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Be A Clever Seller and Sell Your Phone For Cash

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Be A Clever Seller and Sell Your Phone For Cash

How many times have you heard? Are you willing to sell it? Do you know the latest models of phones available in the market? Whichever phone you have, you should always consider upgrading it to a better model. Even if you don’t want to upgrade your mobile, how many phones do you have stacked up in your cupboards or drawers? There is no reward for stacking the mobile phones over there, but you will surely get a reward if you sell those phones for cash.

Whatever the case is, either you want to upgrade or you want to sell your old mobile rotting in your drawer. Whenever someone asks “where should I sell my mobile?” we always suggest them to sell their mobile online for cash.

There are various online platforms available where people can actually sell their phones for cash in the UK. Some of the platforms are discussed below:

Social Media:

Yes, social media can do wonders! Being active on social media platforms provides you with many benefits. Your social media account can act as a classified ad posting platform if you have a large amount of followers. Let us see how social media can help you in selling your old mobile, but first you should know what to do with your smartphone before you post an ad on the social media.

The first and foremost thing that you have to do with your phone is to clean it thoroughly. You would have to grab the cleaning tools and some glass cleaning spray and start scrubbing your mobile phone. You must perform detailed cleaning of your phone. You shouldn’t leave the dirt particles living inside the inlets of your phone, with the help of a brush; get those dirt particles out from there.

Screen protector is an essential part of your smartphone, but a defected screen protector with scratches lowers down the price of your phone. So if the screen protector of your phone has enormous amount of scratches on it, we recommend you to get rid of it in the first place.

After your phone is clean and shiny, the second thing you have to do; take some nice photos of your smartphone. Good pictures of your phone attract more buyers. So take some beautiful shots of your phone from every angle to show it off online. You can further adjust the lighting of the pictures in a picture editing software.
Okay, so now your phone is clean and you have taken some decent pictures of it, what should you do next!?! The next thing that you should do is to write an appealing but accurate description of your mobile phone. The description should be appealing as after the buyers are attracted from seeing the pictures, they are most likely to contact you after reading its description. The description of your phone should be written in simple English, don’t use fancy jargon! As we don’t want to scare away our buyers with complex vocabulary.

Add every detail about your phone in the description, i.e. its make and model, its colour and storage capacity, its condition, any accessory of the phone that you might want to give with the phone, the price for your phone, etc. When you are done including every detail of your phone in the ad is in the description, make sure all the information is accurate.

     Pages and Groups:

If you are an active user of Facebook, you might know about different Facebook pages and groups that sell and buy various products in the UK. These groups have large audiences like other online platforms where you can post classified ads. You can easily post the ad for your smartphone there once it is approved by the admin of the page.

     Your own profile:

If you are an active social media user of any social media platform i.e. Facebook, Instagram, etc. then you can easily sell your phone to any potential buyer in your followers. You just have to post the advertisement of your phone on every social media platform that you are active on. Once you have posted the advertisement of your phone, you just have to wait for a potential buyer to contact you.

Classified Ads:

Just as advertisements on social media, you can also post an ad of your phone online on other classified ad posting platforms available in the UK. These websites have enormous amount of users and the probability of your phone being sold on these platforms is really very high.

You just have to follow the same procedure as described above; clean your phone, click photos and write description. After you are done with this procedure, post the advertisement on the platform. Here you would have to write a title for your advertisement as well. The title of the ad should be short and catchy.

While entering the title for your ad, you should keep certain things in mind; the title shouldn’t be too long and it should contain the important information about your phone. If the title of the ad has all the essential information about your phone, it automatically becomes much more attractive.

No one has the time to open every ad and read the whole description. People usually skim through the pages and open the classified ads that are related to the product that they want. So, the chances to sell your phone increase when the title of your ad is concise yet informative.

The title of your ad should contain the make and model of your device, its storage capacity, colour, and other essential information e.g. Samsung S8, Midnight Black, 64GB – Unlocked.

Trade-in With Company:

Apple, Samsung, Huawei, etc. give the smartphone users the privilege to trade-in their used mobile phones to buy a new one. But doing so isn’t a clever move if you expect cash in return of your old device. But if you want to upgrade your smartphone to a new one immediately, you can surely use this method, but don’t expect too much cash against your used smartphone if you use this medium to upgrade.

Apple lets you get a price quote of whatever device you have and if you send your phone to them, they give you a gift card worth the value of your phone. You can further redeem this gift card for purchasing any Apple device in the future. Samsung give the option to trade-in your used smartphone and get the latest smartphone from Samsung after paying the price difference. Huawei does the same, so you can get the latest Huawei smartphone.

Recycling Platforms:

Selling your mobile phone to a recycling platform is one of the quickest ways to sell mobile online. Just imagine getting money in return of saving the environment! Yeah you read that right, you can save the environment if you sell your used smartphone to a recycling platform.
The recycling platforms recycle your smartphones the right way, so that no excess trash is produced while recycling. Selling your smartphone to a recycling platform is the cleverest decision that one can make, as these platforms provide you with the exact value of your smartphone (in some cases even more than other platforms) and you don’t have to wait for selling your beloved phone as for other platforms.

There are generally two types of recycling platforms in the market. The first one recycles your phone to extract the precious metals out of your phone. They usually take out the batteries of the devices and recycle them separately, and shred the rest of the mobile phone to extract certain metals.

The other kind of recycling platforms or generally known as refurbishing platforms repair the faults in the used smartphones and then check the working conditions of the smartphones. Once the pre-owned phones are in 100% working condition, they put the refurbished mobile phones for sale online.

For the ease of users, SellTheMobile acts as a service provider between the different recycling platforms working in the UK and the seller. For selling your phone, you just have to enter the make and model of your mobile phone in the search box, select the condition and specifications of your mobile phone. After you have provided the essential information about your mobile phone, you would see a list of price quotes from the best recycling platforms in the UK (all of these platforms work exclusively with SellTheMobile and you won’t find their price quotes on any other price comparing site in the UK). Go through the price quotes, select the best price quote and press sell now. You will then be redirected to an online form, add your information in the form and request for the free postage service provided by almost all recycling platforms. Send your phone free of cost to the recycling company and get the cash against your phone instantly.

So what are you waiting for? Visit SellTheMobile today and sell mobile online!

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