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6 InsaneThings That Occurred To Me While Selling My Old Phone Online

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Like many other people, I am the one who prefers to sell my iPhone when I get a new one. Selling/recycling old phones is the best practice that is growing rapidly in the UK. By doing so, you can get rid of your old unwanted phones in an eco-friendly way as well as earn some money in return. There may be different reasons for why to sell your phone. The first and foremost reason is that you are bored with of your old handset and looking for a new one or are drawn to the latest models. Another reason is that you have dropped and damaged your phone badly and now it is beyond repair. In both cases, you need to say goodbye to your old phone and mobile recycling/selling is the best option to do so.

Where to Sell Old Phones? Mobile Phone Recycling Companies!

Nowadays, there are numerous mobile phone recycling firms offering their services online. By accessing their websites, you can easily find the best deal for your phone you no longer use. No need to make random calls for hiring their services to buy your old useless phones. Now selling an old phone is just one click away. Once you enter your phone name and details into the search box of a recycling website, you will get the best deal for it. Then, you will receive a Postage envelope to send your device to the recycler. Once they collect your handset, they will pay you the same day after checking it completely.

However, it is advised that you should look for a trustworthy and seasoned recycling company if you want to sell your phone at a great price and without any trouble. Here I am going to share some difficulties that I have experienced while selling my phone online. You should take into consideration to sell or recycle your phone smoothly.

6 Insane Stuffs That Occurred To Sell My Mobile

1)  When I started looking for mobile phone recycling companies on the web, my first concern was that who accepts my specific model or in which condition. After browsing some websites, I realized that a lot of websites are offering recycling services. They buy almost all kinds of smartphones such as iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, LG and many others at different prices. At that time, it was difficult for me to choose the one. Because each website offered different price and policies.

2) However, after consuming one week on searching and exploring recycling websites, I compared them and found the one which offered me the highest price as compared to others as well as meeting my preferences. But when I visited this site, I recognized that they had changed their prices now and offered new price which was quite low. It was a moment of disappointment for me.

3) But as I needed to recycle or sell my phone, I again looked for the recycling websites and chose the one. It took a lot of time and effort in finding the right deal.

4) When I got engaged with my selected recycling website, they could not fulfil their promises. They took almost one week in sending me a postage envelope while they said it would take 2-3 days.

5) After sending my device to them, they paid me after 3 days although they promised to pay the same day when they collect my handset.

6) And when I got my price, it was less than the offered price. When I asked them why it does not match the mentioned price, they said you have to pay some hidden charges also.

This was my first experience to sell my phone to a recycling website and it was not so good. And after this, I conducted a detailed research work on how I can find the best recycler who will pay me the top price without any hassle and additional cost. And then finally, I found a solution and that is recycling comparison website.

Recycling Comparison Company- Trouble-free Way to Sell Your Phone  

Recently, a large number of recycling comparison websites have come into existence and made mobile phone recycling/selling easier than ever before. These comparison websites list a range of top-rated recycling websites and enables the users to find the right one with a simple click. They use advanced comparison tools that make a neutral comparison of all listed recycling websites and provides you a list of top-most deals at one place. By accessing a comparison website, you don’t need to browse the recycling sites one by one as well as it saves you time and energy.

However, keep in mind that you should consider a top-rated comparison website such as SellTheMobile to discover the highest price for your phone in a very short time.

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