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How Can I Sell broken iPhone For Cash?

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Sell broken iPhone

So finally your long-time dream come true and you became the owner of an iPhone. The endless happiness took you to cloud nine. You can’t simply resist the indulgence with your new love. But one fine day you slipped your iPhone in water accidentally, or just forget to take it out from the back pocket and sit on it then sell your broken iPhone.

Or simply your kid ruthlessly hit it on the ground while throwing tantrums. Result? A broken iPhone or more accurately a broken heart and a devastated soul. The issue is severe if the damage is not covered by warranty and you consider throwing it as a last resort.

iPhones are undoubtedly the finest species of smartphones yet prone to accidental happenings like any other machines. Although the device is critically tested for strength and durability in all possible means still it’s a machine and its useful life has to end one day. Since it is useless to cry over spilt milk, so stop cursing yourself for your negligence. But what is the real solution to this pissing of situation? Well, there are two practical solutions:

  • Get your iPhone repaired by some reliable repair shop or service provider
  • Sell your broken iPhone and buy a better one using received cash as a cushion.

To your surprise selling broken iPhone and buying a new one will cost you less than entire repairing. Also, it may lack the seamless feel and may aggravate your frustration. So this article will particularly target option2 (sell broken iPhone) which is, by the way, the most sceptical course of action.

Never Sell your Broken iPhone to Local Dealer

You will ultimately bore to tears if you end up dealing with a local dealer. Initially, he will degrade your much loved phone in all possible ways. Later, he will offer the lowest possible price for your expensive set and that would not do anything to gear up your mood. Contacting any local dealer is basically the name of sheer disappointment.

Sell Broken iPhone to a Mobile Recycling Company

Do you know that even dead iPhones are worthy? Yes, it is true. Mobile recycling companies are active in modern countries like USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Ireland etc. They simply recycle derived metals and plastic and turn them into something productive, for instance, automotive parts, jewellery, common plastic households and even rechargeable batteries.

Recycling is basically a win-win situation for the entire planet. This not only reduces electronic waste that is hazardous to living beings, but also scarce metals are conserved. Huge energy can be created to power thousands of homes and expensive metals can be recovered. Moreover, the users also get a friendly quote.

The offered good price is basically an incentive to smartly sell broken iPhone rather than mindless dumping. So your unwanted broken phone is still a cash generating unit. Mobile phone recycling companies never say no to any electronic device. They conveniently get you rid of the undesired stuff in most appropriate manner.

It is really hard these days to find the most reliable mobile phone recycling comparison companies to sell iPhone when the internet is swarmed with so many options. SellTheMobile has simplified the entire process by bringing authentic and verified companies on board. Selling your broken iPhone for cash is a few minutes away as long as you stay tuned to this trusted service provider.

Quick Summary to Sell Broken iPhone

To begin selling your iPhone for cash, initiate by searching your exact iPhone model followed by filing correct details of its colour, memory, condition, fault, network and whether it’s locked or unlocked. All these parameters are essential for best possible mobile phone recycling comparison. iPhones with greater GB has a good resale value. Similarly unlocked sets are more worthy.

Pick the best deal to sell iPhone. Either ask for free sales pack from the buyer or simply print your own form and post the iPhone within 2weeks of deal finalization. You are rewarded for your honesty and efficiency at SellTheMobile. The sooner you act the more you get.

If you are honest about broken mobile faults, you will be paid the same day in your bank account. This simply means that selling iPhone for cash is actually a blessing in disguise to enjoy the better one. Since the deal is exclusively to sell iPhone, you will still own the accessories.

Precautions to be Exercised Before you Sell Broken iPhone

If you’re able to see the mobile phone operations

  • Disable passcodes immediately
  • Remove synchronization of your iPhone with iCloud
  • Factory reset your iPhone to remove all settings and content

What if iPhone is Dead & you Can’t Access Setting Manually?

  • Log on to and use app Find iPhone or locate my iPhone
  • Check the list of enabled devices and simply remove the detail of your broken iPhone
  • Once press erase, your all data will be immediately wiped off

Don’t Fool yourself for Extraordinarily High Prices

This is really alarming if through mobile phone recycling comparison you discover some lucrative deals. Most companies provide unrealistic estimates offering two third of the original price. This is really fishy! You might be motivated to sell iPhone immediately but hold on. Patience is the key. Hastily finalizing deal will only result in losing the last hope to earn some bucks.

Always Sell your Broken iPhone to Reliable Recycles

Don’t fall victim to new predators. Old is gold and it is equally good when you want to sell iPhone. Always check the reliability of mobile phone recycling comparison platform via testimonials and past experiences of acquaintances.

Perks to Sell Broken iPhone with the Right Company

  • Reliable companies make sure to present true and fair price comparison. They completely abide by the rule of unbiased opinion and neutrality.
  • They prefer commitment rather than deceiving innocent clients with inflated prices
  • No room for mal-treatment with customers
  • Scrutinizing mobile phone recycling companies continuously for quality check
  • Takes pride in quoting the best guaranteed price across the whole UK

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