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5 Mobile Phones with Great Re-sale Value

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5 Mobile Phones with Great Re-sale Value

Have you ever thought of selling your mobile phone? If not, then we would be informing you about the 5 mobile phones that have great resale value! You might find your mobile phone in this list, and that would make you sell iPhone or Sell any other mobile phone that you currently have. Resale value of a mobile phone never stays static as every year new mobile phones are launching and the old ones are fading away in no-time.  While if you own an iPhone 7 then it is the best time to sell iPhone 7.

Best Selling Mobile Phones:

Following are the 5 mobile phones with great re-sale value:

     iPhone 7: Sell iPhone now

iPhone 7 was launched back in 2016. Apple tried to resolve every issue that the users faced while using iPhone 6 and 6s. iPhone 7 proved to be the iPhone with many specifications that included a great camera, Touch ID, better processor and much more. iPhone 7 has a full metal body that takes our breath away. With all of these specifications, iPhone 7 is now considered as an older model of iPhone. If you are willing to sell mobile phone then it is the best time to sell your iPhone 7 as this iPhone is soon going to be considered as an old fashioned iPhone due to the specifications that Apple is adding in its latest models.

Another reason for you to sell your iPhone 7 is that Apple slows down the older models of iPhone whenever a new model of iPhone is launched; the slowing down process is done by Apple through the software updates that it sends on the older models of iPhone with the launch of every iPhone. This tactic is observed with every new software update that Apple launches and the thing to keep in mind here is that ‘the older the model, the slower it would be’ in such case. In case of iPhone 7, Apple has launched around 6 models after the launch of iPhone 7. So if this process of slowing down is carried forward by Apple then this would make your iPhone slow to the limit that you won’t be able to sell iPhone then.

     iPhone 8: Sell iPhone now

Just as iPhone 7, iPhone 8 is also slowly fading away due to the launch of 4 other iPhones after its launch. iPhone 8 had almost the same shape as of iPhone 7, but it somehow managed to cater different problems that people had to face while using iPhone 7. The major developments we saw in this model were; A11 bionic chip and wireless charging feature.

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Although iPhone 8 was launched in 2017, but right now is the best time to sell this iPhone. iPhone X was the iPhone that outshined iPhone 8 due to its future forward looks back in 2018. Due to the launch of iPhone X, iPhone 8 started fading away right after 2 month of its launch. Due to the software updates, this iPhone slowed down as well and that made the users to worry even more about this iPhone being considered as an older model. You might find a good resale value for your iPhone 8 now, if you tend to sell this iPhone.

iPhone X: Sell iPhone now

iPhone X was launched just after the launch of iPhone 8. This iPhone although overshadowed the praise that iPhone 8 was getting, but this iPhone is already considered as an old iPhone due to the launch of iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. The greatest development that Apple included in this iPhone model was the inclusion of infinity display and Face ID feature. These two features took this iPhone to the level that Apple always wanted. People went gaga over buying this device and the sales for Apple went up with the launch of iPhone X. But this was only shown by Apple; the reality is that with the time the sales of iPhones are going down.

You must be wondering, ‘why the sales of iPhone are going down with time?’ The answer to this question is very simple; people are getting smarter day by day and due to the reveal of the slowing down process that is done by Apple with their every launch, people are discouraged to the point that they are finally stopping. If this thing goes the way it is going, then soon Apple would have to stop the manufacturing of its iPhones. This is one of the major reasons that you should look forward to sell iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Sell Mobile Phone now

With the new developments in Samsung phones, the all time favourite Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is fading away gradually. As mentioned before, the resale value of phones depend upon the age of that particular device. Due to this concept, it is the best time to sell your S7 Edge. We can say that as 2 phones are already been launched by Samsung in its ‘S’ series after the launch of S7 Edge.

The other major reason is that Samsung is planning to launch its 10th anniversary S10 and S10+ in the start of the coming year. These smartphones would possess the future forward specifications that would make people forget about the older models in ‘S’ series. These phones are predicted to come in the market with a bang, and after their launch it would become much difficult for you to sell mobile phone if you have Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Although S7 Edge has the features that can never get old but we have already talked about the age factor in the resale value of a mobile phone. S7 Edge would turn 3 the next year and selling mobile phone that is this much old would be a difficult task for you to do so. So sell your S7 Edge before the resale value comes down to a point that you won’t get enough in return.

Samsung Galaxy S8: Sell Mobile Phone

Samsung Galaxy S8 has been the phone that was adored by almost everyone around the world as Samsung introduced the feature of infinity display in this phone. It was launched back in 2017, and in that era we really didn’t had such phones with the feature of infinity display. 2017 seems only a year back but this phone is already starting to be considered as an older phone by Samsung due to the launch of S9 and the upcoming launch of S10 and S10+.

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S8 then selling this mobile phone would be the best option for you. We can say this as the resale value of S8 is still much higher due to the minimal advancements that Samsung has included in S9, but the upcoming model of Samsung ‘S’ series would be packed with such specifications that the value of your S8 and S8+ would go down drastically. Despite of having almost all of the specifications that the users need, S8 would still be considered as an old-fashioned mobile phone once the mighty S10 and S10+ would be launched.

Recommendation – Sell Mobile Phone:

We would recommend selling mobile phone or selling iPhone as in the mobile phone industry; one day it’s in and the next day it’s out! Due to the rapidly growing mobile phone industry, you never know when your mobile would devalue itself. You can see this by the examples that we have given above along with the best selling mobile phones.

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To sell mobile phone you must be watching for the best place to do so. You might find plenty of platforms when selling your mobile phone, but the best place to sell mobile phone is a recycling platform. We suggest you to sell mobile phone to a recycling platform as these platforms dispose off your phones properly without providing any harm to the environment. Even if they don’t dispose off the phone, they would resell your phone after treating it with the repairs that it need. You might find numerous recycling platforms, but all of them are not trustworthy to sell your mobile phone to.

Final Verdict:

To find the best price while selling mobile phones you must only sell it through SellTheMobile. We recommend SellTheMobile as we have all of the best recycling platforms listed on our website that provide you with the best price quotes for your mobile phone. You won’t find selling your mobile phone as a difficult task while using our website as we have simplified the process to 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Select or search for the accurate model of your mobile phone.

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Step 4: Send your phone in free postage envelope and get paid.

The process of finding a buyer for your mobile phone has never been this easy. So don’t wait any further and sell your iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S8 only at SellTheMobile.

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