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How to Improve iPhone Battery Life

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iPhone Battery Life

How to Improve iPhone Battery Life

Our life comes to a halt when our phone battery dies. Right? We never want this to happen. Here is what you can do to salvage your battery. Or how to improve the battery life and keep it safe for long term in advance?

We’ve jotted down all the hacks that you will find extremely helpful in order to achieve the goal of improved battery life.

  1. Turn Siri Off

Turn Siri Off

Siri is a feature of Apple that acts as a virtual assistant for you, providing help in operating your Apple device. Though it looks like an amazing feature, but surely takes part in making your battery power dribble.

Turn off Siri by going to Settings > General > Siri and toggle the switch to off.

  1. Turn off Auto-Brightness

Turn on Auto Brightness

Your iPhone being lighted up the whole time is another factor causing battery drainage. Turn off the auto brightness in order to save up battery.

You’ll find this in Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Auto-Brightness. Turn it off.

  1. Turn Off the Personal Hotspot

Turn Off the Personal Hotspot

Hotspot can only be used when the mobile data is on and it allows your friends and family members to enjoy your data along with you.

Data itself is a heavy battery drainage ingredient, and hotspot is the cherry on the top of the cake. To turn it off go to, Settings > Personal Hotspot toggle the switch off.

  1. Turn Off Mobile Data

Keep Mobile Data Off


Mobile data is on-the-go wireless access to internet. On the contrary to the fact that it’s the source of information for us, it briskly drains the power of your mobile phone away.

To disable Mobile Data, Go to Settings > Mobile Data.

  1. Wi-Fi over Mobile Data

Wi-Fi uses less battery compared to mobile data. So, try using Wi-Fi as much as possible, instead of mobile data, to increase the iPhone battery life.

  1. Turn Wi-Fi Off

Keep Wi-Fi Off

Wi-Fi allows you to socialize, play games, watch videos and download apps. But behind the scenes, it is also draining your battery.

To turn off the Wi-Fi, Settings > Wi-Fi and toggle the switch off.

  1. Turn Data Push Off

Turn Data Push Off

Push is a feature in Apple that almost instantly notifies you when you receive the email on the server so that you won’t have to open the email app. And in return, draining the battery of your mobile phones.

To turn data push off, go to Settings > Accounts > Fetch New Data > Push. Turn it off.

  1. Auto-Lock

Auto Lock SoonerAuto-Lock is a feature that locks your phone up when it senses mobile’s inactivity for a while. By default, it is set to one minute but there are customizing options as well.

Well, alongside being a good feature to keep privacy of your data intact, it is an effective battery saving hack so, turn it on sooner.

Go to Settings > Display and Brightness > Auto-Lock. Turn it ON!

  1. Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode

The airplane mode suspends radio-frequency signal transmission i.e. disabling features such as; Mobile Network, Mobile Data, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth leaving you with the option to turn on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth manually.

It’s an effective way to save up your battery. Swipe up the Control Centre and push the Airplane button to turn this mode on or go to the Settings > Airplane mode and turn it on.

  1. Don’t Automatically Upload Photos to iCloud

Don't Automatically Upload Photos to iCloud

Open up Settings > iCloud > Photos. Turn off iCloud Photo Library and it will automatically stop uploading your entire library to iCloud[

The iCloud allows you to store your videos and pictures on cloud storage but it uses lots of your battery’s power.

  1. Don’t Send Diagnostic Data to Apple

Don't Send Diagnostic Data to Applor Developers

For improved and efficient performance of your Apple device, it schedules the collection of data usage and diagnostics information which surreptitiously is draining the battery’s life .

Go to, Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics and usage and opt for Don’t send.

  1. Disable Vibrations

Disabled Unneeded Vibrations

Setting iPhone on the silent mode may not be enough because it makes the buzzing sound when receiving notifications. That vibration also plays part in draining the battery power. Turn it off.

Go to, Settings > Sounds > Vibrate on Ring/Vibrate on Silent. Turn them Off.

  1. Latest Software Update

Apple’s latest software updates usually consists of new techs that helps in improving the battery life of your iPhone. So, always keep your device updated so that Apple itself could take care of that Battery drainage.

Plug in the device with charger if its below than 50%, Turn on the Wi-Fi, Go to the Settings > General > Software Update. Tap Download and Install.

  1. Turn Off Location Services

Turn Off Location Services

A lot of apps like Google Maps and Uber use location services for accurate tracking. This, however, also uses up a lot of battery. You can restrict certain apps from using location services to increase iPhone battery life and turn it off for even more efficient saving.

Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services, turn it off.

  1. Don’t Automatically Update Apps

Don't-Automatically Update Apps

Disable the Automatic update feature of your apps in your iPhones. Though it makes the process of updating your apps easy, it will consume a lot of battery. So, it is better to disable the function to increase the iPhone battery life.

  1. Tone Down Visual Effects

Stop Motion & Animations

Turn on the Reduce Motion option to reduce battery usage. The background motion may look cool but it drains battery so to save your iPhone Battery life it is better to enable the Reduce Motion feature through these easy steps.

