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Top 7 Reasons Indicating It Is The Best Time To Sell S7 Edge

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7 reasons indicating it is the best time to sell s7

With its edge screen, S7 edge has been the love of many people across the world. This phone changed the perspective of people towards smartphones. S7 was launched in February, 2016 but the phone is still better than many other models launched by Samsung and other mobile phones manufacturing companies. For the people that use the ‘S’ series by Samsung, the only better models are the successors of S7 edge i.e. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9.

Samsung always promotes its new smartphones, but it doesn’t degrade its old ones like the rumours about Apple. Samsung has launched two more models in its S series after S7. To be honest, the successors of S7 are even more beautiful with better specifications. After reading this article you will surely sell Samsung S7 Edge to upgrade to a new model.

Following are some of the major reasons that it is the best time to sell S7 Edge:

1.      S7 is Fading Away

Samsung Galaxy S9 was launched a few months back with people being crazy to buy that amazing device. Before the launch of S9, S7 had only one successor and that was S8. So, S7 wasn’t that much old back then. At that time S7 was considered as the 2nd best phone in Samsung ‘S’ series, while S6 was fading away. Now that S9 is launched S6 has been faded away and soon S7 would also fade away on the launch of the next model by Samsung in its ‘S’ series. So before S7 completely fades away, you should act instantaneously and sell Samsung S7 edge before its charm is lost.

If you don’t act quickly, you wouldn’t be getting good price for your S7 edge in the future. It is the golden time to sell your S7 edge and grab the cash to buy a better ‘S’.

2.      Bigger and Better Screens in S8 and S9

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9 have the infinity display, unlike S7 edge. The screens of S8 and S9 are much better as you don’t have to get distracted by the home button that is physically present on the front of S7 edge. The size of S7, S8 and S9 is almost the same but the display sizes vary. S7 edge has 5.1” AMOLED display, while S8 and S9 have 5.8” AMOLED display.

You can enjoy the infinity display in viewing anything on S8 and S9, be it a movie or capturing your favourite moments. So, the world is moving in the direction of having infinity displays in the smartphones, what is your reason of sticking to S7 edge? Avail the best prices available online for your S7 edge and sell it to buy S8 or S9 and enter in the world of infinity displays.

Moreover, we have two model variations in S8 and S9. The screens and sizes of S8+ and S9+ are even bigger and better. S8+ and S9+ both have 6.2” AMOLED edge screens, so now you can have edge in bigger screens than the normal S7 edge. In S7 the buyers had the option of buying an edge screen or a simple screen but the successors of S7 edge have edge screens in all of them.

3.      Better Camera

S7 edge had the best camera! No one can deny the fact that we all immediately became a fan of the camera of S7 edge when it was launched in 2016. The camera of this amazing phone is still fan favourite but S8 and S9 have even better cameras than S7 edge.

S7 edge has 12MP f/1.7 1.4-micron pixels OIS camera while S8 has 12MP Dual Pixel, f/1.7 1.4-micron pixels OIS camera. The cameras of both of the phones are 12MP but S8 has a Dual Pixel camera. You must be wondering ‘what does a Dual Pixel camera do?’ Well you will have an answer to this question in the next paragraph.

Dual Pixels let the camera take a brighter and comparatively more detailed picture. You can easily feel the difference in the crispness of the colours while taking the picture with S8’s camera. You can see a minimal difference in the day time photography, but the big difference comes during the night time photography. S8 takes deeper and more detailed picture at night time, if you compare the pictures taken by the cameras of both of these phones you can clearly see the difference in lighting, clarity and colour.

While S8 have a better camera than S7, S9+’s camera is something that you wouldn’t find in any other smart phone. We cannot even compare the camera of S9+ with S7 or S8, as it’s from a different league. S9 has almost the same camera as S8, but S9+ comes with dual rear cameras that snaps the picture simultaneously, making the pictures even better than the ones taken from a professional DSLRs.

4.      Better Processor

S7 edge used to have the best processor, and it was the speediest phone of its era. But you would have to admit the fact that the processor used in S8 and S9 are even much faster than their processor ‘S7 edge’. We all hate it when our smartphone lags or even hangs while we are performing an important task.

The surprising news for all of you is that S8 and S9 performs the tasks better than the old S7 Edge. S7 has Quad-core Snapdragon 820 or Octa-core Samsung Exynos 8 processor, these processors were surely the best ones in their era. They helped S7 edge to become the fastest smartphone back then.

The processor used in S8 is Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 or Samsung Exynos 8895 that is proven to be 10% faster than the processor used in S7 edge. Last year when S8 was launched, it surpassed S7 edge in terms of processing speed and became one of the fastest smartphones last year.

Then in March of 2018, S9 and S9+ were launched and these both smartphones became the dream phones of everyone around the world. S9 and S9+ weren’t really different from S8 and S8+, but the major upgrade that Samsung provided its customers with was that it upgraded the camera, and also the processor was changed to the best one.

S9 and S9+ both possesses Snapdragon 845 or 10nm 64-bit Samsung Exynos processor. Moreover, S9+ has 6GB RAM making it the fastest beast in town. S9 and S9+ are now one of the fastest devices in the smartphone industry.

Don’t you want to have a faster phone? If you do, then go on and sell Samsung S7 edge and upgrade to S8 or S9 for a better smartphone experience. Prevent your life from the lags that you face in your S7 edge and opt for better devices in ‘S’ series by Samsung.

5.      Fingerprint Sensor

Fingerprint sensor makes our life easier by letting us unlock our devices easily and quickly. S7 edge, S8 and S9, all of these devices possess fingerprint sensors. The fingerprint sensor on S7 edge is on its front, below the display of the phone.

Contrary to this, S8 and S9 both have finger print sensors at the back of these phones, making the displays of these phones bigger than the screen of S7 edge and that is the reason why the screens of S8 and S9 are known as infinity displays. The whole front of S8 and S9 consists of display and that is the reason for the finger print sensor being at the back of these phones.

Fingerprint sensors in both of these devices are better than the one used in S7 edge. S7 edge included One-touch fingerprint sensor-Samsung KNOX while in S8 and S9 Iris scanner is used that makes the accuracy of the fingerprint scanner better and more efficient. Moreover, being at the back of the phone, the fingerprint sensor of S8 and S9 are easier to use while holding these devices in your hands.

6.      Dots In The Display

If you own an S7 edge, you might be aware of the problem of having dots in the screen of this amazing device. The dots used to appear in the display of S6 and S7 edge due to their curved screens. Samsung improved this fault in its devices, and has launched S8 and S9 with better LCDs.

So, if you have a dot in the screen of your S7 edge, you can try to get rid of the dots. But more importantly, you can find astonishing price quotes by the best recyclers in the UK on SellTheMobile. Sell your old S7 edge and upgrade to the latest models!

7.      Price

Yes, the last major reason to sell your S7 edge is the price factor! S7 edge hasn’t faded away yet, you can still get amazing price for your S7 edge. So sell it before it’s too late. With the evolution in smartphone industry, the older models of smartphones are fading away in no time. This is the golden time to sell your S7 edge, it would be too late for you if you wait further and if Samsung releases another phone in its ‘S’ series.

Final Verdict

Also, if you sell Samsung S7 edge now, you can purchase S8 in lower prices because of the launch of S9 by Samsung. So don’t be lazy, sell your S7 edge today and get amazing price against your used device!

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