-brightness

The iPhone has the ability to adjust the brightness of the screen according to the light around it. This helps in saving battery as well as easier to see. So it is recommended to turn auto-brightness on and save your battery juice by using less power of your screen.

To adjust that setting, tap Settings > Display & Brightness > Move the Auto-Brightness slider to On.

Reduce Screen Brightness

You can reduce the screen brightness to conserve the battery juice. If your default settings are high, then your iPhone is consuming more power of the battery.

You can dim the screen by doing this. Go to Settings > tap Display & Brightness > Move the brightness slider to your required position.

Stop Motion & Animation

Background Motion and Parallax effect are the coolest features introduced in iOS 7. Though they are pretty cool but drain the battery. It can also cause motion sickness for some people. So, if you want to turn it off, simply follow these steps.

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion > from there, move the slider to green.

Keep Wi-Fi off

Another way to save battery juice is to turn Wi-Fi off when there is no hotspot available. Keeping it ON all the times is a sure way to drain your battery life.

So, unless you are using it, keep it turned off. Tap Settings > Wi-Fi > Move the slider to Off position.

You can also turn off this feature via Control Centre. Swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone screen and tap the Wi-Fi icon. It will turn grey, means the Wi-Fi feature is off.

Keep Personal Hotspot Off

If you usually use Personal Hotspot feature of the iPhone to share your wireless data connection with other devices, then you should keep an eye on this as well. Because Personal Hotspots turns your iPhone into a wireless hotspot and this hotspot takes a lot of battery juice.

This is a very useful feature, but it also drains your battery. If you are not using it, and the feature remains on then you’ll be surprised at how quickly your battery drains.

To turn off this feature, go to Settings > Personal Hotspot > Move the slider to off.

Find the Battery Killers

In iOS 8 and up, there’s a feature called Battery Usage. It shows each and every apps’ battery power consumption. View stats from this feature and see which running app costs your battery life.

To access Battery Usage, go to Settings > Battery.

In latest iOS 12 version, Apple has given more in-depth details about battery life.

Turn off Location Services

The iPhone has another cool feature in the form of built-in GPS. It is a kind of location service in your iPhone. Like any other data network service, it needs battery power to work. If you are not using GPS, and don’t have plans in the future, then turn the service off and save some battery.

You can turn off Location Services by following these steps. Tap Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Move slider to Off position.

Disable Dynamic Background

The dynamic backgrounds are another decent feature in the iPhone. It offers a cool interface display, but uses more power also. You cannot turn off these kinds of features, just don’t select the Dynamic Backgrounds in the Wallpapers & Backgrounds menu.

Turn Bluetooth Off

Bluetooth is one of the features that are useful for smartphone users with wireless headsets or earpieces. But using Bluetooth to transmit data wirelessly takes battery time.

Turn this feature off to squeeze more power from your battery. Go to Settings > Bluetooth > Move the slider to Off.

You can also access its settings through the Control Centre. Swipe up from the iPhone screen and tap the Bluetooth icon.

Turn off Cellular Data

Where there is not Wi-Fi, iPhone users have 3G, 4G LTE service. But it requires more energy to run it. It drains the battery quicker than Wi-Fi. So, use it when you need it. And if you don’t require high-speed internet, turn off LTE and use the slower networks. Your iPhone battery will last longer.

To turn off cellular data, go to Settings > Cellular > Move Enable LTE slider to Off.

Fetch Email less often

Save your iPhone battery by setting your iPhone to check your email accounts less often. Try to manually check the emails, if possible.

Change the settings by following these steps. Tap Settings > Mail > Accounts > Fetch New Data > from there, select your preference.

Auto-lock sooner

Auto-lock is a feature that lets your iPhone go to sleep after a certain amount of time. The sooner it sleeps, the less battery power will be used.

You can change the Auto-Lock setting with these steps:

Go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-lock > and choose your preferred time slot.

Turn of Fitness Tracking

It is possible for the iPhone to track your steps and other fitness activity. It’s a great feature for health conscious people. But that non-stop tracking can really drain your iPhone battery life. If you are not using this feature, turn it off. Here’s how you can do it.

Tap Settings > Privacy > Motion & Fitness > Move the slider to Off.

Turn Off Equalizer

The iPhone’s Music app has an Equalizer feature that use to adjust the music. And these adjustments require extra battery juice to work.

You can turn the equalizer off to conserve battery. Though you will have a slightly modified listening experience. But to save battery power for good, it’s a good deal.

Go to Settings > Music > EQ > tap Off.

Turn AirDrop Off

AirDrop is the wireless file-sharing feature for iOS devices. It’s a really cool and handy feature. AirDrop needs three things to work. One is Wi-Fi, second is Bluetooth and third is another AirDrop-enabled device. And as these features use power, so it will drain out the battery juice.

So unless you are using it, keep turned off the AirDrop feature.

To find AirDrop, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. From Control Centre, tap AirDrop and then tap Receiving Off.

Disable Unneeded Vibrations

The iPhone has the vibrating power that gets your attention for calls and other alerts. This service works by trigging a motor that shakes the device. And it, needless to say, vibrator uses battery power. So instead of keeping it on all the time, you can use it when necessary.

Go to Settings > Sounds > Vibrate on Ring > Move the slider to off.

Use your battery to the Maximum Level

It is now a tested fact that more often you charge your battery, the less energy it can hold. As the time passes, the battery remembers the point where you recharge it often and starts to treat that as its limit. For example, if you always charge your battery when its still 65 percent remaining, then eventually the battery will start to behave as if it’s total capacity is 65 percent.

So, it is suggested that wait until your battery is down to 20 percent or less and then charge it.

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