Go to, Settings > General > Accessibility and slide the bar to turn them off.

  1. Turn Bluetooth Off

Turn Bluetooth Off

Make Sure that your Bluetooth connection is turned off as keeping Bluetooth on consume a lot of battery. You should only turn it on while using it.

  1. Fetch Email Less Often

Fetch Email Less Often

In the iPhone you can set the feature which can automatically suck email and other data down to it. So, turning Data Push Off will reduce the battery consumption and boost the iPhone Battery Life.

  1. Turn on Low Power Mode

Use Low power Mode

Low power mode reduces display brightness, optimizes device performance, and minimizes system animations, apps will not download content in the background, and features like AirDrop, iCloud sync, and Continuity will be disabled.

Go to Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode, and turn it on or slide up the Control Centre and activate it from there.

  1. Use Earphones

Isn’t it surprising to know that earphones are helpful in saving the power of your battery besides just letting you enjoy the music? I’m sure it is!

Well, earphones provide rest to the internal speakers of your mobile while you listen to music or other audios making your mobile use less power from the battery.

  1. Turn Down the Volume

The louder you’ll speak; the more energy will be consumed. Same goes for your mobile. The louder it will be, the more power it will require resulting in decrease of the battery life.

So, turn down the volume, for your iPhone to last a bit longer.

  1. Turn off iCloud

Turn off iCloud

iCloud running means the backup is being uploaded every now and then which is, in actual, using the battery to do so. So, turning it off will be a great deal regarding saving battery up .

Go to Settings > Your Apple Profile > iCloud > iCloud Backup. Turn it off.

  1. Turn Off Air Drop

Turn AirDrop Off Unless you're-Using It

Air drop is the feature that allows you to share contacts, pictures, videos etc. instantly from your iPhone to nearby Apple devices. No doubt, it’s something that takes much energy from your battery to do so.

Turn it off by swiping up your control centre and tapping the blue icon of Air drop, turning it grey.

  1. Minimise Camera Use

Who doesn’t love to take selfies? But on low power mode, you got to use it efficiently and stop using battery draining apps. Alas! Camera, too, is one of them.

So, keep that urge of taking selfies in control till you get your battery charged.

  1. Turn Off Handoff

Turn Off Handoff

Handoff is a really helpful feature for iPhone users as it allows the user to continue his work from his iPhone to any of his Apple’s device such as, Mac, iPad etc. A very helpful tool, but a high battery consumer. So, watch out!

Settings > General > Handoff, then tap to turn OFF Handoff.

  1. Kill Raise to Wake

Kill Raise to Wake

Raise to Wake is another interesting feature of iPhone that allows you see the lock screen and its elements without pressing any button or unlocking the mobile.

Clearly, it’s a battery drainer. Go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Raise to Wake and toggle the switch off and save your battery a bit longer.

  1. Get A Battery Test

Get A Battery Test

Checking the performance of your battery isn’t the most complicated thing to do at all. For the sake of your peace of mind, it is actually a useful service.

If the battery of your mobile is not working properly and you’re assuming that there’s something wrong in it, Just Get your battery tested. Do it yourself by going to Settings > Privacy > Analytics > Start diagnostics with Apple Support.

  1. Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb

The feature that allows you to stop getting the notifications and alerts that are eating up a tiny part of your battery throughout the day.

Enable this feature to save your battery. Go to Settings > Do Not Disturb, toggle it ON.

  1. Turn Off Spotlight

Spotlight is another great feature that runs in the background to index your data for your easy access. But when the power of your battery is running on low, it is Not that great. So, it’s better to turn it off.

Go to Settings > General > Spotlight Search and manually turn off the categories that are, for the moment, unnecessary to be indexed.

  1. Schedule Night Shift

Schedule Night shift

The more brightened your screen will be, the more energy it will consume from your battery. Put it on the night mode when not in use, like at night, and save your battery.

The ease is that you can now schedule it, so in case you forget to do so, it will be shifted automatically. Go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Night Shift, schedule it.

  1. Turn Off Auto Time Zone

Wherever you are in this world, based on your location, iPhone sets the time zone automatically, feeding a little on your battery. Turn it off by tapping on Settings > General > Date & Time and change Set Automatically to Off.

  1. Calibrate

Despite of every trick, you’re still not able to improve the battery health, get its calibration done. That is from 0 to 100. It helps your device to estimate its battery life more accurately.

  1. Do Not Use VPN

By using an encrypted Internet connection that acts as a secure tunnel for data, a virtual private network enables you to securely access behind firewall. But again, it also makes your battery drained. So, when short on battery power, avoid using it.

  1. Offload Unused Apps

Go to, Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Offload Unused Apps. Enable it and save your battery power.

  1. Prevent Background App Refresh

Prevent Background App Refresh

There are some apps that will keep running in the background even though you’re not using them and will be an unnecessary reason to drain your phone’s power reserve.

In order to get rid of them go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and toggle the switch to off. There is an option provided to you to either stop those apps individually or all at once.

