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Do you know about iPhone’s evolution? We present it to you through an innovative infographic!

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Evolution of iPhones

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iPhones are known as one of the best creations by Apple yet. First iPhone by Apple was launched way back in 2007 and since then Apple has been launching new iPhones every year. Apple tries its best to include the latest technological aspects in every launch of iPhone. If we look at the specifications of the first iPhone and the latest iPhone, then we observe a huge difference. The sales figures of iPhone show us that iPhone has been the most favourite smartphone of the people across the globe since its inception. iPhones are also considered as one of the most reliable mobile phones available in the market. Apple always tries to improve the performance element in its iPhones; it also tries to improve the glitches that the users experience in the previous models. The best thing about iPhones is that Apple launches a new version of iOS with every launch and sends the updates of the newest version to the previous models as well.

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