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Apple’s iPhone 9 Leak Reveals its Radical Upgrade

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Apple's iPhone 9 Leak Reveals

Apple’s iPhone 9 Leak Reveals its Radical Upgrade

Another day and another leak from Apple. As we all know, last week the Apple’s new upcoming iPhone X Plus flagship was leaked by the company ‘accidentally’ and this incident happened twice. This ‘accidental’ move from the company brings a lot of attention towards the new iPhone X Plus but don’t be fooled. Latest leak reveals that it is actually the iPhone 9 model, not the iPhone X Plus.

The leaks come from Economic Daily News which is a popular Chinese media outlet. According to the EDN, it is not the iPhone X Plus which we all thinking, supports dual sim in fact, the iPhone 9 is the only new iPhone model which will support dual sim feature.

The beta release of iOS 12 has already confirmed dual sim iPhone functionality. But this thing has raised few questions as well. Like, why would the tech giant, Apple limit the dual sim functionality to its cheapest model only? Well, as for the answer is concerned, you might not like it.

According to Economic Daily News, the reason is that the Apple is planning to launch the dual sim iPhone 9 in China only and sell the single sim variant in rest of world.

As per the reports, demand for dual sim mobile phones in China is extremely high. But still, we are unable to understand that why

– Apple is planning the dual sim iPhone for China only and denying the rest of the world

– And why the Apple is in a mood to give dual sim functionality in iPhone 9 only, why not in other upcoming models?  After all, if 6.1-inch iPhone 9 can support dual sim, surely so the 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus.

Though Apple’s rival Samsung do this kind of stuff for its model but for Apple, it is an unexpected thing because in the past the Apple always refused to slice and dice its iPhone features for different markets.

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If EDN is believed to be true then it shows that Apple is practising and focusing its best technological efforts on its most cheapest and affordable iPhone. On the other hand, as per the reports, the new iPhone X is kind of an updated version of 2017 iPhone X and the iPhone X Plus is the ‘Plus’ version of that. The third expected iPhone this year is iPhone 9 which is expected to have dual sim capabilities and great display features with even thinner bezels than its previous models.

Plus, Apple is going to reduce its iPhone prices this year and this would be the most satisfying news for iPhone lovers. iPhone 9 is thought to be the phone with the most affordable price.

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