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How Can I Protect My Mobile Phone From Cyber Attacks?

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Did you know that 40% people become victim to cyber attacks carried out through mobile phones every year? In fact, a survey revealed that 90% people don’t even know that apps can store their data and use their personal information like credit card numbers and passwords – all after they themselves give permissions to the apps to do so!

Cyber attackers use vulnerable situations, like when you buy a new phone, download an app, or sell your phone, to attack you, since these are the times you might overlook certain security precautions. When you sell your phone, for example, you might delete your messages but may forget to wipe out other data like cookies and cache files, which could leave you vulnerable to attackers! So how do you protect your phone when you sell your phone and in other situations? Here are a few tips and tricks.

Properly Wipe out Data when you Sell your Phone

When you sell your phone, it is important to first individually backup and delete all data, and clear out all cookies and cache files. You can also use external apps to clear data files from your phone. Lastly, reset your phone to factory settings, so as to remove all settings and any stores data. This way, when you sell your phone, the buyer will have to no way to exploit accidentally left behind information. It is also important to make sure you sell to trusted buyers through platforms like SellTheMobile.

Download from Trusted Sources 

If you download external apps, you are making yourself vulnerable to viruses and cyber attacks. Make sure you only download from trusted platforms like App Store and Google Play. If you do download an external app that you trust, make sure you delete this when you sell your phone.

Understand App Permissions 

How many times have you clicked ‘Accept’ on an app’s terms and conditions without even reading them? This is very important when it comes to apps where you will be using your financial information or passwords.

Only Browse Protected Sites 

All reliable browsers give you a warning when you enter an unprotected or unverified site; don’t ignore this! When you enter such a site, there is no guarantee that your information will remain protected or it won’t be misused.

Don’t Click Strange Links 

This is a give, but it is something we often forget, especially when we receive links from people we trust. However, it is important to not click any links that are not part of a conversation, or that don’t look like they are from trusted sites.

When you sell your phone, it is important that you have a good experience to hold on to, and that is largely dependent on whether your experience of using the phone has been safe. It is also important to keep in mind that you might not be able to compare mobile phone recycling if it has been victim of cyber attacks, since it can be difficult to retrieve it from the damage. Therefore, make sure you follow all the important tips and stay safe!

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