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Find the Best Cash Deals to Sell Your iPhone 5S

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Sell Your iPhone 5S

Are you an iPhone 5S user? Have you bored with it? Don’t throw it away. Just sell your iPhone 5S to a recycling company and get paid a huge amount. Now if you are wondering for trustworthy recyclers, no need to look further than Yes, it is a predominant online platform that allows you find the most reliable mobile phone recyclers in UK and make a comparison of the prices offered by these companies. We offer you with a quick and hassle-free recycling procedure that helps you get the best cash deals for all popular smartphones including Apple iPhone 5S.

Before explaining how you can get quick cash for your used iPhone through SellTheMobile, we want to tell you how mobile phone recycling is the best way to earn money through your old used smartphones.

Mobile Phone Recycling in UK

Nowadays, mobile phone recycling is growing as a huge industry in the UK. It is because there is a new government law that says; “it is illegal to throw old mobiles and electronic gadgets away in your common household trash.”

Mobile phones contain lots of dangerous substances that can hurt the environment. So, don’t throw your old mobile phone outside or don’t leave it in an old drawer or cupboard. Say thanks to recycling companies that give you the best possible solution for your old mobile phones. Just look for the best recycling company and sell your iPhone to it. It will be great for the environment as well as great for your pocket!

Phone Recycling Facts in UK

In today’s hi-tech era, new technology keeps on coming. Every year some better and advanced smartphones are available in the market and everyone wants to have them. That’s the reason, there are millions of mobile users who prefer to upgrade their mobile phones every year. While some want to upgrade their phones as their old sets stop working or having some issues. All these reasons convince them to offer their smartphones for sale through the best recyclers and get cash for buying the new one.Recycle Your iPhone 5S

If you want to sell your iPhone 5S but having some confusion in your mind, have a look at some interesting phone recycling facts revealed by a recent study.

  • Almost 93% of the population owns and uses a mobile phone in the UK.
  • People upgrade their mobiles once every 18 months- while an average actual lifespan of a mobile phone is estimated around 7 years.
  • Over the past years, more than 28 million mobile phones were sold in the UK.
  • There are 66 million old and unused phones available in the UK.
  • On average each UK household has 4 or more old unused mobile phones that become almost 50 million mobile phones nationwide.
  • With the growing availability of smartphone, the average recycled value of a handset has also been increased in the last years.
  • Only 20% of mobile phones in the UK are recycled or re-used that becomes almost 100 million phones.
  • There are different ways of mobile phone recycling including local phone vendors and online companies. However, online platforms are becoming popular because of providing you the best cash deals for your old or unused phone.

Secure Method to Recycle Your iPhone 5s

Whether you are going to recycle your iPhone 5S or any other handset, opt for the most secure recycling method that is provided by the leading online platform, SellTheMobile. Unlike auction type websites where you have to pay a listing fee to sell your iPhone and other gadgets, the services of SellTheMobile are free to use. It is a hub of most reputable mobile phone recyclers in the UK that provide you the amazing cash deals for the smartphones such as Apple iPhone 5S.

Our business philosophy is to make mobile phone recycling procedure smooth and hassle-free for you. By comparing the prices of top recyclers, you can easily choose the one that suits you. Then, you can use this cash for purchasing a new handset of your choice or can meet any of your need.iPhone 5S For Sale

How You Can Find the Best Cash Deals at SellTheMobile?

Just visit, make a search for your handset and get the best price for it in one place by all the top recyclers of the country. It will surely save you time and also from trouble in not having to search separately one by one on each website to find the best price.

Here is our complete recycling process that helps you find the best cash deals for your iPhone 5S and lots of other smartphones.

Step 1: Search for Your Mobile

For example, if you want to sell your iPhone 5S, please enter some specifications to catch the exact model of your phone. It will surely help you discover the best prices for your mobile.

Step 2: Compare the Deal

In this step, you can make a comparison of the prices offered by the top mobile phone recyclers in the country. Select the deal that suits you and click on the button “Sell Now”. Now you will be on the website of your selected recycling company.

Just read the terms and conditions provided on the website and place your order. Enter your particular details required by the firm and send your phone to the recycling company.

Step 3: Get Your Cash

Once the recycling company will collect your mobile and check it thoroughly. Then, it will send you the cash.

Happy selling SellTheMobile!

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