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Better Pictures with Better Lens!

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Better Pictures with Better Lens!

With the launch of its recent models Apple has expanded its family of iPhone X series. It was not just an expansion of the series but of the price tags also. Not long ago, the anniversary phone was launched and the iPhone fans went crazy over it. Now those who couldn’t afford it, waited for a year to buy the iPhone X expecting a decline in its worth. But, Apple didn’t let that happen and crushed the dreams of unfortunate iPhone fans of owning the Royal anniversary phone.

Alas! This fall, the prices didn’t fall leaving everyone miserable especially the iPhone freaks who were anxiously waiting for this fall to buy the anniversary phone. Well, there is no need to be sad because you still have plenty of beautiful options to upgrade your mobile phone. And if you are not one of those freaks but just an iPhone 6 owner and in a mood to upgrade, you can sell your iPhone 6 just by adding a few more pounds to the money earned from it and buy an upgraded iPhone model for yourself.

The Halloween is just around the corner and everyone is busy in its preparation. Designing costumes, decorating the houses, engraving the pumpkins etc… Any event without the pictures and the selfies is incomplete. For capturing good pictures of your unforgettable memories, you need a good lens in your hands. Now iPhone 6 is a very good mobile phone undoubtedly, but the level of technological advancement in 2018 requires a better lens in your hand. And that lens doesn’t need to be furnished on a mainstream model. You can always go for an older model which is off the spotlight but supports great features.

If you personally agree to this, iPhone 8 is a model worth your consideration. You can sell used iPhone online or to the nearest shop.

iPhone 8 Camera

The iPhone 8 was launched with a few minor level improvements but their existence was remarkable. Be it the screen, processor or battery life, iPhone 8 has been showing some serious modifications that can easily be counted in its positive attributes. One area where Apple has taken a dramatic step forward is the camera of iPhone 8.

Camera Specs

Scrolling through the specification sheet, when your eyes stop at the camera section, all you can get to see is the identical camera specs to the iPhone 7 i.e. a single 12-megapixel optically stabilised f/1.8 camera. But the result is totally different which is a wonder of iPhone 8.

According to Apple, whilst developing the iPhone 8, they completely rebuilt the sensor with a brand-new image signal processor and deeper pixels as annexures to it. Since the specs were identical to the iPhone 7, most of us considered this as a marketing strategy of Apple but iPhone 8 defended its cameras’ individuality by providing us with evidence in the form of the most impressive pictures ever.

The front-facing camera is still 8 megapixels and it is actually one of the best one around. Skin tones look natural and there’s plenty of detail.

Colour Gamut

When talking about the picture quality, the first thing that attracts our eyes is the colour. Without a shadow of the doubt, the photos taken by the lens of iPhone 8 look impressive and great. The punchy colours resulting from the expounded saturation, the detailing of pixels dancing with defined colours is what makes it best from its predecessors. The deep saturation trick is used by the rival, Samsung but Apple has cast its spell whilst following the suit because iPhone 8 still produces better and more natural looking photos than the Samsung.


The High Dynamic Range processes the photos slightly differently than normal so that you could be enabled to capture greater details whilst taking a photo from bright and dark areas. This mode, most commonly called HDR mode, is now set permanently on auto-HDR in the iPhone 8. You can always dig the settings out to switch it off but since it does such a fantastic exposure levelling job it is assigned to, that no one would want to turn it off.

Having auto-HDR is a blessing in disguise since instead of overblowing the lighter portions of your captured moment, it provides you with better balance. The Auto-HDR is particularly helpful for landscape photos. It removes the risk of pictures looking unnatural and artificial by using it only sparingly.

Daylight shots

Every year every brand launches their flagship models. These models are built with the latest technology and unique features. The one most commonly extravagant feature possessed by the flagships is their camera. Since the competition is getting tougher the judgement is also getting difficult.

Where Samsung Galaxy S9, Google Pixel and other popular flagship phones are producing very good quality photos, iPhone 8 is favoured for its daylight shots. The way iPhone differentiates between shadows and picks up subtle details in skins tones is something the S8 lacks.


In terms of camera, the most impressive area of iPhone 8 is its texture. The texture of the photo you captured from iPhone 8 leaves you in awe. The way it captures the tiny and minute details, be it the scraps of metal, dust on the shelf or dew drops on the leaves, is just miraculously fantastic.

Most people avoid taking pictures with the flashlight on because it produces an undesired result, but, the iPhone 8 is also the device that is best at taking pics with the flash on – the softer, more diffused flash used here means it does not completely blow out faces.


