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8 Creative Ways To Shoot A Compelling iPhone Photo Series

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8 Creative Ways To Shoot A Compelling iPhone Photo Series

One iPhone feature that charms most of the users is it’s Camera quality. And having iPhone means you can click some extraordinary pictures with it. Endless choice of subjects let you shoot spectacular pictures and videos. One of the ideas to shoot a great photo series is to intentionally photograph a series of the same subject or scene. And by forcing yourself to click the same thing, again and again, will actually make you more creative.

In this guide, you will get to know some best ways to shoot a creative photo series. And if you love photography, try these ways too.

Choose a Subject for your Series

First of all, choose a subject for your photography series. It is suggested that choose that subject which is in your access and you can photograph that subject whenever you want. It can be a landscape, a person, a building or whatever you like.

For landscapes or places, think for those which are unique, photogenic and have great natural light. After finding such a place, visit that again and again. Look for the good angles to shoot. Try to catch the rhythm of that place.

After clicking all the ‘good angles’ try to shoot one more angle that you have never shot before. You can try low down or high up angles. Look at the subject or space in a new way.

Another tip is that you can take help from your friends. Your friends can give you a variety for your main subject. But remember that the main location should remain the same.

Find Subjects that are Similar

If you don’t have a place or landscape location that you can get to on a regular basis, try finding such locations that are similar to one another.

By shooting such subjects, your photo series will be able to showcase what is similar and what is different about each subject.

You can also click those subjects which have something in common. Let the creativity come out of you. Take the iPhone and start shooting.

Shoot a Subject with a clear Concept

If you feel stumped in finding your desired locations, then you can look at a familiar subject in a new way. Shoot that subject with a clear and simple concept.

Tip: Autumn leaves are always pretty to shoot. This season, try to shoot them in a whole new way.

This will rejuvenate your photography. And shooting with a limited concept will let you access new areas of your brain. So, go and explore your creative mind.

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Shoot from different Angles and Perspectives

If your subject is a single static thing like a building, then you can trigger your creativity by looking for different perspectives and angles to shoot from.

Try to shoot from all the basic angles. And think of one or two other more different ways to shoot your subject. This experiment will improve your eye for composition and creativity.

Shoot Against Different Backdrops

If your subject is portable, for example, your laptop, then you can take it to different locations and shoot it in new environments. By doing so, your subject will become a constant thing, while the background around it changes. This will add variety to your series.

Shoot in Different Seasons

If your subject stays at the same place like, a pole or a tree, then try to shoot it at different times of the year. This is another way to shoot a creative photo series around a single subject or scene.

Look the subject closely and note how the subject is different during each season. Try to focus on that difference in your photos. It is also possible that the subject never changes, but the space around it reflects seasonal changes. By adopting this, you will be able to create a compelling series and enhance your creativity.

Tell a Story with your Series

You can tell a story with your iPhone photo series by shooting a series over a long period of time. One good example is to shoot a story of a person’s life. Try to think about how many different ways you can shoot that person.

Capture a Sense of Place

Another compelling way to shoot a creative photo series is by capturing the spirit of a place in a group of photos. This will create a more complete picture for the viewer. It will get you thinking more creatively.

You can look for the images that convey different moods of the place. Try to capture the feeling of what it’s like there. You can photograph a specific scene at different times of the day. Through this, you will be able to capture different kinds of light as well in your photo series.


No matter what you choose to click for your photo series, it is always best for you to think out of the box. Try to click those angles which are hidden. Be more creative. Use the natural lights effectively.

By photographing a single specific subject, you can easily unleash your creativity and produce spectacular, meaningful images that will mesmerize your viewers.

All you have to do is to find your desired subject or location. Spend some time exploring different ways to shoot it. One of the best things about a photo series is that you can continue working on it indefinitely. It will give you much time and opportunity to improve and enhance your creativity.

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