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3 Ways to Sell your Used Phone Profitably

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3 Ways to Sell your Used Phone Profitably

Selling your used phone can be a tough job if you don’t know where you should sell it. Buying latest models of mobile phones is the best thing that a man can do, but keeping the older models stacked up in your drawers or cupboards is not good at all. If you are doing such practices than you are contributing towards e-waste, and you must know that what type of consequences e-waste has on our environment? Once you would know the benefits of selling used phones then you would definitely wonder ‘where shall I sell my phone and compare prices for confirming the sale?’

How To Sell Used Phone Online:

There are various platforms where you can sell used phones easily. You might find some of these platforms in offline market places, but we always suggest you to sell used phone online. There are generally three types of online platforms available in the UK, and they are as follows:

   Sell Used Phone through Classified Ads:

The first and foremost way of selling your used phone is through classified ads. The classified ad can be on any classified ads website, but another way of publishing an ad is through your social media account. Both of these ways are similar yet they have a little bit of differences as well that we would discuss next.

To sell used phone through classified ad, you would have to prepare your phone to do so first! By preparing we don’t mean that you start giving a makeover to your phone. But actually you should perform certain tasks through which you might give a makeover to your used phone. Well the first thing that you should do is to take off the covers and the extra accessories that you might have on your phone. After removing these accessories you must check that if your phone has any scratches or dents, if it has them then note everything down. After that you should take a clean piece of cloth and start scrubbing the dirt off of your mobile phone. Be gentle while doing so as you don’t want to hurt your phone while cleaning it. Make sure that all of the dirt is removed from the exterior body of the phone. After cleaning; check if the screen protector of the phone is intact or not, and if its worn out then remove the screen protector and try to make your phone look as good as new to sell your used phone at good price.

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Once you are done with the cleaning part, the second thing that you must do is to take your phone in a place with the perfect lighting conditions to take some amazing shots of your phone. You have to make your phone feel like a celebrity while doing so to take amazing pictures. Just taking the pictures isn’t enough; you must enhance the colours of the pictures of your phone as well to make them look more appealing. This whole process might take a day or more! After you are done with taking some astonishing shots of your phone from every angle, the next thing you should do is write a detailed description about your phone. Remember that we asked you to take notes of the scratches and dents that you might find on the body of your phone? We asked that for the same reason. Read those notes and write a detailed yet appealing description of your phone so that the reader might feel the need to buy your phone.

Once you have written the description; make an appealing title including the brand, model, storage capacity, colour and condition rating of your phone. This one should be no longer than half line but it should contain important information about your phone.  Once you are done with these things, the next thing that you should do to sell your used phone is to post the ad. To sell used phone, you might find many classified ad posting websites online. You have to post an ad on every single one of them to sell your used phone online. With that, you must post the ad of your phone on your social media accounts i.e. Facebook, Instagram, etc. to make the selling process of your phone easier.

If any potential buyer contacts you, you must meet them at a public place to sell your used phone. We suggest this as when you sell your used phone in a damp or shady place, there are quite chances that if the buyer is a spam then you might be mugged off by him. To prevent yourself from such incident, we suggest you to sell your used phone at a public place where the chances of being mugged off are minimal. If you successfully sell your used phone to the buyer, then the process shuts down here, but if the buyer doesn’t buy it then you would have to wait for another potential buyer to contact you so you can sell used phone. This process might take months, so we don’t really recommend you this one if you want to sell your used phone quickly.

   Mobile Phone Trade In:

While you sell your used phone, another option that you might have is mobile phone trade in. You can easily trade in phone for a newer model or for any other gadget at many platforms available online. We don’t suggest every such platform online, but we surely suggest the brand oriented mobile phone trade in programmes.

Apple and Samsung are the two most common brands that let you trade in phone for a newer model. You just have to visit their websites online and go for the trade in option. You would have to provide the information about your mobile phone through answering some questions about your mobile phone. After that, they would either give you the discount worth of the value of the phone if you tend to purchase a newer model of their phone. Or they also can provide you with a gift card worth of your phone with which you can easily trade in your phone, and redeem that gift card while purchasing any other gadget from them.

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If you are up for mobile phone trade in with another phone than you can go for this option, but even then you won’t get much return from your mobile phone from mobile phone trade in.

   Recycle Phone for Cash:

The third and the best option that you have are of mobile phone recycling! You must be wondering. ‘where shall I recycle my phone?’ well the answer to your question is that you can easily recycle phone for cash online. There are many mobile phone recycling platforms available online through which you can recycler your used phone. And not just recycle; you would be paid for doing so as well.

For recycling your mobile phone, we can suggest you platforms which can even make it easier for you to find the recyclers who provide the best prices for your phone and you can compare them before choosing one. You must be wondering ‘So I can sell my phone and compare the prices of the recyclers at the same time?’ Well, yes you can! The mobile phone recycling comparison websites let you do that without a glitch. You can easily select the model of your phone, its condition and storage capacity, and you would get the price quotes from different recyclers online. Choose the best one according to your preferences; confirm the sale and you would receive a free postage envelope. Send your phone to the recycler in that envelope and get paid once your phone reaches the recycler and they check it thoroughly.

Final Verdict:

You might have got an idea about all the three platforms described above where you can sell your used phone.  For us, all of these three platforms are the best where you can sell used phones. The drawbacks of selling from classified ads is that you are at a risk that the potential buyer might be a scam, also you would have to wait much for a potential buyer to contact you. For trade in, you wouldn’t get cash in return of your phone. While the third option of mobile phone recycling is a risk free option from which you can get handsome cash in return as well.

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