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iPhone X Vs iPhone XS: Which one is worth buying?

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iPhone X Vs iPhone XS: Which one is worth buying?

iPhone X Vs iPhone XS: Which one is worth buying?

The mighty anniversary phone, iPhone X was a game changer. From the processor to the design, from the security to the camera, Apple gambled a lot to invent this luxury mobile phone. The mighty X is the flagship of Apple that was reinvented and it came with a price that the iPhone fans agreed to pay.

A year later, in September 2018, Apple launched another model to continue the iPhone series and named it iPhone XS. But the price tag elevated even more than that of its predecessor. This rise in price also raised questions. Is this model worthy enough to spend your money on?

Well, to get that answer we will have to dig down into the details to know the true worth the latest Apple phones.

Here is everything that we need to know!


The launch of iPhone X has revolutionised the display, setting the bar for everyone else, Apple furnished its anniversary phone with the OLED panels with the excision of the attractive bezels and the traditional home button.

The new model is the improved version of the older one. Similarly, the new successor model iPhone XS stepped into the world of technology with further improvements. Yet not many differences were noticed in the core specifications of both models. Such as their displays. The successor iPhone XS and predecessor iPhone X both are furnished with the True Tone OLED displays of 5.8-inches.

Since the display of iPhone X earned a lot of fame and positive feedback, Apple did not bother to sweat over designing the display for the updated flagship iPhone XS. Instead, Apple fitted the identical OLED displays that are of same size and the resolution as well, into the iPhone XS. But surprisingly, Apple still claims confidently that the display of new iPhone XS will deliver 60% better and greater dynamic range with the HDR content. Well, there is a reason behind it since the Dolby vision and HDR 10 supports it that allows the user to experience an improved quality of images and videos.

Introducing the “120Hz Touch Sensing”, Apple brought a major change to its new flagship model. It is different from the one that is sported in the Razor phone (which is used to provide the glorious smooth effect). This feature is the rate of speed at which the mobile looks for the touch input. The 60Hz panel refresh rate remains the same, whereas, by reacting twice as quickly to touch input the iPhone XS makes you feel more responsive than the iPhone X.

Furthermore, Apple didn’t let itself get bothered by the notches. Not even the size of the notch was changed. On iPhone XS, Apple claims that the Face ID/facial recognition system housed within it is way faster. Well, that improvement must be the most awaited one, since the iPhone X users complained about the issues in the face ID facial recognition because it was working slower than the fingerprint sensors. Since the users have to unlock the mobile phone more than dozens of times a day, they will be happy to welcome this improvement.


Apple did bring some changes in the new flagship model iPhone XS, but to say the same about their displays and designs will be definitely wrong. If we analyse both models closely, iPhone X and iPhone XS can be called identical twins with respect to their displays and designs.

Talking about the weight, well there definitely is a minute difference seen of about 3g or 0.1 oz. Well, in simple words, this weight difference provides the evidence that Apple did bring some of the changes, better to call them improvements, in its new flagship iPhone XS that just are not visible to our naked eye.

The predecessor model, iPhone X, had the certified IP67 but that is now replaced with an upgraded IP68 technique for the water and dust resistance. So, with this upgraded technique, iPhone XS can stay submerged into water up to three meters whereas, the iPhone X could only manage one meter.

Another improvement that has been brought about is in the speakers of the Apple flagships. Apple claims that the speakers of iPhone XS have a subtle improvement. A 25% increment in the speaker volume and stereo support is promised. Now, with iPhone XS the users will be delivered with the clear audio from both of the (right and left) channels. Where, iPhone X amazed everyone with its incredible loudspeakers, the 25% increase in the performance of speakers in the iPhone XS will be a gift, especially for the party animals and also those who love to listen to the music whilst cooking or doing any other house chores on weekend holidays!

Android users have been enjoying the use of two sims at a time since a long time ago. It is the time for Apple users to enjoy the lavish use of dual sims. Yes, iPhone XS has the dual sim feature that allows you to insert two sims in a same mobile phone. This tangible improvement is the least likely to be spotted but it is there now. The second sim is not physical, but an eSIM, that can work simultaneously with the other one allowing you to share work/home or home/roaming numbers in a single device. Currently, it is limited but with the pace, Apple is innovating, the removal of this limitation will not take longer time.

The stainless-steel frame that was used to encapsulate the iPhone X can be seen in its predecessor too. And the 2018 flagship phone of Apple, iPhone XS also has the polarizing glass back for wireless charging but with an increment.

