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How to Prepare Your Phone For Sale

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How to Prepare Your Phone for sale

To sell mobile phone in UK, you have to keep certain things in your mind. It’s not just putting your mobile phone up for sale, it’s a difficult process that can be made easy if you do it the right way. These days, with the evolution in the mobile phone industry people all over the world and specifically in UK are selling their mobile phones to upgrade to a new one. Upgrading to a new phone is a genius decision, but you have to keep certain things in your mind, so that you can use the new phone without any glitch. We would be recommending you the ways to prepare your phone before you sell it.

To sell your old mobile phone, you need to follow a certain procedure. This procedure is developed to get the best price for your phone and also through this procedure you wouldn’t have to worry about the data that is stored in your phone.

Check your phone:

No matter which phone do you have, you should always check the body of your phone. With this you have to thoroughly check whether your phone has any fault or not. All of us already know about our phone, the question that might rise here is “why should I check my phone again when I have it with me 24/7?” the answer to this question might be surprising to some of you! Sometimes, we use sharp/hard phone covers and due to those, the sides of our phone gets scratched. This isn’t the only case, the phones with glass backs have the next issue in particular.

We always take care of our phone like our real baby, but the glass back of the phones, especially Samsung Galaxy Series and also iPhone, are too fragile and they get cracked without even making a sound. It might happen due to the pressure that is built naturally on the phone while it’s in our pocket. So you should take off your phone cover and check weather every part of your phone is intact or not.

Also check if your phone is too dirty. Check for the dirt spots and also check for the dust inside the speaker, charging port, and audio jack of your phone. With this, also check the accessories of your phone, which ones are working and which ones are not.

Where to sell it!

Now, this depends on your preference!If you are a socially introvert person then you might opt an online platform to sell it. Or if you are an extrovert, you should check if anyone is going to buy your beloved device in your social circle. If yes, then you are a lucky bloke! If no, then you would have to opt an online platform as well.

In online platforms, we have many options in UK. The options ranges from classified ads to recycling platforms to even donating your cell phone for a good cause. You have to decide if you want to sell your phone or donate it.

Selling your phone on a recycling platform is the easiest way of getting rid of your device. You can easily find the potential recycling platforms that are willing to buy your phone on  Moreover, if you are willing to sell your phone to a recycling platform, then you only have to read point 4 in this article to prepare your phone. We don’t want to get into details over here as this part is discussed already in a previous article.

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To donate your phone to an organisation working in UK, you have to contact the organisation and inform them that you are willing to donate your cell phone. They would let you know the information for how to send your phone to them.

To sell your phone through a classified ad, you need to post an ad of your phone on an online platform and wait for a potential buyer to contact you.

Repair and Clean:

While checking your phone thoroughly you might find any defect in your phone. We recommend you to get its flaws repaired before selling your phone in your social circle or through a classified ad. The value of a broken phone is always very less than an intact one. So if the repair isn’t costing you much quid, then you can opt for getting you phone repaired before selling it. In this way you would get the best possible rate for your phone.

Cleaning your phone is essential while selling your phone through two of the channels discussed in last paragraph. Find a clean piece of cloth and any surface cleaner and start scrubbing your phone. Be careful, don’t hurt your baby (Phone)! Gently remove all the stains and dirt spots from your device. Check if there is any dirt in the inlets (Speaker, audio jack, charging port, etc) in your phone, if there is, try to get that out gently.

A bad screen protector values down your phone as well. So if the screen protector of your phone is worn-out then you should either replace it or take it off.

The hardship doesn’t end here if you are willing to sell your phone through a classified ad. Write a tempting description of your phone, including everything about your phone. You must include all the flaws (if any) in your phone clearly.

Wipe it!

No, you don’t have to WHIP it, WIPE it! By this we mean that you have to delete every piece of data that is saved in your phone before selling it. But don’t wipe all the data in the first place, only do it when you find a person or platform that has confirmed to buy your phone.

Wiping the data of your phone is a complex task, don’t take it too easy! Follow the instructions carefully and prevent yourself from being a victim of data loss or data theft.

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Sell the beautiful thing!

Once you are done with all the steps suggested above, it is time to say goodbye to your beloved device!

The most important thing while selling your phone in your social circle or through a classified ad is that you should tell the buyer all the flaws (if any) in your phone while selling your phone. Moreover, while selling your phone to an unknown person, make sure that the buyer is not a scam.

It is a risky thing to sell your old mobile phone through a classified ad. Selling your phone to an unknown person leaves you at a risk of data theft, real theft and your life as well. That is the sole reason that we always suggest you to sell your phone through a transparent channel (recycling platform). is one of the best mobile selling comparison sites working in UK. You can visit our websites and search for potential buyers (Recycling Platforms) for your phone.

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