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Apple Accidently Leaks Larger New iPhone X Design

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Apple Accidentally Leaks Larger New iPhone X

Apple Accidentally Leaks Larger New iPhone X Design

It seems Apple is on the track to catch the Samsung’s bug. This week, Apple accidentally released some details about its upcoming iPhones but new digging has found that it was not the only error from the tech giant.

This thing was first spotted by an iOS developer, who also shared some pictures from this leak on Twitter. The developer is Guilherme Rambo, whose track record is laudable. The leaks confirm that iPhone X Plus exists.

Rumours were already wondering around about the Apple’s new upcoming iPhone X Plus but this leak found in Apple’s own firmware seems to shows off the new phone. Rambo discovered it along with another leak for the bezel-less iPad.

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Forbes’ Gordon Kelly writes, “Apple’s mistake was to include iconographic representations of the iPhone X Plus within iOS 12 beta 5’s PassKitUIFoundation, which is used for storing the iOS wallet user interface. Compared to the existing iPhone X icons, the new representation shows a taller and wider model while still carrying the same notch for Face ID.”

It is needless to say that the icons still need fine tuning before the final launch of Apple’s iOS 12. This discovery does not seem to be a coincidence.

“Rambo notes that the icons are all early and unfinished, so don’t necessarily take them as a definite indication of what the new devices will look like. Additionally, Rambo commented in a later tweet that the iPad icon in question is rendered as a square to be easily adjustable for both sizes, so don’t get your hopes up for a square iPad just yet.” The Verge reports.

The most curious thing about the leaks is that whether these leaks are errors in the first place. Because last year, Apple made a genuine error in HomePod’s beta version, which had a great amount of data about its 2017 iPhones.

The larger new upcoming iPhone X Plus’ latest look comes after two dummy unit leaks of the 2018 iPhones. It is expected that Apple will launch three new iPhones this year. One o 5.8-inch iPhone X, second is 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus and the third is 6.1-inch LCD screen iPhone. The LCD iPhone is expected to be notch iPhone and will be more affordable than the other two iPhones.

Though the leaked images don’t show us a physical device but it almost confirms that a larger screen iPhone is coming this fall.

Those working in Apple are taking time to figure out the look of upcoming iPhone X Plus and data miners are behind them to get leaks about the new upcoming Apple devices.

iOS 12 will be released this fall but its public beta is already out.

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