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Compare Prices to Sell Old Phones at The Best Price

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Compare Prices to Sell Old Phones at the Best Price

This technology exposed era is definitely not easy for mobile freaks. With the release of every latest model of hi-end brands the desire to have a better phone accelerates much more. But hold on! The famous economics concept applies here i.e. wants are unlimited but means are scarce. Unless you are a wealthy brat affording the latest gadget is not less than a fortune. Piling every penny, checking all the drawers or possibly devising cash collecting scheme will click mind in a spur of a second. However, you need to think something extra to add to the budget.

How Can I Sell my Old Phone?

Damn! You nailed it right! No matter how old is your phone its intrinsic value can never be zero. According to survey reports 2/3 of the world population can’t afford new phones. Even 2-3 year old phones still have a potential second hand market in less developed countries. Companies to whom you sell your old phones basically refurbish it completely to deliver cheap hi-end mobile phones.

The Reasonable Price to Sell your Phone

Humans are naturally biased to overestimate their belongings. Evaluation of actual price is only possible by a neutral party considering all ground realities. You may owe an expensive set of its own time, but it is quite possible that excessive selling of that particular mobile set in market results in reduced prices than expected.

Compare Mobile Phone Recycling Prices

Haste makes waste. Picking a deal hastily may forego a better opportunity that may arrive if you have practiced patience. Firstly, decide if you have time to visit dealers physically and compare mobile phone recycling prices. Of course, it’s impossible in the UK as every individual is pre occupied with tons of commitments.

The next strategy is to compare mobile phone recycling prices online. By this, you have an instant access to the online phone market. It is quicker and reliable provided you land with the trustworthy platform like SellTheMobile. As smartphones are more like disposable commodity they have a pretty short shelf life of 18 to 24 months.

This also means that active market for smartphone trading has increased the chances that you might get some good opportunities. Sell your old phones like hot cakes if you possess any of famous brands like iPhone, Sony, Samsung or HTC.

Mobile Phone Recycling Price Comparison to Sell Old Phones

Bear in mind you can only sell your old phone if it’s completely owned and no accrued amount is payable to the contracting company. If your set is still under contract terms and conditions your deal cannot materialize.

  • Check if it is locked or unlocked
  • Maintain a backup of all your essentials. It will help you to format the phone quickly once you finalize the deal. Factory reset is best to remove all contents.
  • To compare mobile phone recycling price be sure about its condition and faults
  • Be rational while making the selection. New recyclers are less reliable. Also, unrealistically high quotes clearly points out scam dealers

Check multiple recycle’s websites before concluding the deal. SellTheMobile is a great help in this regard. It gathers multiple recycling companies under one roof to offer the best quote. Perfect competition among rivals enables the customers to enjoy the highest standard and prompt services. Not to forget that SellTheMobile follows stringent procedures to observe the performance of mobile phone recycling companies.

Sell Old Phones to Avoid Security Risk

Do you know broken phones are still vulnerable to data security threats? Once mobile phones are no more working they are simply dumped without even realising the magnitude of issues that can arise. Data can be easily retrieved by accessing internal memory via USB cable, third party software for data recovery or even simple PC. Imagine if your personal data is misused. So, sell your old phones today and nullify all chances of vulnerability.

The Steps Involved to Sell Old Phones

Steps to sell your old phone are as easy as 123. All you need to do is spare few minutes for surveying best deals. Use the search bar to insert exact model and version of your phone. Many deals will pop up. You can also see the top recommended deals from this mobile phone recycling comparison site.

Once fully convinced press the sell button. Ask your buyer to send you free sales pack. Alternatively, print your own label and post your device for free. Sellers normally get a two week window to post the set. The mail usually takes 1-3 days to arrive. Once the old phone is thoroughly checked and verified with the prescribed details the seller is paid the similar day.

Sell old phones while still retaining headphones, lighting port and charging cable. In case the buyer declines the offer for any valid reason, the seller is entitled to receive mobile phone free of cost. Dealing with unknown recyclers still pose the risk of the device being taken without making any payments.

Sell your Old Phone to Reduce Electronic Waste

Keeping or selling your old phones is entirely dependent on one’s discretion. But the seller should be aware of the potential consequences of the adopted course of action. One can simply let the unwanted clutter to pile up or simply throw the phone which later becomes part of the landfill.

Critical significances of these untreated hazardous wastes is a separate story. But to be precise it is contributing to water, land and air pollution impacting the atmosphere at micro and macro level. However, selling your phone to right service provider for recycling purpose is surely a wise decision. You are basically contributing your part to keep environment e-waste free.

Tip for Fortunate Individuals

Even if sell old iPhone is not required to fund the new gadget still think about the less privileged. Sell your old phone today and donate to someone’s food, clothing or education.

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