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How Much Is Your Apple iPhone X 64GB worth?

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How Much Is Your Apple iPhone X 64GB worth

Apple iPhone X was launched for sale in 2017. It is considered as the 10th anniversary iPhone by Apple. As it is the 10th anniversary iPhone, Apple tried to include the best features in this one. Apple wanted to include the latest innovations in this iPhone and it surely did successfully. We can see a lot of difference in the 10 years of iPhone. The first generation iPhone was almost nothing in front of iPhone X, but they both have a thing in common; innovation and reliability. Apple included the latest technological innovations in every iPhone that it ever launched. And due to the addition of innovations in every model, iPhone X sales were more than expected.

If you have an iPhone X for sale in the UK then you are taking the right decision. Whenever Apple launches a newer model of iPhone, it tries to eliminate every glitch that might have been left in the previous one. Apple iPhone X is one of the best models ever launched by Apple, but as the time goes on we have to upgrade to the newer models.

Your iPhone X Price In The UK:

The price of iPhone X is still comparatively higher because Apple has only launched 3 models of iPhones after iPhone X. The price of your iPhone X in the UK can only be judged by the storage capacity, condition and whether your iPhone X is locked or unlocked. These three factors always determine the price of any phone. It might happen that if your mobile phone is of 256GB and is in the best condition while being unlocked then the selling price of your iPhone X would have been the highest. But if you own an iPhone X in 64GB storage then the price of your iPhone would be lesser than that of iPhone 256GB.

If your iPhone X 64GB is in a very good condition then it would yield more cash than an iPhone X 64GB in not so good condition. Moreover, an unlocked iPhone always yields more cash than a locked one. To see the actual price of your iPhone X in the UK, you would have to visit our official website and sell iPhone X 64GB at the best price.

Use SellTheMobile for the Best iPhone X Price in the UK:

For the best price of iPhone X in the UK, you can easily use our website to sell it. Why should you use our website? SellTheMobile lists the best mobile phone recycling platforms and these platforms provide the best price for iPhone X in the UK. All of the platforms listed on our website are reliable as we scrutinise the platforms after checking their customer service quality and terms & condition thoroughly. Moreover, we periodically check the customer service quality of the platforms listed on our website as well. If we find any glitch in the quality of the customer service, then we terminate the platform right away. The interface of our website is very user friendly and you can sell your iPhone X 64GB in just 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Search for your iPhone

To sell your iPhone X, you have to search for your mobile phone. Visit our home page and manually click Sell My iPhone tab on the home page and then select iPhone X. Or you can type iPhone X in the search bar on the home page. Once you have searched for iPhone X, the next thing that you have to select is the 64GB model mentioned on that page.

Step 2: Select the Accurate Options

When you have selected the 64GB option, you would be redirected to a page with the price quotes. Under the picture of iPhone X you would have to choose some accurate options to find out the accurate price quotes for your mobile phone. You would find the option for the condition of your iPhone X. Here you would have to select whether your mobile phone is in Used – Working condition, Faulty – Broken condition or if it is new. After that select whether your iPhone X is unlocked or locked.  Once you have selected the right options, you would be redirected to the page with the exact price quotes for your iPhone X by the best mobile phone recycling platforms.

Step 3: Compare And Select The Price Quote

Once you have selected the accurate options, you would be shown a list of all the price quotes offered for your iPhone X 64GB. You have to compare the price quotes wisely and remember that the highest price quote isn’t always the best one. You have to individually go through the terms & conditions of every mobile phone recycling platform to find the best one for yourself. Once get done with the research, select the best price quote for you.

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Step 4: Fill the Form and Confirm the Sale

Once you have pressed the ‘Sell now’ button, you would be redirected to a form. You would have to fill in your personal details in the form; your name, address, contact number, etc. Fill it with the accurate details and then select the preferred payment method. Once you have filled the form, select the button ‘Confirm the sale’.

Step 5: Send your iPhone X and Get Paid

When you press the confirm button, you would have to wait for a day or two to receive the free postage envelope. Once you have received the free postage envelope, you would have to put your iPhone X in it and send it to the platform free of cost. When your mobile phone would reach the platform, it would check you iPhone X and if it finds your phone to be in the condition described by you initially then it would send you the payment. And if not; it would send you an updated price quote through email. Then it is your choice to accept or reject the updated price quote. If you accept it, the platform would send you the payment right away or if you reject it, the platform would send your iPhone X back to you.

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