The iPhone XS comes with an additional colour for you to choose from that is the pure gold.


Apple is known for its posh designs and displays. Maintaining the luxury style, Apple has never failed to provide ill performance. It always strives to provide its users with better performances with its upgrades. The A11 bionic chipset that sported the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the anniversary phone iPhone X, no doubt proved to provides the fastest performances than in any other mobile phone released in the previous year.

This year, Apple added another jewel to the performance crown of its mobile phones. Furnishing the iPhone XS with the upgraded version on the fastest chip i.e. A12 bionic chipset. This processor is jewelled with six-core CPU and GPU as of A11 bionic chipset whereas has 4GB RAM instead of 3 with M12 motion co-processor.

Talking about the graphics, Apple promises a 15% boost to peak performance which is amazing but less impressive in front of the 50% leap in the power efficiency while idle! Well, That IS Huge!!!!

Apple also claims that the A12 processor will also be delivering the improved image processing. Whilst it is behind the aforementioned speed improvements of iPhone XS. Let’s see how this claim works! A boost to 4GB of RAM should help to multitask as well.

In addition, the iPhone XS has faster wireless charging, as a much effective polarizing glass back has been used.


The Apple cameras always were outstanding and above all of the other mobile phones’ cameras. But the quality of the cameras has fallen down as the rivals have grasped the pace to come at the ace in this technological race.

With the launch of 2018 flagship phone of Apple, iPhone XS, Apple came up with the motto of “if you can’t beat them, join them” as it mimicked the image processing of Google’s Pixels. The difference is just between the names, Google calls it HDR+ whereas Apple called it Smart HDR. Not smart enough to trick their way out, right?

Well, either Apple admits it or not, it is left far behind by its rivals in many aspects.

Digging into the hardware, we get to see a major upgrade in iPhone XS. The upgraded size of pixels from 1.22µm pixels (iPhone X) to 1.4µm pixels. Which means that iPhone XS can deliver much better performance as the bigger the pixels are, the more they can take the light in, making the quality of pictures better!

The bokeh effect (the effect that deliberately smooths the background making it blurred and the portrait more prominent) introduced last year in the anniversary phone, can still be seen in iPhone XS.

Battery Life and Charging:

Sadly, after gaining so much hype, the anniversary phone iPhone X, failed to fulfil the expectations of its users because it did not have enough stamina to survive and entertain the users. But, again, Apple claims that the stamina of iPhone XS is 30 minutes longer than that of iPhone X, the predecessor.

Where the battery in iPhone X was 2716 mAh, it is incremented by one-fold, to 2800 mAh. Well, a bigger battery was needed to be fitted to sport the new iPhone flagship. The aforementioned “faster” wireless charging in iPhone XS is vague and doesn’t suggest much improvement over iPhone X, the anniversary phone.

Apple has again, failed to compete with its rivals in the terms of battery stamina of its flagship mobile phones.

Storage and Price:

Apple has come up with more storage options this year for its flagship model. You can buy iPhone XS in 3 storages i.e. 64GB, 256GB and 512GB. The bigger the storage, the higher the price tag it has:

64GB: £999

256GB: £1,149

512GB: £1,349

Whereas, the same are the prices of iPhone X for the given storages except for the 512GB. And again, Apple has stuck with the 64GB storage as its entry point making the 128GB storage evaporate like a vapour – vanished and forgotten…

Bottom Line:

Apple has tried to act smart whilst inventing this new model which is almost similar to its elder brother, by naming it a bit differently adding the “S” to it and altering a few internal features. Since the design and display are almost the same. No one would recognize what model you are carrying unless and until it is in gold colour, as it is only available for the newest flagship S-series model of iPhone.

The biggest mistake Apple has done is, to release two advanced and wonderful flagships along with the iPhone XS who, ultimately stole all the charm and hype of the successor of iPhone X, which is without a doubt an excellent model itself.

Consequently, a piece of advice to iPhone X owners would be to hold tight for another year. And as for those upgrading from older iPhones models, a practical and green suggestion to you is to sell your old mobile phone from the is the UK’s leading recycling portal, which helps you to get to the trusted buyers, to whom you can sell your old and unusable mobile phones at a pretty handsome price. Later, with that money, adding a few more pounds to it, you can easily buy an iPhone X to treat yourself with!

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