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The Best Ways to Sell or Recycle Your Old iPhone

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Sell Your iPhone

In this fast growing hi-tech world, mobile phone companies are enticing you to upgrade their existing models and introducing more than a single model every year. Apple iPhone is the perfect example of it. Every year, Apple launches a brand new iPhone with lots of amazing features and every mobile user wishes to get their hands on it. If you also want to get your hands on latest iPhone, then the first thing you should do is to sell your old iPhone. Yeah, it is the best option to get rid of your old iPhone and also save your money for buying a new one.

You can offer your iPhone for sale to your friends, family, and other contacts. But, there is no guarantee to get the maximum cash in exchange for it. So, you should look for some other ways to sell or recycle your iPhone. Mobile Phone Recycling is gaining momentum in the UK because recycling companies offer a good amount of cash in lieu of old phones.

Mobile Phone Recycling – The Great Way to Sell or Recycle Your Mobile Phone

If you send off your old mobile phones to be recycled, the benefits are enormous. For the first thing, you get entitled to get a great amount of cash, and for the second, you do your part for the green environment. After all, there is no use keeping the old phones as junk in the drawers or cupboards or throwing them somewhere outside, you hardly get any sort of pleasure or profit by doing so.

Recycling websites pay more cash when you contact them to sell your iPhone. They also accept thousands of different makes and models of handsets and gadgets. Even broken or faulty devices can be sold to recycling firms for quick cash.Recycle Your iPhone

Auction Websites; eBay, Amazon

There are some other ways to get cash for old mobile phones such as using an auction website (eBay or Amazon). These websites can be quite time-consuming but can sometimes fetch slightly higher prices. Here is a guideline how you can recycle your old iPhone through these popular websites;

1. Recycle Your Old iPhone on eBay

If you are interested in selling your iPhone yourself, get registered on eBay. It is a secure auction site where you can get a big chunk of cash by selling your old mobile phones or other electronic gadgets. You have to make a listing to recycle your iPhone in an auction and grab the attention of highest bidders around the world. Alike most other e-commerce websites, it does charge small dues based on the value of your selling item.

Here are some tips to get the most on eBay;

  • Conduct a comprehensive research and see how much other items are selling for and include keywords and details about the product in its description.
  • Post some great photos of your old iPhone that make it look more appealing to the buyer.
  • Define the features and specifications of your handset clearly so that buyers know what they are getting.
  • Be sure you ship your iPhone as soon as you get paid for a good rating.

2. Recycle Your Old iPhone on Amazon

Amazon is also another popular mega online store that provides you the most convenient way to recycle your iPhone. Sign up to Amazon account if you are not registered there. Then, click the button “Sell on Amazon” and add your product details with high-quality photos of your iPhone. Almost 15 minutes later, you have a listing of an auction and someone may purchase it.

Take a look at some tips if you want to get the best deal;

  • Make sure all the details of your product must be true.
  • Do a deep Google search before adding the product details and price range. It will help you get an idea of how in demand the product is.
  • Ship your sold item immediately after confirming the deal. The reason is that there are some chances of dropping the product prices in two or more weeks.

Both platforms are great but having a key drawback that is high charges. Yes, fees are some of the highest on these websites, which can cut into your profits.

So, if you want to get paid a high amount in exchange of your old iPhone, go with the mobile phones recycling option.iPhone For Sale

Sell or Recycle Your iPhone via SellTheMobile

To sell or recycle your old iPhone is pretty easy if you opt for a recycling firm.  However, finding a reliable recycler can be a difficult task. This is why SellTheMobile is here to help you find out the top-rated recycling companies in UK. The main objective of these companies is to pay you to cash in exchange of your old mobile phones. You can compare the prices they all offer and see where they differ in payment methods etc. In this way, you will save time and effort and get the most money for your used mobile phones that you don’t want any more.

All you need to do is to just put the details of your mobile in the search box. Based on the provided details of your product, it will show you the rates of different trustworthy recycling firms that are going to pay for your old phone. If your mobile is in a quite decent condition, you will surely get the most than the phone that is damaged or having some issue. You can make a comparison of all offered rates to get a nice chunk of cash in exchange for your old mobile phone.

If you agree with the amount provided, you can carry on with further proceedings by clicking the button “Sell Now”. Then, you will be on your selected recycler’s website where you have to fill up a form with your personal information. Then, you have to send your mobile phone to them via a shipping company. After collecting it, they will thoroughly inspect your phone and will send you money via cheque, bank transfer or any other payment method.

Do These Things Before Selling or Recycling Your iPhone

Prior to sending your phones to a recycling company, you must do the following things. Not only, these things will help you in fetching some more cash but also gives you a peace of mind that your mobile device is in safe hands.

  • Make sure your handset is in a decent working condition if you want to earn a great amount. If your mobile phone is slightly damaged, having some cracks on the casing or screen, or some battery issue, it will be sold at low price.
  • Finally, before you actually recycle your iPhone, you need to take backup of your private data, remove all connected accounts, and disable all PIN and security codes. Don’t forget to remove your SIM card and charge the battery completely.

SellTheMobiles also serves you the best if you want to buy an iPhone. There are hundreds of old and latest models of iPhone available for sale. Just click here to check out the amazing iPhone deals.