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A lazy person’s guide to sell used/old phone

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A lazy person’s guide to sell used/old phone

With new smart phones parading in the market every year, people are excited to have the latest smart phones just after their launch. Contrary to this, people these days are very lazy to sell their used/old phones, but unfortunately they have to get rid of their old devices before purchasing a new one to save money and also to save environment.

Are you a lazy person? Have you checked out the new devices in the market that you can get by selling your old phone? Go and check out the new devices that are available in the market that have amazing features and aren’t very expensive! Now you can sell your phone easily near you. For your ease, we serve you this article as a guide to sell your used device. You can easily get rid of your old smart phone by following these easy steps:

1.      Clean your phone!

The first thing that you should do is clean your phone so that it looks more presentable. A clean phone always has more worth than our dirty ones. So grab those phone cleaner sprays and start wiping your phone with a clean piece of cloth! Try to make your phone look as good as possible.

2.      Search for the original box and accessories!

If you have the phone’s original box and accessories you should get off of your chairs right now, start relocating the original box of your phone and the phone accessories that you have. A phone with its original box and accessories have more worth than a phone with nothing with it. So start digging in your closets and drawers to find all of the accessories that came with your phone when you purchased it in the first place.

3.      Check the worth of your phone.

Your phone’s worth always depends upon its condition. If you’re a responsible person and you take care of your phone just like your baby then your phone’s worth would automatically be more. But if you are a careless person and drop your phone every now and then, your phone’s worth would automatically be less as its condition would be worse then. This can serve as a lesson for you in the future; to keep your new phone like your own child to keep its value high.

4.      Where to sell your old phone?

Now that you have decided to sell your phone, there are many places where you can find good buyers for your beloved phone. You should sell your phone at the best price quote.

i.                    Marketplace:

You can sell your phone privately at a market place. It would offer you the best price. This sounds like an easy task, but it is not. This way of selling your used phone consumes a lot of your precious time. As for doing so, you would have to write a detailed and catchy description about your phone, take beautiful and appealing pictures to go along with the ad for your used phone, negotiate with the potential buyers if anyone is willing to buy your mobile phone and after all of this time consuming hard work you further have to trust the mediating platform.

Ebay is one of the most trusted platforms in UK where you can find a buyer for your smartphone. You can easily upload the ad for your mobile phone on their website after registering with them. Uploading is an easy task itself but preparing for an ad might be a difficult task for you if you are a lazy person and don’t want to write long description of your phone and take some nice pictures of it.

ii.                  Trade in your mobile phone for credit:

There are many online websites that offer services where you can sell your mobile phone to them. This is a simpler way to sell your mobile phone as you would only have to answer certain questions about your device. The questions might include the model of your smart phone, its specifications i.e. storage capacity, colour, etc., its condition and your personal details. Answer these questions honestly and you might find that certain platform is accepting your mobile phone. The sad part over here is that these platforms usually offer credits against your device and those credits can only be used by purchasing certain things from the same platform. That would be a problem for you if you are planning to buy a new phone that is available on that platform at a higher rate. So selling your mobile phone is an easy task here but you may find some difficulties afterwards.

iii.                Sell your phone to a recycler:

The best option for you to get rid of your old device and to buy a new one is a recycling platform. Selling your mobile phone to such platform is as easy as fitting in the perfect dress! Through this channel you should also feel proud of yourself as you are then contributing towards the betterment of your society as well. Yes that’s right! Through these recyclers, you can contribute towards preventing the environment from danger. If not recycled, these devices can cause a lot of trash in your society. You can also sell other old phones that you might have in you closets or drawers for some cash and enjoy with the money and more storage capacity in your closet/drawer.

You can sell your phone easily on these websites. You just have to go on their webpage, search for your phone there, answer some quick questions honestly about your device and get a price quote for your device. If you agree on selling your mobile phone at that price, you can simply pack your phone and its accessories carefully in the box and send it to them through free postage services provided by these platforms. Once they receive your mobile phone, they would pay you on the same day through either bank transfer, PayPal or Cheque.

This is the best place to sell your old mobile phone at the best price easily. Sell the mobile makes this task even easier for you. You don’t have to waste your time by searching for the best price quote individually. At our website, you can answer the questions about your phone and get the list of price quotes that different recycling platforms are offering for your device. You can select the platform and then sell your mobile phone to them easily.

5.      Factory reset your device:

This is the most important part in selling your device. Before you send your device to the buyer, you should delete every bit of your personal data from your device. The data on your mobile phone is a very important and personal thing. If you don’t want theft of your data, you must factory reset your device. Deleting the data from your device is different for different phones. Below you will find easy way to delete your data from either your iPhone or your android device.

i.                    iPhone:

On your iPhone you should first backup your data either on iTunes or iCloud. Once you have your data stored in one of these, you can then pursue resetting your device. Sign out from iCloud, iTunes and App Store, delete the apps individually on your iPhone and then reset the device from the settings app in your iPhone.

ii.                  Android:

If you own an android device, then your data might already be backed up on your Google account or One Drive. All of your contacts and pictures usually backup on your Google account in your android device. If it isn’t, you should immediately back up your data on you Google account or one drive and then you can easily sign out your Google account. You should delete the apps individually from your phone and once done with that, you should go to the settings app on your android device and reset your phone.


Now that you have got a perfect guide to sell your phone. What are you waiting for? Start performing these steps and sell your old phone to buy a new one. For the best help in selling your phone, you can visit our website and easily find out the recycling platforms that are accepting your mobile phone and speed up the process! Now that you know all the platforms where you can sell your device, you can easily sell your phone near you.

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