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How to sell your mobile Phone

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How to sell your mobile

How to sell your mobile Phone

Each year many new smartphones hit the market and tempt us all into buying them. Despite our determination and resolve to not to buy a new phones we end up falling for one of these new designs. Studies suggest that most people prefer using the same phone for at least two to three years. However, there is this other creed of people who switch their phones instantly and their old mobile phones end up in closets and drawers.

According to International Data Corporation, last year around 1.5 billion smartphones were sold. This figure is getting higher each year. And here comes the main question that what should we do with our old smartphones? I asked the same question to my friend and he replied that sell your mobile phone. I think this is the best solution. Many of us sell mobile phones to get money and with that money, we can buy the things we want including new phones. Most people purchase new phones after trading or selling the old ones. But still, there are millions of old mobile phone devices which are gathering dust. This ‘waiting’ also depreciates their value. In this guide, we will help you in finding out the answers related to your old smartphones.

  • What is the worth of your old mobile phone?
  • What is the best platform to sell it?
  • And how to prepare it to sell?

Deciding to get rid of

Let’s admit decluttering is indeed a very soothing experience. It always feels great to clear old stuff from your closets. You create space and can make some money in the process also by selling your old stuff.

We advocate selling your old mobile phones if you have any. There are many advantages of selling old phone rather than keeping them in the closet for many years. If you do not want to sell then make sure they have a use, for instance give it to your younger sibling or donate it to charity. But if you plan to sell it then make sure to sell it as soon as possible because delaying it only lowers the value of your smartphone.

Find the Box and Accessories

After finalizing your decision of selling the old mobile phone, the very first step you should take is to find the original box and accessories of that particular mobile phone. Find its original charger, earphones, original cable, original box and any other accessory that came with it. And believe that, this will make a difference, not only on the price factor but also in packing and shipping the phone.

How much your old Mobile Phone is worth?

It is common knowledge that an excellent condition phone with all the original accessories is worth more than a scuffed mobile phone with no original accessories. But you can still get the maximum price for your mobile phone and for that you have to do a little research.

Where can you get the most prices for your old/used mobile phone?

Usually, you will get the best price for your phone if you sell your mobile phone to companies who deal in second hand and used mobile phones. This is a very convenient process. Another method of selling your mobile phone is through a private sale to another person. But the process involves a lot of risk. On the other hand, trade-in deals are simple and straightforward.

If you are thinking to sell your phone via eBay or Craigslist, then you will have to do some homework before selling. Browse the sites and search as a buyer the same phone you want to sell. Check out the prices of the phone and also check how different people list their mobile phones for selling.

Once you have some idea about the price, it’s time to check buy-back and trade-in prices. This process is easy. All you have to is to go to the website, answer some questions related to your phone and you will get an estimated price of your mobile phone.

Unlocked phones are worth more

Remember, carrier unlocked phones get higher prices than carrier locked phones. Unlocked phones are those phones which can use any SIM card in them thus command the highest prices during sale.

Choosing where to Sell

There are three options that you can consider while selling a mobile phone. One way is to sell the phone to a person using the online marketplace. The second option is to trade your phone for credit and the third option is to sell your phone to a company.

Selling to a Person via an online marketplace

If you want to get a good deal for your phone then selling it privately is a good idea. But this requires a lot of effort. You have to create a tempting list of what you are offering and you might be negotiating the price. If you list your mobile on Craigslist then you might receive a bit high payment because people over there are willing to pay more. But Craigslist doesn’t suit every seller.

For Craigslist, you have to take photos of your phone, do the listing, input details about the offers and then meet the buyer in person to exchange your smartphone for cash.

Another online marketplace is eBay. Remember eBay has its fee and you also have to pay your packaging and shipping costs. On eBay, you not only list your phone for auction but also set the price you want. Same as the Craigslist, you have to take photos of the phone, write a detailed listing, pack the phone and send it to the winning bidder.

Trade-in your smartphone

It’s pretty simple to trade-in your mobile phone and get a good amount of cash in return. Some websites, like Amazon give you the option through which you can get a free pre-paid shipping label, you just have to pack your smartphone and send it.

Few trade-in deals give you credit instead of cash and some give you discount on a new device. Also, keep in mind that when trading your phone mention the pros and cons of the phone honestly. Avoiding this point will get you less money than quoted price. So be careful.

Below are some of the best options for trade-ins:

  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • AT&T
  • Best Buy
  • GameStop
  • Sprint
  • Staples
  • T-Mobile
  • Target
  • Verizon
  • Walmart

Sell to a Company

Selling the phone to a company that buys used smartphones is the easiest way to get maximum cash. You can get an estimated price by answering some questions online. The estimated price is usually good. You will get your payment after your mobile is received and inspected by the company.

One of the many advantages of choosing this option is that mobile phone recycling companies send the packaging material free of cost. So, all you have to do is to pack your mobile phone in the box and send it off. Below are some of the best options for you.

  • Gazelle
  • Glyde
  • Decluttr
  • Blazing Electronics
  • Next Worth
  • YouRenew

If you do not want this option, then you can sell the phone directly as well. Some small, independent phone stores might be interested to buy your phone and you will get the cash over the counter.

How to wipe your phone

One very important step to follow is to clean up your phone before selling it. By clean we mean to clear all of your personal data from the phone. Sign out of all the accounts and completely wipe it clean. And before doing this, consider these two points as well.

First is to back up your precious data and secondly to remove the Activation Lock if applied already.

When you back up your files and data, sign out of all the accounts. Remove the SIM card, remove the memory card, if there is any. Do a thorough check of the phone to find out any damages or scratches.  After that do a factory reset of your phone.

How to List your Smartphone

After doing the factory reset, clean up your phone gently. You can use a soft microfiber cloth for cleaning. If you are going to trade-in your phone or selling to a company then you can skip the next part of this blog.

So, if want to sell through the online marketplace like craigslist or eBay then you need list your phone on marketplace website. Take multiple photos of your phone from different angles. Photos should be clear. Also, take some clicks of the box and all the accessories. While listing, do mention the condition of the phone accurately.

What to do with the case and accessories

There is a good chance that you already have stocked mobile phone accessories such as old phone cases. Check if one of these accessories and cases are compatible with the phone you are planning to sell. If not, then you must gift these things or sell them at an appropriate price. There is no point of hoarding things that can otherwise be used.

How to Package and Send the Smartphone

Before sending your phone to be sold off we suggest that it should be charged fully. Turn it off and turn it on a few times. The best way to pack up the phone is to find its original box and put it in the box. If you are sending the original box then this will boost the price. Make sure that the phone is tightly packed.

After that send your phone through a postal service which provides you proper tracking of the phone. If possible, share the tracking number with the buyer. If you choose a postal service with insurance policy then this will be a plus point for you.

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