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Boost Your Social Life With iPhone 7 Plus

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Boost your social life with iPhone 7 Plus

Do you own an iPhone? If yes, then you have the perfect smartphone to be socially extrovert. If not, you can always switch to an iPhone anytime while being in your budget. You can also upgrade your iPhone if you own an older model. There are many online websites to sell your phone, where you can easily sell your old phone or can sell your used iPhone and buy an iPhone 7 Plus at reasonable prices.

iPhone 7 Plus was launched by Apple on September 7th, 2016. Although it is not the latest iPhone by Apple, but it is surely the best phone that you can purchase while staying in your limited budget. You can buy refurbished iPhone 7 Plus in amazing rates online in UK. iPhone 7 Plus is compatible with the latest iOS version 12.0, and this version has the least bugs and it is one of the fastest iOS versions of all time. This enables you to have an iPhone that has no delays and you are always on the go with such a phone.

Once you have an iPhone 7 plus in your life, you can easily communicate with your loved ones without any problem. Moreover, you can take amazing pictures with your family or friends with the amazing camera of iPhone 7 Plus. You can boost your social life online and in real as well with this device.

Following features in iPhone 7 Plus would make your life better:

5.5 inch display:

With an amazing 5.5 inch retina HD display, you can have a better view of the world. The display has been designed perfectly with 1920-by-1080-pixel resolution at 401 ppi to fulfil your smartphone needs without having any strain in your eyes while using it. The big display enables you to watch your favourite videos in a better resolution. Who needs a laptop, tablet or a TV when you own an iPhone 7 Plus!

Dual camera:

iPhone 7 Plus was the first phone by Apple with the feature of wide angle dual camera. Through this camera, you can capture your favourite moments without any hesitation. Having the feature of dual camera, iPhone 7 Plus captures the pictures with both of them simultaneously correcting all the flaws in the pictures. Both of these cameras are 12-mergapixel, one with a 28mm f1.8 lens and the other with a 56mm f2.8 lens.

The new lens in this model of iPhone is known as a ‘telephoto’ lens. The duty of this lens is to prevent any distortion or shrinking of the objects in the captured pictures. You might have experienced these problems in taking photos with the older models of iPhone, but you don’t have to worry about this if you have an iPhone 7 Plus.

This remarkable camera by iPhone 7 Plus offers you to capture perfect pictures to post on the social media. It doesn’t matter if you have fewer followers on Instagram or snapchat, because after posting pictures taken with this incredible device and with the perfect hashtags, people will discover you, adore you and follow your social media account as never before. You can become famous in no-time with the pictures taken from this amazing iPhone.

Even if you don’t live in a virtual world and you want your real friends to love you even more, you should have this device. This device would help you in bonding with the people around you, you must be wondering; “How is that possible?” Well the answer to this question is very simple. Everyone wants to have great photos in this era, due to this, your friends and the people around you would then rely on you for capturing amazing pictures.

A10 fusion chip:

A10 fusion chip was first time used in iPhone 7 Plus, before this Apple was using A9 fusion chip. This upgrade in the fusion chip made the iPhone 7 Plus faster and more reliable. This chip has a 64-bit ARM-based system that helps the users with 40% greater CPU performance and 50% greater graphics performance, as stated by Apple. This chip helps the phone in processing the tasks faster. So if you have iPhone 7 plus, you wouldn’t be late for anything. The biggest problem that users face is their mobile phone being slow, if your smartphone is slow, you aren’t able to work efficiently as it would hang every next moment. Now, you don’t have to worry about being late in sending any important email or in sending those snapchats to your followers, as you can capture those moments at the perfect time.

Water Resistance:

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus were the first smartphones in the Apple family to be water resistant. So now you don’t have to worry about the cut off from your social life if you drop your phone in a fountain or a swimming pool accidentally. With this feature, your iPhone 7 Plus is safe from water exposure up to 1m depth. Moreover, due to this feature you would fight less with your friends if they push you in the swimming pool with your iPhone 7 Plus in your pocket!The fun wouldn’t end with you being pushed into the swimming pool or a fountain by your friends with this phone.

Powerful battery:

iPhone 7 Plus comes with a better talk time than the previous models. Apple claims that this device can retain battery for 1 hour longer than iPhone 6s Plus. What can be better than that? You can talk with your loved ones over phone call without being tensed about the battery drainage. You social life becomes better with more talk time.

These are some of the aspects that would boost your social life by having an iPhone 7 Plus. This phone would help you in building new relationships with people by capturing and posting breath-taking photos online. Also it would help you in retaining your existing relationships as this phone would help you in making long phone calls to your loved ones, also you wouldn’t be late in anything with the help of its fast processor. So what are you waiting for? Sell your used iPhone online and upgrade to iPhone 7 Plus now.

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