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How to fast charge your iPhone

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fast charge your iPhone

How to fast charge your iPhone

When Apple launched new iPhones, it meant that there has never been a better time to grab yourself a slice of Apple’s pie. While Apple’s latest iPhone and iOS 12 ensure that your phone-using experience will be silky smooth, there are some parts of the experience that won’t be as fast as you would expect. Apple iPhones do support fast charging and that is an appreciable thing but unlike its Android counterparts, Apple never included a fast charger within the box.

So, unfortunately, if you want a fast charger for your iPhone, you have to spend a bit more cash. There are a lot of chargers out there and you never know which one you should grab. But don’t worry, we have done some legwork to find out how you can charge your iPhone faster.

What is Fast Charging?

Fast charging allows the power to be transmitted to your iPhone’s battery faster compared to a conventional, slower charger. However, to get fast charging you need a charger to send the power.

How much faster is this charging? Well, Apple claims that fast charging will charge up to 50 percent of the battery in just 30 minutes. It means that you don’t need to charge your iPhone for the whole night.

The 5W charger that comes with most Apple iPhones is not capable of fast charging. Though it charges your iPhone fast but not fast enough. Most iPads come with a 12W charging block. If you have one, you can use that to charge your iPhone’s battery a little quicker. There is no harm in using iPad’s charger to charge your iPhone. However, iPhone 8 and above are capable of an even faster rate of charging. But to get that speed you require a stronger charger.

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Apple’s Official Fast Charger

While Apple doesn’t supply a fast charger but it does suggest a way for you to get hands-on fast charging easily. Apple recommends buying a new cable and charger for your iPhone.

If you’re happy to spend your cash to get the charger straight from Apple, here’s what you need.

The Cable

The cable you received within the box of your iPhone doesn’t support fast charging. In fact, Apple has a fast charging system, called as USB-C. This system is also being used by Android phones. The system is capable of transmitting faster power. And for fast charging on your iPhone, you require a USB-C to Lightning cable.

For this purpose, Apple offers an official this cable for some pounds. You can get one for yourself by visiting your nearest Apple Store or ordering it online from Apple Store.

The Power Adapter

Like the Lightning cable, the charger needs another special thing and that is 30W adapter with a USB-C port. And if you have Apple’s MacBook around you, then you should be happy. Because that adapter is a part of the charger that comes with many of Apple’s MacBooks. And you can use one such adapter to fast charge your iPhone.

If you have MacBook Pro then you might have a charger that’s even more powerful than 29W and 30W chargers. Apple also confirmed that it is absolutely safe to use 61W and 87W versions to charge iPhone 8 or higher models.

It is also to be noted that iPhone will never take power than it can handle, so it is safe to charge even 61W or 87W adapters for your iPhone.

If you don’t already have one of these adapters then you can head over to your nearest Apple Store or head online to get one for yourself. And remember, if you are buying an adapter for your iPhone, then get 30W USB-C Power Adapter because iPhones can only take charge up to 30W. Buying a more powerful adapter would just cost you more cash without any extra benefits.

The Cheaper Options

You might notice that Apple’s fast charging packages come in a hefty amount of money. But thankfully, Apple doesn’t have the monopoly in fast charging department. If you cannot afford the Apple’s own fast charging package then you can get cheaper options from elsewhere. You can check online or by visiting your nearest mobile phone market. These cheaper options will do much the same job at a much lower price.

You might find it difficult to get a good quality USB-C to Lightning cable at a cheaper price but as far as the charging adapter is concerned, you can get one in an affordable amount of money.

One more thing, never comprise of quality. When you look for cheaper options it is highly recommended to stick to reputable brands.

What charger are you using with your iPhone? Share your opinions with us in the comments section.

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