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Flaunt your Halloween costume through the lenses of iPhone 7 Plus

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Flaunt your Halloween costume through the lenses of iPhone 7 Plus

Halloween is just around the corner! Have you purchased Halloween costume yet? Halloween is a celebration that is loved by many people worldwide. Halloween is the best time in the year to show your creative side, from breath-taking costumes to incredible makeup skills, you have to look the best in the bunch.

Just having the best makeover in not enough in this era. You have to click amazing pictures of yourself to let the world know about your costume and makeup. Taking beautiful pictures with not so good camera is an impossible task. This is the reason that we suggest you to buy a better smartphone to capture your fun moments this Halloween. For buying a better smartphone, first you have to get rid of your old one to bear the cost of a better smartphone.At SellTheMobile, we understand your financial concern that is the reason that we find the best rates that different mobile phone selling sites in UK are offering for your old phone. We are one of the best phone selling comparison site in UK, as we provide you with a list of websites that are accepting your old phone with their price quotes. These websites will recycle your phone once you sell your phone to them.

If you plan to sell your phone to buy a better one with a better camera, you should go for buying iPhone 7 Plus. This phone by Apple provides you with the best camera while staying in your limited budget. This smartphone can capture incredible photos of you with all of the details of your costume and makeup that you want to show to the world. iPhone 7 Plus’s camera have certain features that would help you in flaunting your Halloween makeover.

12 MP wide angle dual camera:

Apple introduced the dual camera feature in iPhone 7 Plus. What is the meaning and purpose of dual camera?

iPhone 7 plus has two built in cameras, both are 12 MP. Both of these cameras capture the image simultaneously when you tap the capture button on your iPhone 7 Plus. The two cameras include:

  • 28mm wide-angle lens.
  • 56mm telephoto lens

Both of these lenses put in their best effort to make your pictures beautiful.

How would these two lenses help you in taking better pictures?

     More detailed pictures:

These both lenses when working simultaneously provide you with a better detailed picture. Telephoto lens helps in making the distant objects more magnified. When you are at a celebration like Halloween, it’s not just about you only, your picture is also about the stuff happening around you. These two lenses make the background of your image more meticulous and beautiful. The background of your image becomes as visible as yourself in the photo.

     Brighter Picture:

No one celebrates Halloween at the day time. Halloween is meant to be celebrated at night time, you are killing the essence of Halloween if you are planning to celebrate it at the day time. Keeping this thing in mind, most phone cameras don’t take good pictures at the night time, as the pictures taken by them are either blur or too dark to recognize the things in the picture. The dual camera feature in iPhone 7 Plus enables its users to take bright pictures at the night time. Even if the lighting around you is almost near to zero, you can always use the true tone flash, which will make your picture brighter and don’t worry!You won’t look like a real ghost with this flash.

     Zoomed Images:

You can be an amazing paparazzi with the digital zoom feature in the camera of this phone. This is not an ordinary zoom that is available in other smartphones, the digital zoom enables you to zoom even closer and while doing that, it won’t hurt the resolution of the picture that you are about to take. So if you have this remarkable phone, you can capture all the amazingness going on besides you at the Halloween celebration.

     Depth of Field in portrait mode:

Who needs a big DSLR when you can adjust the depth of field in your iPhone 7 Plus. Yes, that is right! With iPhone 7 Plus you can adjust the depth of field, making your pictures look like digital images captured from a professional DSLR. Apple finally launched this feature in iPhone 7 Plus and this feature serves as a miracle. You don’t have to buy and carry the huge DSLRs when you have iPhone 7 Plus.

There is a trick in taking such photos in iPhone 7 plus, if you want more blurry background in your picture, you should move away from the stuff in the background. More the distance between background objects and the person, more the blur would be.

This portrait mode in iPhone 7 plus does not only serve to take better pictures of humans. You can also take better pictures of your pets or the ornaments at the Halloween party. No matter what the case is, both lenses would capture the picture in such a way that the background creates a beautiful bokeh (Blurring effect on the background). So you would not have any problem while taking the pictures at the Halloween celebration with iPhone 7 Plus.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to have great pictures of your Halloween party, go online for finding mobile phone selling sites in the UK, so you can upgrade to iPhone 7 Plus. Get rid of the phone that you have currently against the best price offered. Go on our website right now and check the worth of your current phone, so you can sell it to a refurbishing platform. Once you have sold your old phone, you are one step closer to buying an iPhone 7 Plus. These refurbishing platforms also offers you with the refurbished phones to purchase, you can easily find and purchase an iPhone 7 plus from these platforms while staying in the limit of your budget.

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