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How are Old Mobile Phones Recycled?

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Have you ever wondered that how are the phones recycled once you sell your old cell phone? Once you sell your old mobile for cash to a recycling platform the phone undergoes many stages before certain metals are extracted out of it orit is put up for sale again.

Most of you might know that by selling your old mobile phone,you are contributing towards the betterment of our environment. As otherwise, those phones may end up generating techno trash, which may produce certain chemicals to worsen our environment.Once you sell your phone to the recycling platform, it recycles your mobile phone in such a way that minimizes the risks of your personal data theft. The process of recycling is complex and after reading this article you would get an answer to the question: “How are old mobile phones recycled?”

Following are the two types of recycling that most recycling platforms do:

Recycle to Re-Use:

Many of the recycling platforms are purchasing the phones so that they can fix the problems in these phones and then resell them at lesser prices. These phones are known as refurbished phones. People buy these phones all around the world as they are cheaper than a normal second hand phones and most of the time these refurbished devices come with warranty as well.

When you sell your phone to such recyclers, first of all they erase all of the data (if any) saved in your phone. This ensures that even if you missed anything while formatting your device that will be erased by the refurbishing company. Once it is made sure that all of the data has been erased, these companies send the phones for certain inspections. Through these inspections, these companies find out the problems in the cell phone. Once the problems are found, these phones undergo a process in which all the problems in the device are fixed. Either it be a software issue or a hardware issue, all of the problems are fixed by the refurbishing company.

While fixing the problems, the refurbishing companies make sure that these problems do not arise again in the devices as most of these companies offer warranties with the refurbished phones. After all of the problems are fixed, the mobile phones undergo a certain inspection again. Through this inspection they check if the phone is in perfect condition. If any problem arises again, they fix the mobile phone again until it is perfect like a new device.

Once all the defects in the phones are fixed, then they put the device on sale at cheaper rates, or they send these phones to some other part of the world, and these devices are then sold there at cheaper rates.

Recycle to Extract:

The second type of recycling is recycle to extract. The phones when sold to the recycling companies recycle them to extract certain metals from them.

Our cell phones are made of some very precious metals, and these metals can be extracted through proper recycling. Before the recycling process is started, the batteries of the smartphones are taken out and sent to another place for recycling. The rest of the phone is then shredded and heated up till 1100C.

Through this process, they turn these devices into small particles (similar to the particles of dust). They are further put under some chemical processes, once the chemical processes are completed, these particles are then taken to different smelters to extract certain metals from them. The metals extracted from these devices are then used for certain purposes depending on their properties.

Now that you know the process of recycling, you should sell your old phones to the recycling companies operating in UK. You may find many recycling platforms online in the UK, you can sell your mobile phone to these platforms depending on the prices quoted by them for your device. For your ease, SellTheMobile provides a mobile phone recycle comparison in the UK. The process of finding the quotes for you old mobile phone is very easy. Visit our website, search for the model of your old phone. You have to select the appropriate specifications of your phone on our website. We will provide you with a list of recycling platforms that are offering different price quotes for your phone. Go through them carefully, once you have selected the platform that you want to sell your phone to. Go to their website, search for your phone again, and answer the questions about the condition of your phone again on their website. Once done, accept the offered quote provided by that website. Send your phone to them through free courier service (the courier charges would be paid by the recycling platform or drop the phone by hand to them), after careful examination of your phone, they would send the payment against your phone immediately.

Selling your phone to such platform is very easy and trustworthy.

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