  1. Disable Content Blockers in Safari

It is a feature that allow AdBlock for Safari to block more ads than ever before and makes Safari run faster. Whilst providing you with ads free ease , it costs a bit of your battery drainage.

Open Settings > Safari > Content Blockers. Disable them and enjoy the saved up battery power.

  1. Turn Off Health App

Turn Off Fitness Tracking

Good health is life’s one of the greatest blessing and iPhone has done a great job making a feature app devoted to our health.

On one hand where it is keeping track of our health to improve it, it leaches out the power of the battery of our mobile phones.

Go to, Settings > Privacy > Motion and Fitness > Health. Turn it off.

  1. Turn off Equalizer

Turn off Equalizer

With the help of equalizer, you can change the frequencies of your music to put in a little of your effect in it and enjoy the music more.

It drains battery so turn it off by going to the Settings > Music > EQ. Turn it off.

  1. Exposure to Ambient Temperatures

Avoid exposing the iPhone extreme ambient temperatures. The optimum temperature for iPhones to work best at, are 16° to 22° C. Keeping your devices exposed to extreme temperatures might damage the battery eternally. Protect the iPhone from exceeded sunlight exposure as well .

  1. Charge it to Half

Many believe that it is better to keep the phone fully charged for better iPhone battery life. However, Apple says that it’s best to keep the phone charged at around 50 per cent as storing it at full charge can reduce battery capacity.

  1. Beta – Battery Health

The upcoming feature off the iOS update brings Battery Health (Beta) option. This new section will provide iPhone users more detail on battery capacity and peak performance capability. The first one measures the current  percentage of your battery capacity compared to when it was new. The older it gets, the lower the percentage which means fewer hours of usage between charges. The second information tells you whether your battery is supporting normal peak performance or high peak performance.

It lies in Settings > Battery. You can turn it on from there.

  1. Disable Dynamic Backgrounds

Disable Dynamic Backgrounds

Live wallpapers and backgrounds look cool . But who’s the supplier? The Battery of Your Mobile! The dynamic backgrounds that you set for your iPhones, extract the power of your battery.

Set the stable wallpapers instead of dynamic ones. Go to Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness and then tap on Choose Wallpaper and opt for the stable one.

  1. Download Ahead of Time

Downloading, whilst away from the charger and Wi-Fi is such a bad option for your battery life. Mobile data on one hand, consumes a lot of battery power, secondly, if you’re already running out of battery and are away from your charger, how can this be a wise move to make?

Keep the downloading work for when you’re at home, chilling and using Wi-Fi. Always download ahead of time.

  1. High-Impact Apps

Some apps burn through your battery much faster than others. Heavy use of the processor, GPU, and GPS chip, uses up much of the power of the battery and it is all the blessings of the High-Impact Apps such as, Maps, Facebook, TV-series apps etc.

So, if you’re running on low battery and you’re away from the charger, don’t even bother using these apps because they’ll drain the power like no other and in no time!

  1. Avoid Games

Games are the best answer to kill boredom. But, indeed, as it is a very good time pass it drains the power of your battery like a thirsty man drinks water. So, when te battery is at its lowest, and save up is needed, avoiding playing games is what you need to do.

  1. Remove Multiple Email Accounts

Remove Multiple Email Accounts

The more emails will be active, the more they will use energy to perform (send and receive emails, notifications etc.)

Remove multiple accounts from your device and only keep the most important one. Go to Settings > Accounts & Passwords > Delete the desired accounts.

  1. Edit Search

Don't Take App Suggestions

The iPhone software has composed Search in a way that it keeps an eye on every item in your mobile phone. But in a state of low battery, you wouldn’t want it to keep indexing each and every thing on your mobile.

Save up a little bit of your battery by cutting down the irrelevant stuff.  Go into Settings > Siri & Search and remove anything on the list that you don’t use or want to search.

  1. Turn Off Show Previews

Turn Off Show- reviews

The previews popping up every now and then on your screen, are powered by your battery. Turn them off so that the battery could be saved.

Go to Settings > Notifications > Show Previews, disable them.

  1. Check Battery Usage

Check Battery Usage

Checking battery usage turns out to be very effective approach to be able to save the battery. To cure the disease, we must know what the disease is? Similarly, if you want the safe and effective usage of your battery you need to track down its usage.

In an iPhone, you can inspect the battery usage by going to the Settings > Battery > Show Detailed Usage. There the populated battery usage will be shown.

  1. Charging Cases

Buying your iPhone, a charging case will help in boosting the battery power.

  1. Buy an Extended Life Battery

An extended life battery is the best way to increase the battery life of your mobile phone, as it usually is twice the capacity of a regular battery. Buy an extended life battery and improve your mobile’s battery life.

  1. Does Your Battery Need Repairing or Replacing?

If your battery is not working efficiently enough, even after trying all the tactic, bring it to MobileRepairs4U for the perfect replacement services.

But here’s the thing, sometimes the battery is affected to the extent that it no longer has the ability to work properly or its too old and worn out. So, a battery of this kind can NOT be replaced.

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