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A Complete Guide to Use Recycling Comparison Website

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how use recycling websites

Have you even heard of a recycling comparison website? If not, then you have missed an important service that these websites provide its customers with. In this article, we would firstly be defining the purpose of these websites and then we would provide you with a complete guide for using these websites accurately.

Recycling Comparison Websites

Have you ever wondered “Where should I sell my phone, compare the price quotes and then book the sale with the highest paying platform?”

Well the answer to this question is the recycling comparison websites working in the UK. These websites provide its customers with a facility through which they can easily get the price quotes of different mobile phone recycling platforms in the UK at one page. Then the customers can easily select the best platform according to their preference and can sell their phone to that specific platform.

Now that you know the purpose of these platforms, following is a complete guide for using these platforms:

Find The Best Recycling Comparison Website

To sell your phone at the best prices, firstly you would have to find the best comparison platform. The good comparison platforms always have a user friendly interface and they also have the best price quoting refurbishing platforms on their panel. SellTheMobile is one of the best recycling comparison websites in the UK. The refurbishing platforms working with us are considered as the best refurbishing platforms in the UK. Moreover, you won’t find any of these refurbishing platform on any other comparison website.

Search For Your Mobile Phone

Whenever you open a recycling comparison website, you would always see a search box at the home page. In the search box, you would have to enter the accurate make and model of your smartphone e.g. Apple iPhone 6.

Selecting The Accurate Specifications

Once you have written the exact make and model of your smartphone and pressed the search button, you would be redirected to a page consisting of different versions of your phone with their different specifications. Here you would have to select the exact colour and the storage capacity of your phone.

Once you have found your phone there, you would simply have to click on it.

Select The Condition:

After clicking on the accurate model of your smartphone, you would be redirected to a page where you would have to select the condition of your smartphone. You would have to choose the working conditions of your phone i.e. if it’s used – working, faulty – broken or new. You would also have to select if your phone is unlocked or locked, and if it is locked then on what network is it on. Moreover, you would also be asked to select the storage capacity of your smartphone again.

Compare Prices

Once you have selected the condition and the storage capacity of your phone, you would then be shown a price list. You would find the recycling/refurbishing platforms along with the prices that they are offering for your phone. You can see the difference between the prices quoted by different platforms for your phone. With every platform, the customers’ rating is also given in the form of stars. 5 stars means that the customers usually love that specific platform and so on.

Selecting The Best Platform

The platform providing the best price quote for your phone isn’t always the one to sell your smartphone to. The first and foremost thing that you have to do is to check the ratings. If they have a good customer rating, then you can select that platform after keeping certain things under consideration.

You should go to the websites of these platforms and check the terms and conditions of these platforms. For that you would have to visit the websites of these platforms and go down to the customer services portion, in that portion you have to select the button for terms and conditions. You would be redirected to a page containing the terms and condition of the specific platform. Go through the terms and conditions thoroughly.

After checking the terms and conditions, you have to select the platform where you want to sell your phone according to your preferences. While selecting the platform you should be clear in your thoughts and you should agree, “I have selected the best platform to sell my phone compare”. Once, you have selected the platform, you just have to click on the ‘sell now’ tab, present against the name of the platform.

Complete The Form

After you have selected the platform according to your preference, you would be redirected to a form. On the top of this form, you would have to reconfirm the make, model and specifications of your phone. After checking the information about your device, and if it’s correct, scroll down and you would have to write your personal information.

The personal information that you have to add consists of your name, email address, mobile number and your home address. You have to enter exact information in this form. After your personal information, you would have to enter the payment method that you would like.

After you have completed the form, you would have to complete the sale and request for the free postage service that most of the refurbishing platforms provide their customers with.

Preparing Your Phone

Once you have confirm the sale of your phone online, the next thing you would have to do is to prepare your phone for selling it.

Send Your Phone And Get Paid:

When you have fully prepared your phone and all you data is removed from your device. You would then have to pack your phone carefully along with all of its accessories and send it to the recycling/refurbishing platform’s address. Once they have received your phone, they would inspect your phone thoroughly and once the inspection is done, they would transfer the money on the same day.

Review The Comparison Website And Recycling Platform:

You should post your review about both; the recycling comparison website and the recycling platform. Your review consists of the star rating that you give to these platforms, plus the comments on your experience. Your reviews help others while selling their smartphones in the future.

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