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7 Things You Can Do with a Water Damaged iPhone

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7 things you can do with a water damaged iPhone

Owning an iPhone is a dream for many, but keeping it intact is a problem that everyone faces in this era. Drenching your iPhone in water is the biggest problem that people face in today’s world. Although the new models that Apple has launched are water resistant, but they only resist water to a certain extent. Since iPhone 7, Apple is doing its best to create more durable and water resistant phones. The new iPhone XS and XS Max are water resistant up to 2m depth and that is something that Apple took into account as the previous models were water resistant just up to 1m depth inside water. So yes, if you own an iPhone you must not worry if you drop your phone into a swimming pool or if your water bottle leaks in your purse.

iPhones are water resistant these days, but you are still not far away from damaging your iPhone in water. These phones are water resistant and not waterproof, they may be damaged if taken under the specified depth of water. Once a person drops his phone in water, he immediately starts looking for places where he can sell his water damaged iPhone. In this article, we would suggest the things you should do before searching for a place to sell your iPhone for cash.

1.      Don’t try to “power on” your iPhone:

Once your phone has dropped into the water and it’s powered off, you should never try to turn it on immediately. Give your phone sometime to get dry. If you try to turn it on right after it got drenched in the water, your iPhone might never turn on again. The water sometimes go deep inside your phone that needs to be dried out before you try to turn it on. Trying to turn it on at this stage might cause you in some deep trouble, as the phone might explode as well due to the water inside of it. Moreover, if your battery iPhone’s battery drains out in such case, you should never plug it in for charging as well.

2.      Remove SIM card:

You should immediately remove the SIM card from your device after it’s soaked in water. This would prevent your SIM card from being damaged with the phone. After removing the SIM card, keep the SIM card tray away from the phone and don’t put it back in your iPhone until its safe.

3.      Dry the exterior:

After you have removed the SIM card from your phone, the next thing that you should do is drying the exterior of your iPhone. You may do this with a clean piece of cloth. Gently wipe the cloth over your iPhone, removing all the water droplets on the exterior body of your phone.

4.      Leave your iPhone at a Dry Place:

It is very important for you to leave your drenched iPhone in a dry place but don’t put it directly in the sun light. Sun light maycause more problems for your phone. Leave your phone in a dry windy place for at least a week to let it dry naturally.

5.      Hairdryer:

The most convenient and quickest way to dry your phone is through a hairdryer. Plug in your hairdryer and put it on hot setting, then gently put the phone under the hairdryer. Use hairdryer to transport the hot air into the small inlets in your phone (i.e. charging port, audio jack, receiver, SIM Port etc.). Hairdryer does wonders for drying your phone from inside out. But don’t force it too much, as the hot air from hairdryer may further damage your phone.

6.      Uncooked Rice:

This method is suggested by many people around the world. Put your phone in a bag full of uncooked rice. Make sure that your phone submerge into the rice completely. Rice have the quality of soaking water and this is very useful for your drenched phone. Keep your phone in the packet of uncooked rice for a day or two. After the specified time, take your phone out of the bag and clean it with a dry piece of cloth.

7.      Silica Gel Packets:

Whenever we buy new shoes, there are always little packets of silica gel inside the shoe box. What we do with them? We always throw them away! You should keep those silica packets for emergency situations. You can gather some silica gel packets in a bag and put your phone in that bag. Let it be in the bag for a day or two, and then take your phone out. Silica gel packets absorb the moisture that is left behind in your phone.

We hope that through these 7 steps your phone will start working as before. But if the phone is drenched too much in the water, these steps might not work and you still might not be able to turn on your phone again. If this happens, many of us throw our phones away as we think that they are useless then. But to our surprise, those phones are not useless and you shouldn’t throw them away.

You can easily sell your drenched phone to a refurbishing company. These platforms are available online and you can sell your water damaged iPhone to them against some cash. You can easily search the quotes from these platforms on SellTheMobile. We will provide you with a list of recycling platforms that are willing to buy your broken iPhone with the price quotes that they are offering. Select the platform according to your preference and sell your mobile to it. You can get some cash in return of your broken phone through this. So now you can sell your water damaged iPhone for cash.

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