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Apple’s Latest iPhone X Cancellation Revealed

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Not a long time ago, Apple has faced a huge amount of heat from the people when it removed the physical headphone jack from the iPhone, calling it an ‘act of courage’. Since then many handset manufacturers promoted their phones having a headphone jack.

Apple's Latest iPhone X

Now the tech giant has decided once again to cut another tie to the universal standard by going completely wireless through the AirPods.

Concealed in the torrential slide of quarterly reports is one from Apple provider Cirrus Logic. It is broadly trusted that Cirrus Logic supplies the digital-analog converter (DAC) inside the lightning to 3.5mm dongle bundled inside each cutting edge iPhone’s retail box. Also, a nearby take a gander at its direction for the months ahead uncovers a misfortune that proposes another brave move is going to happen. Apple is set to expel the dongle from the box.

Stephen Silver reports:

“In a note to investors, Cowen analyst Matthew D. Ramsay said Cirrus’ guidance for its fiscal second quarter “all but confirms that Apple will not bundle the DAC headset converter ‘dongle’ in its new iPhone models.” Ramsay went on to argue that the converter will continue to ship in some legacy models, just not the new ones.”

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Wan Spence shares his opinion:

“I don’t expect the dongle to disappear – no doubt it will remain on the shelves of Apple Stores the world over – and those on the bleeding edge of Apple appreciation will not notice. One question though… If Apple is all about promoting new technology (a view that I and many keen Android watchers would disagree with), why does it still bundle wired headphones with the iPhone?”

The latest EarPods connects through the lightning port which blocks the connection of the chargers and third-party accessories. CEO of Apple, Tim Cook with his team still believe that iPhone user should have access to personal audio.

Speaking about the benefits, both wireless audio and wired audio have advantages. Apple might be thinking that the elimination of dongle is something that will benefit its iPhone users.

Talking about the issues in the iPhone since its inception, we all know that since its launch the iPhone has still some issues with the software and hardware. Default apps, fast charging, user-friendly interface, these are few of the problems iPhone still has. But it is also worth to note that since its launch the iPhone improved really really well.

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