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How To Deal With A Phone With Cracked Screen

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How To Deal With A Phone With Cracked Screen

One of the most miserable situations in life is when you drop your mobile phone and the screen cracks! The teeth clenching moment is experienced by nearly everyone. The most melancholic form is when you have recently bought a mobile phone and life makes you go through this crucial time. Some of us have already spent so much on buying a  mobile phone that we do not have enough capacity in our budget to even think about the repair where, on the other hand, some of us are mobile phone lovers that we cannot even stand a bit damage to it and instantly get them repaired. And then there are some big shots that jump to buy a new mobile phone because imperfection is not what they like and a cracked screen is exactly what they do not want to have.

Most of us do not opt for the repair option just because we are afraid of having to deal with frauds. But living with a cracked and broken screen is just an amateurish way to deal with it because there are drawbacks of using a mobile phone that’s has a cracked or even worse, shattered screen.

A Cracked Screen Can Easily Turn Into A Shattered Screen

The major drawback of a cracked screen is that it can grow rapidly and extensively. If you have a mobile phone that has a cracked screen, even a slight bit, there is a much greater risk for it to completely shatter ultimately. Now, if you drop it again accidentally, or it gets hit by something or, in worse case scenarios, it can shatter all without even getting touched. All by itself! Like you simply set it down on your desk before you go to sleep but then you wake up in the morning to the entire phone screen in 10 million pieces.

Your Phone Could Become Badly Damaged

The screen is the multitasker. It displays the content and shields the vital components of your mobile phone such as the digitizer. A digitizer is the main module responsible for interpreting your touch on the screen and it is located just behind the screen. If the screen is damaged or has cracks on it that means digitizer is being exposed to harmful entities such as dust, debris, water etc. present in the outer environment. And the digitizer is highly prone to them.

Sometimes the little pieces of your cracked screen somehow manage to get inside and reach the digitizer, creating damage to it. Without the full protection of your screen, the damage to the digitizer is very likely and after some time it surely will break. Greater the damage: greater the charges to mend it.

The Glass Can Cut You

The screen is composed of the glass and when it is broken or cracked, the sharp and blunt edges are formed. These sharp ends can cut or injure your fingers when you are touching the screen. Moreover, the little pieces of glass that are stuck between the cracks can also get pinned to your skin. A single cut might not seem so bad, but imagine a bunch of tiny glass shards stuck in the tip of your finger. Awful it would be! Isn’t it?

Decreases Phone Value

Whenever we go out shopping, we always go for the stuff that looks the best and do not have any kind of damage to them. In case, if we ever find any little damage to the stuff that we have already chosen, we opt for bargaining because spending a great amount of money on the defected piece is not acceptable for us.

So, whenever you are going to sell iPhone with cracked screen or any other cracked handset you own, you will be cashing out less from it because of its damage. But, if you get it fixed on time and as soon as possible, it would be better in preserving the long-term market value of your mobile phone.

It Looks Unprofessional

Mobile phones are our go-to gadgets nowadays. We have it in our hands all the time. Either we are going to any party or for shopping or to the work or travelling on the bus and even when we are at home, the mobile phone is our digital hand accessory.

So, when you have a damaged mobile phone in your hand, people will notice it and it negatively impacts you. It sounds silly but our society is very judgmental. People judge you according to the visual they get to see. That is the reason why the physical appearance matters the most.

So, having a mobile phone with the cracked screen, in your hands, makes you look unprofessional and careless.

Cracked Mobile Phone Screen

With most smartphones costing hundreds of pounds, accidentally dropping an iPhone or Android smartphone can be expensive. The price of mobile phones nowadays is already higher. They nearly cost you a hundred pounds. And then accidentally dropping your mobile phone can be expensive. Where it has become expensive for you already, over the top it also becomes dangerous for you, in case any glass shards are set loose from the crack can injure your fingers.

The solution to every problem is not to sell it. So, always look for other alternatives first. Before you shell out for a brand-new mobile phone, there are some simple steps to that might help you to fix a broken mobile phone screen.

Assess the damage

If you are lucky enough that after that accidental drop your mobile phone screen managed not to get cracked on the larger scale, but only have gotten small and superficial cracks on the sides, then, in that case, the cracks are avoidable.

But bigger and deeper cracks demand immediate action. For instance, if a part of the display is missing or the screen’s colours look wrong, then the LCD panel that sits beneath the screen may have gotten damaged too.

