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8 Best Things You Can Do With iPhone 6S Camera

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8 Best Things You Can Do With iPhone 6S Camera

Do you own an iPhone 6S? If yes, you should read this article to find out the amazing things you can do with your old iPhone 6S. If not, then you must read this article as well, as you can perform these amazing tasks on other smartphones as well. But if you are planning to buy a new model, then we wouldn’t suggest these tasks. You should then stop wondering ‘Where should I sell my iPhone 6S64GB (if)?’ and go directly to our website to sell it.

iPhone 6S was launched with a bang back in 2015. It was instantly declared as the most favourite phone by the people in 2015. This phone had the most amazing features, and that is the sole reason behind its huge success. Having this phone was a dream come true for people back in 2015 as this phone was a much improved version of iPhone. The best thing about this phone was that it was launched in two versions; iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus. Back then this iPhone offered great storage capacities as it was launched in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB. This much storage capacity is enough in a mobile for the daily use, and for the projects mentioned below, you wouldn’t be needing much capacity as well.

iPhone 6S has an amazing 12MP rear and 5MP FaceTime camera that can be used for many DIY projects. These projects can be fun, and these can also help you in your daily rituals.Below are some of the amazing DIY projects that you can do with your iPhone 6S’s camera:

1.      Security Camera:

Yes, you can turn your old iPhone 6S into a brilliant security camera. For this you would just need a stand on which you can fix your phone. Everything is available online and on the App Store these days! You just need to install an application that can turn your iPhone into a security camera. One such application is Alfred, you can get it from App Store on your iPhone.

For turning your phone to a security camera, you would need to purchase the premium Alfred application. Once you have downloaded the application, you would have to register yourself on it. After the registration process is complete, you just have to connect your current phone with your old iPhone 6S through this application and set the iPhone with the stand to a place from where you can see the important places in your house.

Note: While doing so, don’t forget to plug in your iPhone for charge, as you don’t want it to be turned off while covering live footage of your house.

2.      Underwater Photography:

iPhone 6S isn’t water resistant, but who says that you cannot do underwater photography with the amazing camera of this phone? You can easily take underwater shots with your iPhone 6S. For this project you would only need a glass of water! Obviously the glass shouldn’t be filled with water. Take the glass and put your iPhone 6S, and don’t forget to turn on the camera. Connect earphones with your iPhone, and suspend the glass with your iPhone in the pool or whatever place you want to. Be careful with this as you don’t want the water to seep into the water. If you accidently do so, this exposure to water can harm your iPhone.

Alternatively to be a little bit more careful in the process, instead of glass you can use ziplock bag. Take the bag, and put your iPhone in it, making sure that the water doesn’t seep in the bag. Take the shots under water then and enjoy with the underwater photography.

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3.      Action Shots:

We have to admit this; we all love action shots! And guess what, iPhone 6S has a brilliant camera that can be used for capturing action shots. Taking action shots can be very dangerous as you have to adjust the camera of your phone at such place that it doesn’t wobble and also the angle for the shots is great.

For this purpose, you might have to leave your phone at such a place that can be very dangerous for it and it can fall and break easily. That is why if and only if you have an iPhone 6S that is lying around for nothing, only then you can use it for taking action shots.

4.      Dream Colour Effect:

This is the type of DIY project that you can perform and make your pictures even more amazing. For this you would just need a small sized plastic bag, red and blue markers and your iPhone 6S. Paint one side of the plastic back with thick blue and red lines, and put the phone inside the plastic bag. Turn on the camera and you would find a great effect to take pictures that would surely bring you many followers and likes on the social media.

5.      Aerial Shot:

What’s even better than an aerial shot? All of us always want to take aerial shots but we don’t want to spend much on drones. Drones usually cost much, and for a single use, spending that much amount of money is not an intelligent decision at all. We have got a better solution for your aerial shots.

All your need to have is a large helium balloon, strong adhesive tape and your iPhone 6S. We only recommend this way of taking an aerial shot if you don’t use your iPhone 6S as this can damage your phone as well.

If you have a smart watch or a smart band then this would be even easier for you. Open the camera of your iPhone 6S and connect your phone with the Smart Watch or Smart Band. Then tape up your iPhone on the helium balloon with its camera aiming towards you. Once done, release the balloon with tightly grabbing the thread in your hand and once it’s in the air, capture pictures with the help of your Smart Watch or Smart Band.

Note: Grab the thread of the balloon tightly as you wouldn’t want your iPhone to fly away with the balloon. Also, Tape up your iPhone carefully so it doesn’t let loose and fall down.

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6.      Selfie Inceptulization:

This is a fun thing that you can do with your extra iPhone 6S. This is just a way of making your selfies more fun and creative. For this, you would have to download a certain pictureon your iPhone 6S showing a certain face feature only e.g. it can include eyes and nose of a certain creature or nose and lips. Once it’s done, keep the screen of your iPhone 6S facing towards the camera of your current phone and adjust it accordingly in front of your face.

Once you have adjusted it, take a picture from your current phone. Through this you can create a digitally creative picture without using any software for editing. You can create thousands of such images and upload them on your social media accounts to gather up more likes and followers.

7.      Baby Monitor:

Yes, your old iPhone 6S can be used as a baby monitor if you are a parent. Having a baby is a full time job that has to be fulfilled until and unless the baby turns old. As a parent, you might face many problems while keeping care of your precious little angel. Well we can describe a way through which you can monitor the cot of your baby even if it’s in another room.

For this you would have to fit your phone over the cot in such a way that you get a proper view of the cot and your baby. You can install an application from App Store and connect your current phone with your old iPhone 6S to get the live view. Once done, you can adjust the phone and see the baby from your own room when the little angel is sleeping.

8.      Lamp:

This technique doesn’t really use the camera of your iPhone 6S but it surely helps in taking pictures at low or no light areas. Usually the flashlight of your iPhone doesn’t work as effectively as you want when taking pictures in a low light area. The reason is that the surface area from where the light emits is usually so small that the flashlight is aimed at a single spot.

There is a way through which you can easily turn the flashlight into a lamp like thing. You would only need a big white ketchup or any sauce bottle and the flashlight of your phone.Tape up your phone on the bottle with the flashlight facing towards it. And there you have your own lamp for taking pictures in no light areas.

Now that you know the ways of using the camera of your iPhone 6S, you can easily perform all of these. But this is if you have the time and creative element in you to do so. If you are too busy, or you have no interest towards doing anything creative, or you already did all these then you can always sell your iPhone 6S to a refurbishing platform.

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