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How to sell your iPad mini and earn some cash?

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How to sell your iPad mini and earn some cash?

How to sell your iPad mini and earn some cash?

Selling your iPad mini is not a difficult task at all, but to do so, you should know the procedure and best places to sell it. Selling your iPad can earn you some cash if you do it the right way! This article would tell you the tips and tricks for selling your iPad for money.

1.      What to do before you decide to sell your iPad mini:

Once you have decided to sell your iPad mini out there in the market, you should take some simple precautionary steps that would erase your personal information from your device. These steps are suggested by Apple itself.

i.                    Backup your device by the help of iCloud or iTunes.

This step helps you to backup and store your precious data on iCloud or iTunes. For doing so, you would have to install iTunes software on your PC/Mac > Connect your device to your PC/Mac > Select your device on the iTunes >Summary tab> Select Backup option > Select Backup now. The device would backup all of the data on iTunes. For backing up your data on iCloud you simply need to; Tap on settings app >iCloud> scroll down and select Storage and Backup. This would backup your data on iCloud and whenever you will sign-in on any Apple device, this data would automatically be backed up on that new device.

ii.                  Sign-out:

Sign-out from iCloud, iTunes and App Store before you sell your iPad for your own safety. Through this step you can save yourself from the potential theft of your data.

iii.                Delete Applications Manually:

This might consume your precious time but it is important to manually delete the downloaded applications from your iPad to remove the cashed data and your personal log in information that might left behind in the applications.

iv.                 Remove Photos:

You should backup all your photos from your camera roll to iTunes/iPhoto and then delete the photos from your iPad.

v.                   Factory Reset:

Erase all the data and information from your device through factory reset. For doing so, you would have to tap the settings app on your iPad >General> tap Reset option.

2.      Where to sell your iPad mini:

Selling your iPad mini can earn you great cash. But this depends on where you sell your iPad mini, as many platforms these days are buying the old Apple devices at different rates. It depends on the seller to choose the platform and earn some cash in return.

Some of the platforms to which you can sell your iPad mini to, are mentioned below:

i.                    IPad-Recycle:

iPad recycle is an online platform where you can sell your old iPad for a handsome amount of cash. You can simply visit their website online, you will see various options on their home page. Select your iPad according to the model. After you have selected the accurate model of your iPad, you should select the storage, other specifications and condition of your iPad. Once you have selected all of the options accurately, they will give you a price quote immediately. If you are willing to sell your iPad for the given price quote, you can fill in your information and address. You have to select the payment method as well, they offer; Bank transfer, PayPal or payment through cheque. You can then send your iPad to them via free postage (the parcel would be insured up to £100). They generate your payment the same day they receive your iPad. You can send the wall charger of your iPad mini to them and they would pay £1 extra for the charger.

ii.                  Music Magpie:

Music Magpie is yet another recycling platform that accepts your iPad mini. You can sell your iPad mini for some good cash at this platform. The procedure for selling your iPad at this platform is almost the same as at iPad Recycler. You have to visit Music Magpie’s website online, select on the seller option. Search for the model of your iPad in the search bar and that would redirect you to a page full of options. At that page select the model of your device along with its storage capacity, select the condition of your iPad and they would give you a price quote. If you like their price quote and are willing to sell your iPad mini at that price then you can proceed further and accept the price quote. You would then have to register with the platform (registration is free), and send your iPad mini through free postage. Once your parcel reaches them, they pay you the very next working day through bank transfer, PayPal or cheque.

iii.                eBay:

eBay is one of the largest online trading platforms working in the UK. You can post an ad for your iPad mini easily. Just visit eBay’s website and sign-in or register with them free of cost. After that go to the “sell” tab on the top of the home page. Once you are at the seller page, suggest a title for ad posting (i.e. iPad Mini), it will redirect you to a page where you would have to select the specific model of your iPad. Select the model of your iPad and it will redirect you to a page asking about the colour of your iPad, select the colour. You would then be forwarded to a page asking for the storage capacity of your device, and so on it would ask for certain specifications of your iPad mini, select the accurate option(s) on each page. Once you are done with selecting the specifications of your iPad mini, you then have to upload some nice and appealing snaps of your iPad to go with your ad. Once your ad is posted, the buyers might contact you for the price quotes. Once you have decided to sell your device to a certain buyer, you can simply seek for the help of eBay. eBay would help you in sending your device to the concerned buyer and also it would help in the money transaction between the buyer and you.

3.      Enjoy the cash:

Once you have sold your iPad mini for the most money offered by the buyer you can then enjoy the cash that you have earned for selling your beloved device. We don’t know your exact preferences for what you can do with your cash but we hope that we gave you some useful tricks and tips for selling your iPad mini and earn some handsome cash!

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