So, if the smaller cracks are found on the screen you can consider avoiding this issue.

Temporary repair

Whenever you buy a new mobile phone, always put a screen protector on the screen of your upgraded phone for its protection. In case you drop the mobile phone, the mobile screen won’t get damaged instead the screen protector will bear all the damage.

If you have not done that at the first place and now the screen of your mobile phone is cracked, you can still apply a screen protector on it to prevent the further damage. It will consign the cracks and glass pieces to stay at their place instead of getting scattered and also will help you use your mobile phone without getting injured.

Back up your phone

Another important step you should take as soon as possible is to make a backup of your mobile phone. The drop might just not have damaged the screen of your mobile phone, but also the inner components. So, there is a worst-case scenario where a few hours after the hit, your mobile screen stops showing the display or your phone stops working at all. In such cases, your mobile phone should have a complete back up of your stored data so that you won’t have to lose your precious photos, files and apps.

Check your insurance

Mobile phones mostly come with warranty or insurances. It can be through the home insurance or can it be the part of a specific gadget policy. So, if your mobile phone is insured, check and figure out if it covers the accidental damage or not. If yes, then paying the excess to get it repaired via your insurance company is the cheapest way to get the screen fixed.

Call the manufacturer

In case, the mobile phone you own is not insured or is out of the warranty terms and the accidental breakage cannot be covered through them, the best way is to give a call to the manufacturer of your mobile phone. In comparison to the insurance coverage, it won’t be cheap but it certainly would get you a 100% genuine replacement of your broken and cracked screen and only for such purposes, most of the users are ready to bite the bullet and pay the whole price for it.

DIY repairs

If you want to attempt the repair yourself, you can do a bit of DIY as well. Here are a few of the DIY remedies for the nightmare of a cracked screen. And these should be done at your own risk and with extreme scepticism.

i.             Toothpaste

Toothpaste not only gives you nice and minty breath but also gives you a scratch less mobile phone’s screen. Applying toothpaste over the screen of your mobile phone can fix small scratches on it or at least hide them very conveniently.

Just put a tiny bit of toothpaste on a cotton bud and rub it on the scratch, making sure it doesn’t find its way into headphone sockets, buttons or other vulnerable parts of your device.

It will make your mobile phone’s screen fresh just like your breath.

ii.           Vegetable oil

Vegetable oil helps you cook food and dress your salads. But vegetable oil has another hidden talent. It can help you hide away all the scratches that are present on your mobile screen. All you have to do is to rub a dab of oil onto the scratch. But obviously, this too, cannot fix it permanently and entirely. And yes, be careful and not let it enter the sensitive holes and areas.

iii.          A plastic bag

Screen protectors come handy even after the damage has been done. You can fit the screen protector over the damaged screen. But what if your finances are also broken just like the screen of your mobile phone? Bad time always comes without knocking but life always provides you with a variety of alternatives. So, if you cannot afford the screen protector you can use clear and translucent plastic bags instead.

Just wrap it around the screen to avoid any injury whilst using the mobile.

iv.          Sandpaper

Rubbing sandpaper over the cracked mobile screen will help you get rid of the blunt edges. Proceed with this process very slowly, you might make the screen rougher instead of smoother if you don’t use it carefully.

v.            Baking soda

Baking soda helps you out of the kitchen as well. All you have to do is make a thick paste adding two parts of baking soda with one part water. Rub it over the damaged screen to cover the problem for a while.

Find a repair shop

There are a lot of services those are offering the screen repairs so you can always go in search of those shops. Talking to the manufacturer will also get you an idea what offer they will be giving you for the kind of repair you want. Moreover, you can also check the online repair websites. But most of the people prefer to take their phone to a well-known high-street retailer for repair work.

Sell it

If the price of repairing is getting out of your budget and is being too high for you to bear, you can sell your damage mobile phone. At least you will be getting paid for it instead of spending more pounds on it.

Usually, people buy the damaged mobile phones for their spare parts. You can sell your cracked mobile phone online as well. The best site to sell mobile phone with cracked screen in the UK is SellTheMobile. It is not only the best mobile phone recycling comparison website but also the reliable one. Its pricing mechanism is totally unbiased you can get a guaranteed offer with a reasonable price in exchange for your iPhone.

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