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Here Is How You Can Afford Your Halloween Costume

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Here Is How You Can Afford Your Halloween Costume

The fall is here and Halloween is brewing like a hot coffee that will be ready very soonfor us to enjoy. It is the second highest grossing commercial holiday after Christmas and is celebrated all over the world with very much excitement and enthusiasm. People actually save up for this event so that they could celebrate this event with great zest and zeal.

From the children to the elders, all participate in this event. Teens show off their crazy makeups and costumes, children adorably wear Halloween costumes and go for trick n treat door to door where the elderly members participate in helping their kids decorating the houses with carved pumpkins, set bonfires and play around different games. All these moments are captured as pictures and videos.

Whilst decorating your home, you might have come across some old and used mobile phones that were left to get consigned to the drawers because you upgraded to the new model and couldn’t find any use for them. What are your thoughts about these abandoned devices? Don’t you think they deserve a home and an owner to bring the meaning to their existence? Since they have been serving you well for quite a long period of time.

Oh yes, they do! But what can you do for them? Well, certainly resale is the best option. By selling your phone, you are not only bringing it to use but you are also earning money and contributing to reducing the e-waste. So if you decide to sell your old and used mobile phone, you would be looking for a way that allows you to sell your phone without any fuss, makes you earn greater and guaranteed money and consumes less time since you are already busy with the Halloween preparations. Talking about Halloween, selling an old and used mobile phones that are no longer of use to you, can make you earn enough money to buy a crazy Halloween costume for yourself!

Now whatever your reason is to sell your old and used mobile phone, selling the used and old gadgets has become duck soup. All praise to the advanced technology of internet that has made our lives easier accommodating us in every way. Where you had to sell your old stuff by organizing the auctions, now you can sell them online by following just a few steps. Selling electronics always used to be a difficult task, but now that also have become an easy-peasy one.

If you are looking forward to selling your old phone without much hassle, there are quite a few online websites that offer decent prices and are a perfect fit to sell used phones. Also, more often than not, the quote you will get will be more than the exchange price e-commerce player’s offer for specific products.

Here’s a guide to 10 of the best websites to sell your phone we have found for selling used technology (listed in no particular order).


eBay is the global online marketplace that is extremely popular for buying and selling. The most obvious place,for obvious reasons. Take your strong wit with you and this platform will give you access to the most potential buyers.

You can get access to eBay through your desktop and mobile phone as well. Install the application of eBay where you can easily set up a user account, and from there it’s actually easier to post a listing for your phone using the app rather than the desktop version.

The eBay app will allow you to take pictures of your mobile phone ready to be sold. You will also get a chance to fill in the description related to it.  The more honest you will be about your product, more potentially active your sale will become. The app not only lets you post your ad but also allows you to keep an eye over it and monitor and control all the bids by replying to most of the potential buyers.

The eBay app is an all-rounder. An excellent app and service, the only downside being the fees eBay will charge you for selling on it.


Close5 is another selling website that allows you to sell your old mobile phone. It also has a mobile application making your work even easier. Some people have shy nature and some are way too busy in their hectic lives so they cannot deal with the potential buyer, living across the street, face to face. The close5 is actually designed to help people sell stuff who are living in the same neighbourhood or city.

All it asks you to do is take a few pictures of your ready to sell mobile phone, write a brief description of it and set a price. Make sure that the description is not an exaggerated one because the more honesty will be poured into it, the more potential buyers you will attract.

eBay is the owner of Close5 but it does not take a cut from the dealers. So, there is cut proof dealing done through close5. The dealers can communicate through the platform of close5 and then meet offline to close the transactions choosing their own choice of payment methods that suffice them both.


Gumtree is another platform that allows you to quickly advertise your old and used mobile phone that you have planned to sell. With the comparison to eBay, it is not so popular website but an established one. Whilst comparing, there are some similarities and dissimilarities between both websites. It is similar in the way you categorise and regionalise listings to sell your product to the people in your area but differs as you have to do arrangements for the buyer to collect.

