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5 Easy Ways to Recycle Your Old Mobile Phone

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5 steps to Recycle Your Old Cell Phone

Do you plan to upgrade your old cell phone? This article would help you in suggesting the things you can do to recycle your old mobile phones. If you are using a mobile phone that gets you in trouble by being slow, you should immediately think for an upgrade. Upgrading your mobile phone can be a time consuming task if you don’t do it right! Hang on, and go through this article for the best ways of recycling old mobile phones.

Below are some ways of recycling your old device, so be creative and earn some money!

1.      Sell it to a recycler and earn some cash:

The first and the best way to recycle your device is to sell it to a recycler. These platforms usually give you the best price for your phone instantly. Selling your phone to a recycler also enables you to work for the betterment of the society and environment. That is right! If phones are not recycled properly, they can turn into heaps of techno trash. This techno trash can then become hazardous for our environment as it can be the cause of dangerous chemical emissions and wastage of precious metals. You don’t have to throw your phones in trash once you are done using them, it can cause serious problems to the ecosystem. Don’t you want to work for the betterment of the society and get cash in return? What’s even better than that!

Now that you know the importance of recycling your old cell phones, don’t just sit idle! Go to your closets, drawers or anywhere you threw your old cell phones in your home and start selling them to save the society. You can find many online portals that buy old cell phones and recycle them properly. We suggest you to go to SellTheMobile official website and start searching for the best recycler to sell your phone to. We provide our online users with the ease of suggesting them a list of the best price quotes available for their phones by different recyclers. Through this you can easily select the one recycler that is giving you the most cash against your phone.

Searching for the list of recyclers and their price quotes is very easy on our website. You just have to go on the website. Once you are on the website, you will find a search bar there. Search your phone model on the website with its specifications and condition and we will provide you with a list comparing the price quotes of different recyclers for you phones. Once you have selected the best deal, simply redirect to the website of that specific recycler and search for your phone there. They will ask you some simple questions about your phone, you have to answer them accurately. After you have given the answer to all of the asked questions, you will be given the same price quote again. Accept their offer and send your phone to them for recycling and save the future of your planet. Moreover, these recycling platforms also provide its users with the facility of sending their mobile phones to the recycler free of cost. That’s right! You wouldn’t have to pay for the courier charges, and once they receive your old cell phone, they generate your payment the same day.

2.      Try disassembling and assembling:

We know that everyone in this world wants to know how your cell phone works, what’s in it that makes it a smart phone! In our childhoods we always wanted to be a mechanic of our own. Now there is a chance to fulfil your childhood dream. Open up your phone and try to reassemble it. It sounds weird, but try to do that! Always push yourself to do new things, specially the things you are always afraid of doing. So go to your toolbox and dig-in to find the perfect tool to do that big operation of your old cell phone. Once you have opened your phone, try to do new things with it like changing its mother board yourself or replacing its battery. Don’t be afraid to be creative. Once you are done examining and playing with your phone, try to reassemble it yourself. It can be a fun task if you are a techno person.

3.      Donate it:

If you don’t need your phone, it doesn’t mean that no one else does. Try to look for people around you that are not so fortunate of having such facilities. Having a mobile phone is everyone’s need these days. The world we live in now is in constant evolution and technology is taking over the world. In this era, many people just want to have a device that they can use to ease out their life. Your old cell phone can be the thing that they need the most. Try to help others!

Moreover there are many organisations that are working in UK, they accept your old smart phone as a donation. If you can’t find anyone around you, you can easily donate your old useless devices to these organisations for the betterment of the society.

4.      Use it as your alarm clock, security camera or baby monitor:

Your old cell phone can do wonders! It can help you in many ways that you haven’t even thought of before.

To use your old cell phone as your alarm clock you simply have to make your old device your bedtime companion every day. Set up the alarm on your old smart phone and keep it on your bedside table. This would help you follow a good routine.

With theft being a big worldwide issue since ever, you need to set up security cameras in your home for your safety. Now you can turn your old cell phone into a security camera by the help of its built in camera feature. There are many apps available on “App Store” or “Play Store” that can help you in doing so. Just download these apps and connect your old device with a Wi-Fi. Alternatively, you can set up a separate Skype account on your old device and simply set it to “automatically accept incoming video calls”. You can then easily call on that Skype account and see around even when you are not at home.

Being a parent is not an easy job, you are in constant pressure that your little one stays unharmed. For that you do everything you can to make sure the baby’s safety. But what you don’t know is that you can easily use your old smartphone as a baby monitor. There are many applications available on the App Store or Play Store for this purpose (i.e. Dormi). With the help of your old smartphone and such apps you may know if the baby wakes up or makes noise, you would instantly get an alert on your current smartphone.

5.      Keep a spare smartphone for emergency:

If you are a careless person and if you drop your phone every now and then, you should keep one of your old smartphones as a spare. So that if you accidently damage your new phone, you can still use your old phone in emergency.

These are some ways of recycling old phones, we hope that you now know what to do with your old device and how to recycle it. For a rational person, the best way to recycle remains selling their phones to a recycler. If you need some cash for the upcoming events i.e. Halloween or Christmas, you should take an initiative quickly and sell you old sell phone to a recycler.

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