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Apple’s iPhone 9 Leak Reveals its Radical Design

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iPhone 9 Leak Reveals its Radical Design

Apple’s iPhone 9 Leak Reveals its Radical Design

We have heard so much about Apple’s upcoming iPhones this year and we all know their specs and sizes. We surely know that which iPhone would be costliest and which would be the cheapest iPhone from the tech giant. However, in past, the cost savings phone were meant to come up with one or two compromises. But this time Apple is coming up differently. As per the reports, its new upcoming iPhone seems almost too good to be true.

This captivating news has been break by a Japanese website, Macotakara. According to the website, this ‘budget iPhone’ or iPhone 9 will use a ‘Full Active LCD’ which is a radical display technology. This feature will let this budget iPhone to have a lot thinner bezels. Apple partner Japan Pixels, which has made the touch sensor of this iPhone which its calls ‘Japan Pixel Eyes’.

Another website, 9to5Mac noted down that having a Full Active LCD means that the bezels of the iPhone can have as thin as 0.5mm which is half the current iPhone X, which has 1mm bezel. 9to5Mac also mentioned the Wall Street Journal reports which pointed this in September 2017 that Apple was using Japan Display for the development of a Full Active LCD.

But here is one problem. As per the Macotakara, Full Active LCDs if manufactured at a big level, have a very high rate of failure and this thing might impact the launch of iPhone 9 from September to November.

Macotakara has already made few other predictions as well, regarding the upcoming 2018 iPhones. The website has also a record of successfully predicting about the iPhones.

It is good to see that this year Apple has started to take risks again with its new iPhones. For the results, we have to wait and watch.

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