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iPhone Won’t Charge? Here’s Why iPhone Isn’t Charging & How to Fix It

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iPhone Won't Charge Here Why iPhone is not Charging How to Fix It

iPhone Won’t Charge? Here’s Why iPhone Isn’t Charging & How to Fix It

You may be faced with the problem of your iPhone not charging. You may be thinking that you need to get a new battery and replace the previous one. This can be costly as you cannot do this by yourself. You already know that it is tough to remove an iPhone’s battery. Therefore, you will be charged for the service and the battery. Nevertheless, before you take this step you should know that there may be some things which could be impacting the iPhone’s potential to charge.

You probably use your iPhone to do many things, like calling, texting, emailing, using social media, shopping online, etc. Nowadays it is tough to live without a mobile phone. Therefore, when you experience any problem with it you will want the problem to be fixed immediately.

Try out the below before deciding to replace the battery.

  • Restart Your Phone

You can start off by restarting the iPhone. You may think this is a simple thing but sometimes the simplest method can go a long way.  Nevertheless, it will not handle very serious problems. If the iPhone is not charging you can restart it and then plug it in once more.

If you have an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus you can try this. Press and hold the power button and the volume down button. Do this together, till the Apple logo comes on the screen. Let go then.

If you have an iPhone 8, 8 Plus, or iPhone X you can quickly press then release your volume up button. Another way is to quickly press then release your volume down button. The third way is to press and hold your power button until you see the Apple logo on the display. Let go then.

  • Try DFU Mode Then Restore

If your iPhone is not charging, you can try a DFU restore. This may solve the problem. A DFU restore tends to be a special type of restore. At the time that you restore the iPhone, you actually erase anything in it. You can then restore this to factory settings. This has the ability to handle severe software problems. . You just need to remember that a restore can remove everything from your phone, therefore, it is better to have a backup available. If you have any purchased apps you should back these up. If you have not done a backup recently you should do this.

  • You May Need To Get A New USB Cable

It is possible that you are facing a hardware problem. If this is the case then replace the USB cable which you employ to connect your phone to a computer and power adapter. If your friend has an iPhone you can check using their cable. If there is a problem with the USB cable, you can simply purchase a new one.

  • The USB Port Can Be Checked

If your USB cable is working properly, but you are still experiencing problems with charging, the issue may be with the USB port. It may be broken. To check this you can plug the iPhone into some other USB port upon the computer. If your iPhone gets recognized on that computer and also charges then the USB port of your computer can be broken. Another way to check this is to plug another USB device which works. This will let you know if there is an issue with the USB ports.

  • Check The Wall Charger

You may be charging the iPhone with your wall charger power adapter. This issue can be with the adapter which is stopping the phone from charging. You can get a power adapter from someone and try this. You may try charging your phone through a computer to see if it works. If it works then there might  be some problem with your wall charger. If this is the case you can get a new one.

  • Check If The iPhone Charging Port Has Any Debris Or Obstructions

It could be possible that there is some dust, debris, obstruction or some pocket lint in your phone’s port. There could be something small which is stopping the charging cable from being able to fit in properly within the iPhone. Therefore, check your charging port to see if there is anything inside it. This can be removed with a Q-Tip, dry toothbrush or also a toothpick. Air can also be blown in it via a can of air. When the charging port gets cleaned up, you can then charge it again.

Also see the cables plug end as well. This can have something on this which is stopping it from charging.

  • Damage Due To Liquid

Your iPhone may not be charging due to liquid damage. Did you know that liquid damage may short out the connections within the charging port? If you have dried the port as well as brushed out the gunk, the harm may have already occurred.

  • Check The iPhone’s Warranty

If you are seeing that nothing is working you can check to see your warranty and if the phone still has a warranty then you can visit the Apple store. The USB cable, as well as, everything present in the box, may be covered. It is possible that Apple will replace the lightning cable. This may be done for free, if it is in proper shape.

It is possible to go to the Apple support website. Here you can ask for a return. You can also visit the local Apple Store. If there is an Apple Store close to where you live, you can visit that store and ask them what the problem is. If they will fix it for free or exchange some items due to your phone still being under warranty, then great. You will not need to spend extra money on fixing your phone.

  • Sell The iPhone

If you have tried everything and nothing works and if you are finding it tough to change the battery because you feel that it costs much, you can consider selling your iPhone. You may also want to change your iPhone and get a later model. If this is the case then you may want to sell your iPhone. You will be amazed to know how many companies want to buy iPhones that are not working. Rather than keeping your iPhone and not using it, it is better to sell it and get money. You can check the internet to see any shops that buy an iPhone with charging disabilities. You can then go to Websites and ask how much they will buy your phone for. You can also ask online if this transaction is possible.

If your iPhone is not charging then you will definitely be annoyed and if you feel that it is time to get a new phone instead of leaving your phone lying carelessly around, you can always sell it.

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