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Apple’s New iOS 12 – Features & Specs

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Apple’s New iOS 12 – Features & Specs

Apple’s New iOS 12 – Features & Specs

The official iOS 12 is being released and we are excited about it. It is expected that we can start enjoying the new iOS 12 features by Monday.

As per expert’s opinion, the new iOS 12 will give your old iPhone a new beginning. So, you don’t need to have Apple’s latest iPhone XS or XS Max to enjoy this new iOS version.

Its features such as the Group Notifications, Memoji and better performance for older iPhone will make your iPhone feel like new. It is believed that iOS 12 will be far better than iOS 11, which had a history of problems and bugs.

Its Group Notifications make the UI easier to navigate. Plus the new Siri Shortcuts will save everyone’s time. But the Group FaceTime feature has been delayed and it won’t be a part of iOS 12. May be we can see it in iOS 12.1

Here is some more information we have gathered about iOS 12 and its features.

iOS 12 release date

June 4 – Developer beta launched

June 25 – iOS 12 public beta launched

September 17 – Launch of the final iOS 12 version.

Apple announced the final release of iOS 12 at its iPhone launch event. The event was held on September 12th 2018. The iOS 12 launch is scheduled for Monday, September 17.

Apple launched the developer beta version of iOS 12 at its WWDC. It was an initial release. Only the developers who are paid members could use this software.

Apple released the second version of iOS 12 on June 25, 2018. It was completely free. It was more clear and error-free as compared to the developer beta version.

The third version of iOS 12 which is also the final version is going to roll out to everyone on Monday. This will be the last and final form of official iOS 12.

iOS 12 reliability

iOS 12 will focus more on reliability and performance. It will support all the iPhones and iPads that iOS 11 worked with. By updating to this iOS, older iPhones will be 40% to 70% faster while performing certain tasks.

As per Apple, iPhones like 6 Plus will be 40% faster at launching apps, 50% faster at displaying the keyboard and 70% faster at launching the camera app after updating to iOS 12. It is to keep in mind that as older iPhones update to new iOS, some features like keyboard typing slows down. So, Apple is looking to resolve this type of issues with iOS 12.

iOS 12 will also make your current iPhone more reliable. Your older iPhones can be used by your family members or be sold at a good amount of money.

iOS 12 compatibility

iOS will be compatible with all those devices that have its 64bit chipset including the newly released iPhones, the XS, XS Max, XR. iPhone 5S and newer can run on this latest iOS. It will also be compatible for iPad Air and iPad mini.

ARKit 2 and multiplayer gaming

iOS 12 has another exciting feature called ‘Shared Experiences in ARKit 2. Apple is working on Augmented Reality with LEGO, Adobe, Fender, and Pixar.

Multi-player gaming experience is just getting better with iOS 12. The update will create a more competitive way to experience the Augmented Reality.

According to Apple, the ARKit 2 opens up AR to millions of users. This unique feature will make iOS 12 the broadest AR platform in the world.

Camera App changes

In WWDC 2018 keynote, Apple didn’t announce huge camera changes but after the company said the iOS 12 will have some great camera app changes.

The iPhones with a dual-lens camera will have more natural Portrait Lightning Mode. In iOS 12, Apple is also giving permission to the third-party app to use the software and do the image changes.

Moreover, the camera app will automatically read the QR code. And you will get bonus ability to edit RAW photos.

iPad switches to iPhone-like Gestures

If you have both iPad and new iPhone X, then things might get confused sometimes. Like returning to the home screen and opening the control centre with different gestures. In iOS 12, the iPad will use the same gestures as iPhone.

Smart Siri Shortcuts

Yes, Siri is getting smarter in iOS 12. Siri is having many shortcuts in the latest iOS. In fact, Apple is creating shortcuts app for iOS 12. Apple’s iFTTT-like Siri Shortcuts app was in a beta testing mode during the iOS 12’s developer and public beta release.

Ask Siri, to translate something into Dutch. It works. And after the release of iOS 12, Siri will robust with 40 languages.

Not only Siri will be equipped with more languages, but it will also have sports updates for you. Ask Siri for FIFA information and it will recite all the latest happenings in the Football world.

If you love Food, ask Siri and it will help in this department as well. According to Apple, you can hunt for saved passwords on your iPhone with the help of Siri. This applies to both apps and websites.

Do Not Disturb – Use your iPhone less

It seems Apple wants you to use iPhone less. Apple has expanded its Do Not Disturb capabilities in iOS 12. It will not only silence the notification sound but also clutter the visual notification to keep away from your distracting when you are trying to sleep.

Plus, unless you unlock your iPhone in the morning, the lock-screen remains clear. Do Not Disturb are not one-size-fits-all. It has different options to end itself automatically.

Instant Tuning is an excellent feature in iOS 12. Apple is allowing you to control each app notifications. You can control the notifications right from your lock screen.

Through Deliver Quietly, you can choose to have notifications delivered silently in your Notification Centre without interrupting you.

Siri will help you clean your messy lock-screen. Siri will learn and adapt the way through it will send you the important notification prominently and for those notifications which are not so important will be sent to Notification Centre.

Screen time will restrict you from using too much iPhone. It will monitor the time you are spending on apps. It will also note apps’ behaviour. Apple has created app limits in iOS 12. In app limits, you can set your own limit. Parents can create limits for their kids.

The best part of this feature is that you can manage your kid’s activity on the phone remotely. It’s a great feature for the parents who want to keep an eye on their children while they use smartphones.

Group FaceTime (Launching Later)

iOS 12 has another cool feature update and that is Group FaceTime. Up to 32 participants can do Group FaceTime simultaneously. However, the final iOS 12 version will not have this feature. According to release notes, the feature will come out this ‘fall’ so we might see this in iOS 12.1.

Will you update your iPhone to iOS 12? Have your say in comments section.

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