Best Options for Selling Your Broken Tablets

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Best options for selling your broken tablets

TaTaSmartphones and tablets are considered to be fragile devices that can easily be damaged by dropping, scratching or falling in water. And after damaging these gadgets, the obvious choice, many of us adopt, is to toss them in the trash.

But instead of throwing them in the trash, why don’t we sell them. A broken tablet can still have worth. You can sell your old slate and generate some extra cash. Here are some ways that can help you recoup cash by selling your old or broken tablet.

Prepare your Tablet before Selling

     Repair your Tablet

First of all, check the condition of your tablet. If you can repair it easily then do it. It will pump up the selling price. But if the repairing costs are too high then you can avoid repairing it.

     Remove the SD card

Most of the tablets have the option for external SD cards that is used to save photos, videos and apps. So don’t forget to remove the SD card from your tablet. You can also use it on your next tablet. Also, make sure that you have deactivated the encryption settings from your SD card before removing it from the device.

     Sign out from Google and social media accounts

Your social media accounts are your personal property, so sign out from all of your accounts like Facebook, Google, and WhatsApp etc.

     Encrypt your Data from the tablet

Some tablets have the option to encrypt the data. It will allow you to encrypt your data and even if someone recovers it, he/she will not be able to see it or use it against you. If your tablet has this option, we recommend to activate it. You can find it in the Settings option.

     Factory Reset the Tablet

When you decided to sell your broken tablet, the most important step is to clear up your personal data from the tablet. The quickest way to do is to factory reset your tablet. And here comes a Pro-tip for you. Resetting the tablet will wipe out your data and storage will be marked as empty. But the data will not be actually removed from the device. To save your data from misuse and so that nobody can retrieve it, follow this step. When you first reset your data and there is nothing in the storage, fill the memory of your tablet again with some data. You can add movies, songs, anonymous pictures. Try to fill up maximum storage. Then again factory reset your tablet. Doing so will also remove your previous data and no one will be able to recover your personal data.

Best Places to Sell the Tablet

Now you have prepared your tablet, it is time to sell it. So brace yourself, here are some best options available for you. Just pick the one that suits you and sell your old slate.


When it comes to selling mobile phones and tablets, SellTheMobile might be your best option that is available online. SellTheMobile is UK’s one of the most rapidly growing mobile phone recycling comparison websites. If you want to get the highest price for your broken tablet then you should visit SellTheMobile website.

Once they receive your tablet, whether it’s new, old or broken it will be checked by the team of technicians to make sure the condition of the tablet matches your described evaluation. After successful testing, you will get paid via cheque or bank transfer.

The company offers many unique services to its customers. For example, if you want to sell your iPad air, any other tablet or multiple tablets then you can recycle all of these in just a click. After the confirmation, the recycler you choose will send you a postage envelope free or Special Postage Service.

But before sending your faulty or broken tablet to SellTheMobile, make sure to wipe clean it completely. Backup your data, factory reset it and then dispatch it to the recycler.

So if you want to do minimum work and get maximum cash, selling your tablet to SellTheMobile is your best bet.


In addition to being a good way to price your tablet, eBay is another great platform to sell your old tablet online in a quick and easy way. One thing you have to keep in mind that eBay has the price of shipping. eBay has a system that allows you to put in the weight of the item to calculate system, but you can also put in an exact price for shipping.

At eBay, you can decide to your tablet for an exact price or allow the buyers to bid on it. Many people go with Buy Now option because setting an exact price would let you know exactly for how much your tablet will be sold.

But as eBay is also an auction site, so many people also list their products for bidding. This method is a great way to make sure that your listed item sells quickly. So if your tablet doesn’t sell through your said price then try to list it again with a lower price that allows bids.

     Amazon’s Trade-in Program

Listing an item on eBay requires a lot of time and energy. Also, you don’t have a guarantee of the sale. So, if you don’t want to put yourself in a hassle of eBay then Amazon’s Trade-in program might be a suitable choice for you.

It is a pretty decent alternative. Amazon electronic trade-in program has two very important benefits compared to other sell-your-tablet sites.

  1. Amazon’s trust level is much higher so you can trust the site completely.
  2. Amazon will offer you a much better price for your used tablet.

Amazon’s program has one drawback and that is, it offers credit for future Amazon purchases rather than cash. So, if your goal is cash, then you can check out some of the other sites, like SellTheMobile.

Well, these are our picks. So instead of looking for where to sell broken tablets, you can take help from this article.

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