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Farewell to Lightning Connector! Rumour Uprising on Pivotal Tweak in Apple’s Charging Cable

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Farewell to Lightning Connector

You may have heard of the rumour that Apple is changing their Lightning connector. The latest Apple rumours claim that the upcoming models will need a new cable to charge. It is possible that Apple is making a huge alteration to the charging port particularly on future models. This may lead to the present power cables becoming useless. Read on to find out more.

Apple Needs To Compete

There is much competition which makes it tough to remain at the top and to stand out from competition, one need to come up with innovations. No doubt Apple is one of the top firms when it comes to electronics. This includes their iPhones, Macs, TVs, iPads, iPods and Apple Watch. The new rumour states that Apple’s 2019 handsets will follow what other phone makers are doing, by developing a fresh USB Type-C port.

Some customers who do not like change find it tough when their favourite phone firm decides to change a major part of their devices such as the charging port. Hence, anger and confusion is building for some time. There are also customers who protest against this.

When a new model of an iPhone comes out there are some changes. These changes are the things that sometimes attract customers into buying the new model phone. Who will want to spend extra money on a phone that is similar to their previous phone?

There are claims that the Lightning Charging cable is designed in a way that it gets damaged faster. Some people, therefore, put some tape on the charging cable’s end so that their charger remains in working condition a bit longer. No doubt if Apple wants its devices to remain on the top then it has to listen to the customers and solve their problems. The change of the Lightning port may be tough in the beginning, but just like everyone got used to the change in the 30-pin connector, they will get used to this change if it occurs.

A Brief History of Apple’s Charging Ports

Present Apple smartphones have Lightning cables along with ports to charge. You may not have known this, but Apple’s original iPhone had a 30-pin connector for charging purpose. Nevertheless, this type of charger got terminated in 2012. The first iPhone came out in 2007. It had a charging port that was designed by Apple from the start. It was known as the 30-pin dock connector. It remained on Apple handsets for some years.

It was in 2012 that Apple introduced the Lightning port for charging phones. This led to the old charging cables becoming useless. At the time that Apple decided to change this port, it caused some anger in some people. There was much confusion and panic as the charger changed. After six years it seems like Apple wants to replace the Lightning port as well.

The Lightning connector is used to connect different Apple mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, and iPods to the host computers, USB battery chargers, external monitors, along with cameras and other peripherals as well, with the aid of the Lightning connector.

From the very beginning, Apple has kept its very own proprietary brand specific to charging ports. Despite the fact that other players within the industry mainly favoured a standard USB port used for most devices. The size of its charging port remained the same till the iPhone 5. Then Apple made this much smaller. This led to the incompatibility of new Apple products with the older cables.

USB Type-C Port

USB-C tends to be an increasingly popular kind of charging and data transfer port which came into the market in mid-2014.

If you have not seen this type of port or have not heard of it, the male end of this cable tends to be slightly thicker along with much wider in comparison to Apple’s Lightning cables. However, they mainly perform the same task.

Despite the fact that Lightning ports are exclusively employed on Apple devices the USB-C ports tend to be very common. You can find Android phones that feature USB-C ports. This includes OnePlus 6, Google Pixel 2, along with Samsung Galaxy S9. In fact, Apple has fitted out the latest MacBook Pro models particularly with USB-C ports as well.

USB-C has gained prominence on some Apple products. You can find it on Apple’s MacBook along with MacBook Pro. USB-C is said to be vastly superior in comparison to other types of USB. Still, you need to know that last year, it was predicted that the iPhone X will get a USB-C port, precisely for the power cord along with other peripheral devices rather than the Lightning connector. This turned out to not be true.

Advantages of the USB-C

If all gadgets are going to use USB-C then it will be possible to use accessories, such as headphones as well as charging cables on all your devices. You can even charge your iPhone along with MacBook using one cable. Apple and other firms want to make users life easy whilst they are using their products. Therefore, innovation is needed to ease things for the users.

The Speculation

ATech-publication claims that Apple wants to introduce these new cables and get rid of the old ones. This move will start next year. The update is still being considered nevertheless. It is further claimed that Apple is redesigning its chargers along with related interface particularly for future iPhone as well as iPad devices. It is likely that the 2019 models of iPhones will have the USB Type-C support.

The publication’s sources state that Apple is currently in its redesign phase.

Before Apple launches new devices, there are always rumours circling around. Some turn out to be true whilst the others are false. However, this is a point of discussion for Apple lovers and competitors. You should also be ready for this change, in case it happens.

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