Gumtree always provides you with great experiences and if somehow you are dealing whilst being in a big city, you can find some bargaining as well. Whilst dealing for an electronic, be very alert and careful. Always meet in public and take your friend with you if possible. Though Gumtree is a very lovely service that makes you meet very like-minded buyers, Not that every buyer on Gumtree is out to steal from you, but being cautious and careful doesn’t cost you anything either.

Music Magpie

The service of Music Magpie is a very helpful one when you are set on a journey to sell your unwanted mobile phones. Music Magpie draws you in with the attraction of an immediate quote for your old and used mobile phone. All you have to do is visit the site, search for your mobile. Adding the details like colour, storage, physical capacity etc. will help you get better results.

You will be offered with very decent and handsome prices for the smartphone you put up for sale either they are months old or years old. For instance, a good condition unlocked 16GB iPhone 6 will get you £117 right now, even if you don’t have the charger or box. That’s pretty good.

Just visit the site and type in the phone details you want to sell to get started.


The network of SellTheMobile is a great way to make some money off an old phone. In fact, it is the best site to sell mobile phone. is one of the ideal alternatives where you can sell your used mobile phone for cash. It is the best mobile phone recycling comparison website that not only lists reputable and authentic mobile recycling companies in the UK but also offers you an unbiased comparison of the prices they offer for your phones.

You don’t have to be on SellTheMobile to use its service, and it accepts a wide range of handsets, with very competitive prices. SellTheMobile also offers the slightly vague promise that if you find a better price elsewhere, it “may match it” – so that’s not quite a guarantee, but there’s room for hope at least.


Envirofone is an environmentally friendly website as depicted from its name. It is situated in the UK and will help you get rid of your old and unwanted mobile phone that was cornered for quite a long time and will get that warm fuzzy feeling from doing something good for the planet. The mobile phone you will sell here will be re-sold in the UK, or refurbished for another developing country or recycled if it is not in a state to be repaired.

Pricing is a competitive process but you can get 10 per cent more if you are willing to sell your unwanted gadget for the “Envirocash” that is basically the in-store currency that can only be spent within the Envirofone shop where it sells the refurbished devices.


Well, either anyone has used this website or not, its popularity speaks for it and it is known by its name to everyone. Though the procedure of getting into the Amazon might be a bit of faff signing up to this website will get you a global buying audience.

The global platform of Amazon makes your listing very popular and bring them on the top. Once you have signed up, and you are on the platform get rid of the tension because your listings can appear on very popular search terms, particularly if you’re looking to sell an iPhone or other sought-after handsets. The system is not quite as polished as eBay is but it is a decent alternative.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook’s Marketplace is a location-based place to buy and sell stuff, including phones. It is a relatively new service in the market to help you sell your device. The service is very decent and simple. You can post your ads just like you post statuses on Facebook. Now, certainly, everyone knows that!

Another feasibility that it provides you is that it allows you to set what locations you prefer your device to be searched in. and always remember to be cautious, no matter how good your buyer looks, or how the platform you are dealing through is popular, you need to be careful.


From all of the above-mentioned website, Gazelle is one of the easiest websites to deal through with. It takes the hard work out of selling your old and unwanted mobile phones or other electronic gadgets such as tablets, macs etc.

All you have to do is give command. Tell the website what you have to sell, providing the details, it will give you the quote for your posted device. And after the deal is done between you and Gazelle, you can your product off to the website for free. Gazelle pays via PayPal, Amazon Gift Card or by check.

This summer, Gazelle introduced another self-service where you can just drop off the item on it and can receive instant cash out of it. Obviously, it is going to be a bit lower than the cash you would have earned if you would have sold it yourself, but in case of an emergency where you are in need of instant cash, I guess that is the opportunity to avail.

Now you know the number of websites that can help you sell you are used, unwanted and old mobile phone, all you have to do is to decide which one is the most suitable and best place to sell your phone online.

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