Mostly, when talking about the features of the camera and the lens furnished on some model, it is referred to the pictures and videos are overlooked. But whilst the making of iPhone 8, Apple has focussed on the minute details and that includes the video side of its flagship. The iPhone 8 can shoot 4K video at 24fps, 30fps and 60fps and the resulting footage is mind-blowing.

Since you are able to shoot more frames per second with iPhone 8, the footage produced, have a smoother look and is especially great for shooting motion, such as sports. The 24fps make you achieve a more cinematic level whilst recording a video.

Another notable remarkability of iPhone 8 is the slow-motion recording at 240fps in 1080p. In the previous models, the slo-mo was available at 720p. With the increased pixels and HD, now it looks sharper and there is more scope for zooming.

Apple is also now supporting the Dolby Vision and HDR10 formats, so you can play back HDR movies from iTunes and supported content from Netflix.

In a nutshell,

  • Heaps of details with a 12-megapixel sensor.
  • Balanced Exposure as a souvenir from the auto-HDR mode.
  • Great colour gamut and defined saturation.
  • Accurately focus up close and zoom in more.
  • Perfect daylight shots, lowlight shots are also good enough.
  •  Landscape pictures look great.

Other Features


The premium iPhone 8 appearance as quite same as of the iPhone 7. A round-cornered typical wodge which has curved edges. The glass rear that has been replaced by ditching the aluminium back. The front and the back feels exactly the same because of the glass. So, visually iPhone 8 showcases itself the same way iPhone 7 does (except for the back).

Glass back

When you get hold of the iPhone 8, it immediately gives you the premium feels. Developed in conjunction with Corning, the glass is much grippier than aluminium and adds a notable extra bit of weight. The aluminium back replacement with the glass back was a multi-purpose modification. On one hand, where this switching of aluminium to glass was to change the design of the premium iPhone 8, on the other hand, it carried a functional responsibility.


All praise to the glass back the iPhone 8 is enabled to support the fast-charging. Providing the double benefit to the upgraded iPhone 8, it is also made eligible to support the wireless charging and will work with any wireless charging pad that supports the Qi standard.

Fast charging lets you charge up the battery of your iPhone up to 50 per cent in just 30 minutes. Since the iPhone 8 has a battery smaller in size than that of its predecessor iPhone 7, everyone was hugely sceptical about the battery life of iPhone 8 but collaborating with the strong stand by times it barely drops the juice when it is not being actively used.


One of the main and most visually notable features that iPhone 8 was upgraded whilst its production was the True Tone. The True Tone feature made its debut in the Apple industry when it was featured in 9.7 inch iPad Pro. This feature works very cleverly and wisely. Noticing the environment iPhone 8 is in, it dynamically alters the white balance of the display of the iPhone 8.

Apart from the True Tone, iPhone 8 features the 3D Touch that has become a part of the culture and also has a wide gamut.


A11 bionic chip is processing the deluxe sibling of iPhone 7. It is known as one of the most remarkable and impressive processor of the time. It handles everything that is going on in iPhone 8, from the way iOS 11 handles AR apps, to how it offsets the smaller battery, very swiftly and smoothly.

The A11 Bionic is actually a six-core processor, with two high-power and four low-power cores that churn through absolutely anything with ease.


The iPhone 8 provides you with the availability of the 3 colour options; Silver, Space-Grey and the Gold. The gold colour has replaced the Rose Gold (offered with iPhone 7). Best to say, an amalgamation of both colour; Best of Both Worlds. The glass back of the Gold iPhone 8 gives it a soft, almost creamy impression, and the sides are less vivid pink.


iPhone 8 has been declared to be water resistant. Apple ensures that for water resistance it is IP67 rated. The flawless taptic engine of iPhone 8, thoroughly provides its operating system with all of the necessary buzzes. Another improvement of iPhone 8 is its front-facing stereo speakers that are said to be 25% louder than the iPhone 7. Call quality, too, is excellent, as is the cellular and Wi-Fi reception.

Winding Up

iPhone 8 is a superb phone to have and especially for an upgrade, it is undoubtedly the most perfect one. It is still in the market with reasonable prices. If you are out of your budget or cannot afford to have this spectacular mobile phone for this Halloween, you can sell your old and used mobile phone at SellTheMobile. It is one of the most fast-growing mobile recyclers situated in the UK and the best place to sell your iPhone. So, visit the website today, sell your oldie to get your goldie!

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