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iPhone X Plus Leak – Apple Leak Confirms New iPhone is Massive

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Iphone x Plus Leak

iPhone X Plus Leak – Apple Leak Confirms New iPhone is Massive

If you have kept your ear to the ground over the last few months, you will know that there is much “buzz” about what will be Apple’s twelfth-generation iPhone- iPhone X Plus. The iPhone X Plus release date is projected for this summer, perhaps in September. Hence, if you are wondering what specifications new Apple iPhone may have then I am going to share big news i.e. Apple leak confirms the upcoming iPhone would be ‘Massive’.

Apple’s Biggest Phone Ever:

Mac an acclaimed leak site reports their reliable source has confirmed that Apple’s new flagship 2018 iPhone will be the biggest phone that Apple has ever manufactured.

Iphone X Plus Leak 2018
Largest Display Screen:

The new iPhone X Plus will feature the largest display screen and have the biggest compact body as well. A 6.5-inch display, far bigger than the Apple’s biggest phones yet, the Plus models, which possess a 5.5-inch display.

A Thicker Smartphone:

iPhone X will also be a bit thicker than the Plus iPhones by approximately 0.22mm. This is why it is fitted with better camera components, according to the leak site report.

Iphone x Plus Leak

Improved Rear Camera with Larger Sensor and Bigger Lens:

iPhone X Plus will be loaded with an improved primary rear camera that will use a larger sensor and a physically bigger lens.

Bezel-Free and Edge-to-edge Screen Design:

As per the leaks, this massive iPhone will have bezel-free and edge-to-edge screen designs.

Massive Developments in the Face ID system:

In the meantime, it will bring with the improvements to the Face ID system on the front, through which users will be able to unlock their handsets with their face when they hold them horizontally. This is a useful transformation given the portrait-mode unlock limitations of Face ID in the present iPhone X.

Comparatively lower Price:

It is also stated in the leak site that Apple will shrink the budget of the bigger iPhone X Plus as compared to the current iPhone X, hence, it will be quite expensive than iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.


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What is the Best Time to Sell Your Old iPhone?

Launching of new smartphones:

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Recycle your Phone:
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Why Should You Consider a Comparison Site to Fetch the Most Money?

Before selling, do a comparison analysis:

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