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How to Sell Your iPad And Get The Most Cash For Your Apple Tablet

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Sell Your iPad

If you are unhappy with your iPad for whatever reason and find yourself asking, how I can sell iPad, you are in luck. The following article will discuss the iPad selling in details so that you can happily sell your iPad and get the most cash for it. So, continue reading the article and know the best way to turn your unwanted iPad into cash!

Don’t Throw Your Old Unwanted iPad in The Trash – Sell It!

Did you know that it is illegal to throw electronic gadgets in the trash in the UK? Other countries are also following suit. Let’s all try to take care of the environment and sell our e-devices including smartphones and tablets for recycling.

Instead of tossing away an outdated or broken iPad, see if there is a good deal online and prevent it from going into a landfill. There are several online companies that buy your iPad for recycling and pay you a great price in return.

Where to Sell Your iPad That You No Longer Want to Use?

When you think about how to sell your iPad online, you would be showered with a number of different options to choose from. The problem would never be to look for a buyer; the problem would be to select a right buyer because there would be so many. Different people choose different methods because of their own reasons, nevertheless, the best deal would be the one that gives you the best returns and maximum relief and satisfaction because of their good services. Well, here’s some top recommended places where you should sell your iPad.

  • eBay

The first option you can take into account when you sell iPad online is eBay, the largest buying and selling platform across the world. The site would permit you to be a part of a global market where you can see users all around the world and inform them regarding the availability of your gadgets on the web. Anybody who would be interested in your product would revert back accordingly and the sale can be made. eBay also allows you to list your product on auction so that you can have a number of bids higher and higher for the same, giving you the better results.

However, dealing with eBay to sell your iPad or any other e-devices could be slightly hectic. Being so professional and technical, the site tends to look into the finest of details and makes sure that everything is in place. For these things, you would need to pay some fees to eBay.

  • Craigslist

Another option for you to sell your iPad online is to put it on Craigslist. The population of buyers on Craigslist is much lower than eBay but it has its own advantages. It minimises the chances of fraud and brings down your search which automatically gets narrowed down to the few that would be suitable for you. Through searching on Craigslist, you can find the potential buyers within your locality. If you find a buyer with a satisfactory offer, you can set up a personal meeting and can discuss how and when you can exchange payment as well as the iPad to be sold.

  • Recycling Websites

With the rise in awareness about recycling, there are specialised mobile recycling companies online that buy your old phones and tablets for a fixed price whether they are working or not. So, now is the perfect time to raid your handy drawers and cupboards to dig out all your old phones and tabs and send them to these companies for recycling. Even if you have one of the very old iPads that is completely damaged, it would also have a value that can be recovered if you sell it to a recycling firm.

To sell your iPad for recycling is very simple and easy to do. Locate an online recycling company, choose your iPad on their site, fill in the required information and then send your device onto the posted address. Once your Apple tablet is received by the company, it will be quickly examined and the payment will be made to you via a cheque or bank transfer within 2-7 days.

It really is as easy as it sounds to make money from your old iPad, not only will you be getting some extra cash for yourself but at the same you will be recycling and doing your bit to help save the environment by stopping your old unwanted tablet ending up in a landfill site where it can cause some major damage.

Why Sell Your iPad For Recycling?

Electronic devices tend to date quickly- items such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops are soon replaced with the latest models, creating a huge amount of waste. Many people in the modern world replace their phones and tabs every 11-18 months.

In the UK alone, hundreds of thousands of tonnes of electronic waste are being dumped each year, including used mobile phones, tablets, and other electronics. This e-waste is toxic to the environment because it contaminates the groundwater, air, and the soil as well.

Then, why not prevent this e-waste from going to landfills? Instead of doing that, sell your iPad or any other gadget to a recycling centre that can extract all usable components from it in a green and eco-friendly way.

What Happens to Recycled Tablets or Other Electronic Gadgets?

Some iPads can be fixed and refurbished. For instance, a used iPad which is only a few years old may not be suitable for you, but it could be refurbished and made perfect for someone else. Tablets that can’t be restored to use are separated to small pieces of valuable materials such as copper, iron, plastic, aluminum, silver, or even gold. These separate pieces of material can be recycled and recreated into new products.

How to Get The Most Price for iPad While Selling Through Recycling Companies?

Though there are many recycling sites that offer a free service to sell your iPad, the fact is that it might be a daunting task to find the one that would pay you the highest price. It takes hours and involves a lot of effort if you visit different recycling sites one by one by yourself.

So how you can find the best ever deal quickly to get the most cash out of your iPad? Thanks to recycling comparison sites that aim to compare all the top recycling sites. Through making a comparison, you get to know who offers what and find the highest price for your old iPad. Doing this will not only save you time but also keep you hassle free because you won’t have to visit the recycling site one by one manually.

All you need to do is to select your iPad from the listed menu or simply enter the model number into the search box on the comparison site. With a single click, you will get a list of the best recycling firms with their topmost quotes on the screen. Take a look at all of them and choose the topmost one. Once you complete the online sale process, you will have to send your device to the selected recycler’s address and they will pay you soon when they receive your iPad.

So, in order to sell your iPad for cash, you must reset it to protect your data.

What To Do Before Presenting Your iPad For Sale

The selling price of an iPad typically depends on the condition of the iPad. Good condition will definitely have a higher resale value compared to a faulty one. Therefore, below is something that you should consider before sending your Apple tab for sale. These 3 considerations will surely help you sell your iPad at a great price!

  • The Condition of the iPad

Like mobile phones, tablets are also prone to scratch marks. This is why protective casing is very helpful in protecting them from any damage in case they fall. The price of the iPhone depends a lot on the overall condition. Therefore, always make sure to thoroughly clean your mobile phone to make it look more attractive. If the casing or the LCD has scuff marks or scratches beyond repair, it is best to spend a little money and get the casing or LCD changed. This will increase the overall worth of the mobile.

  • Reset Your iPad To Factory Settings

Before sending your iPad to the recycler, it’s quite important you should remove all data and information from your gadget and restore its default settings so that no one can access your private data. Well, before doing this, you should take a backup of your device to keep your data stored.

To backup an iPad, you can use either iCloud or iTunes, according to preferences. Here’s how you can back up an Apple iPad:

iCloud Backup: tap on the Settings > [your name] > iCloud > iCloud Backup > Back Up Now.

iTunes Backup: Connect your iPad to your PC. Open iTunes. Click on the Device icon. Choose Summary and then click on the Backup Now.

Now take a look at how to reset an iPad to factory settings. Simply go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

  • Clean Your iPad

While posting your Apple iPad for sale, you should clean your iPad using a soft-lint cotton cloth. Clean up the screen and body cautiously, gather all necessary accessories, and then put them along with the device into the original box if you have.

What Will You Do With The Extra Money?   

Use a recycling comparison site and I am sure you would be pleasingly surprised by the difference compared to other prices you have been quoted.

Bear in mind prices can vary considerably and in some cases, you can get more than double the amount you originally found your iPad was said to be worth.

The extra money will come in handy at any time of year and it makes sense to turn your old iPad or any other gadgets lying around your home into hard cash. You can use this earning for putting towards a new tablet, topping up your credit or anything else you want.

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