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5 Solid reasons you should prefer buying iPhone 8 over iPhone X

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iphone 8 vs iPhone X

5 Solid reasons you should prefer buying iPhone 8 over iPhone X

Are you too, these days, lusting over the new iPhone X. Trust us you are not alone – most of us are drawn towards this beauty featuring dual rear-cameras and a bezel free design. So, what’s stopping us? Obviously, the bucks it costs! But have you ever thought that is it actually worth every penny it costs?

iPhone price

Or is there any other phone that beats it in terms of the features it has to offer. Or let’s just say doesn’t beat but offers similar features. Let us guide you in this regard. When it comes to most iPhones, they have some differences, nevertheless, they also have many things in common. Read on to find out more.

The Price Factor

iPhone X and iPhone 8 Pricing

This is a very very important factor or let’s just say, the most important one when it comes to iPhone X in particular. Your buying decision will entirely be based on what you can afford. Your budget may actually be the deciding factor for you.

There is much difference between prices if you purchase the iPhone directly from Apple. But if you spread the payments over say a two-year period specifically with your mobile network then the difference may just be a bit a month. However, you also have the option of buying a refurbished iPhone X. Refurbished mobile phones are as good as new ones but cost much less.

In general, there is not much difference when it comes to price between a 256GB model of one headset along with the 64GB model of a next model up. If you want to get the iPhone X but find that it is too expensive then consider getting one with less memory, its price will be a bit more than an iPhone 8 Plus that has more memory. Therefore if you do not need too much memory then you can get the iPhone X, but if memory matters much to you and you are looking for an iPhone that is not extremely costly than you may need to consider an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus.

The Design factor

This is something else that you need to consider before buying a new phone. The iPhone 8, as well as, the iPhone X tend to be smaller in comparison to the iPhone 8 Plus. Therefore if you are looking for bigger screen size then you have to knock another door.

The iPhone X is 143.6mm by 70.9mm. It is 7.7mm thick. When it comes to the iPhone 8, this is 138.4mm by 67.3mm. It is 7.3mm thick. Finally, the iPhone 8 Plus tends to be 158.4mm by 78.1mm. It is 7.5mm thick.

From the above, you can see that the iPhone 8 is actually smaller along with a thinner, but only a bit. If you were basing your selection upon the size as well as the shape of an iPhone, then not much difference is present here. There is more difference if looking at the weight of the iPhone.

Therefore if you were considering getting a small iPhone then there is not much variation here. You do not want to ignore the iPhone X just because of an extremely small difference in size. The iPhone X is also not going to feel much heavier than the lighter iPhone 8.

iPhone X and iPhone 8 specs

The screen size

Screen size is something important because you may prefer a device with a large screen or one with a smaller one. The screen size tends to be different when it comes to the iPhone X and 8.

The iPhone X possesses a 5.8in type of Super Retina HD display whilst the iPhone 8 has a Retina HD display that is 4.7in, and the iPhone 8 Plus Retina HD display is 5.5in.

If you are considering screen size then the iPhone X is the one for you. The iPhone 8 Plus is regarded as a big handset. A wider screen may be useful if you wish to for instance work often on Pages documents that are in portrait mode.

Nevertheless the iPhone Plus series can be too big for some and also be uncomfortable to hold. The iPhone 8 Plus does have a large screen. This is a large phone which may be tough to even hold. Keep this point in mind. With the iPhone X, this phone has the longest screen. It is also no wider in comparison to the iPhone 8. The final decision is yours, it depends on what exactly what you wish for when it comes to screen size of the phone.

The Screen Quality

The iPhone X’s display is an OLED screen which Apple refers to as a Super Retina display. It is the first time that an iPhone has actually been present that has an OLED screen. Did you know that OLEDs have many wonderful features? This includes absolute blacks and also a wider viewing angle. The colors on this phone are bold and even bright. The iPhone X also has more clarity in comparison to other iPhone models when watching dark scenes within movies.

The issue with OLEDs is that these can experience screen-burn. This is a “ghost” image which stays on the screen. Conor shifting may also be an issue. However, Apple claims that they have taken steps to protect you against this.

The iPhone X’s OLED screen is definitely amazing. This is especially so because of the incorporation of HDR. You need to still keep in mind that the dimensions of its screen may be the wrong aspect ratio so as to completely enjoy movies. This is where HDR should be of most benefit. Also, keep in mind the problems associated with OLEDs.

Availability Factors

When these phones initially went on sale, availability may have been a deciding factor for some buyers. Both iPhone 8s went on sale before the iPhone X. There was also much stock of these. Later on, the iPhone X went on sale\ When it finally came out, stocks finished fast, and expected delivery dates went on to days and even weeks, later.

The case is different now, you can get these iPhones immediately. Therefore availability is not a point that you need to worry about when wanting to buy the iPhone.

In the end, the choice is really yours. It depends on what you are looking for in a phone. If it is your budget that is dictating your decision then you may prefer an iPhone 8 or an iPhone X that has less memory. If it is the screen quality you prefer then you may want to get the iPhone X.

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